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Newcastle United takeover has hit a conspiracy of silence

4 months ago

When I was young, our family would make an annual trip to Norfolk for our holidays.

This was in the days before any type of in car entertainment and as such the journey to a young lad seemed to go on forever.

I’m sure my parents were subject to the “are we there yet” badgering which inevitably accompanies such events.

Well to say the proposed Newcastle United takeover is now falling into the same endless mind numbing journey without end scenario as that of an excursion to a young child, is not putting too fine a point on it.

We have been subject to every twist and turn imaginable from the mainstream media and the weekly once upon a time contribution from Mr Keys and Co., all it would seem without getting any nearer to an end date or a comment from any type of credible source.

Indeed, some of the stories put about, stretch credibility to such an extent, that one can only assume they are in an effort to prompt a response of some kind, which of course would enable another round of stories, all it would seem putting every possible slant on the ongoing saga.

Well, this week they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel, the story being circulated states that the PL will not give the green light until they are assured of who will be running the club. This of course is simply a case of making a statement of fact, underwritten by a lawyer, which would allow this Newcastle United takeover  to move forward.

The truth it would seem lies elsewhere, the media focus currently lies firmly in the direction of the PL executive and specifically Mr Masters.

That being the case, what if anything can be making the board of the PL subject themselves to the avalanche of criticism currently being hurled in their direction?

If they had a legal objection the takeover would have been rejected. The fit and proper persons test is there for all to see and as far as I am aware Saudi PIF et al currently tick all the boxes.

Mike Ashley it would seem is a willing vendor and PIF have lined up everything they need to take the club forward, from prospective management, playing staff and financial planning. There is therefore only one conclusion to be drawn.

A scenario comes to mind, in view of the fact, that nine premiership teams reportedly wanted the Manchester City European football ban to stand. This information came to light following the court judgement in favour of Man City and I believe NUFC are facing just such an issue.

It is not too long ago that a European Super League was muted by the top six premiership teams and a lot of negotiation took place to prevent it going ahead. The result of which is that currently the top teams in England have an enhanced influence over the premier league.

Proof of this was given earlier in the week when the estimated TV income per team was published. The top teams have an enhanced take of the overseas TV dividend compared to the lower teams in the division. It would seem therefore that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

The PL may not therefore be able to make a decision because it would face a revolt from a number of teams in the division.

I understand that there is an all club meeting set up for mid August, at which point hopefully a decision is made. If not, it would be incumbent on the government to step in to resolve this, since those teams holding up the process would be guilty of monopolising the national game.

Until then, I’m afraid we are the subject to a conspiracy, a conspiracy it would seem of silence.

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