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Nabil Bentaleb put this on Twitter after Man City – Somebody should have told him not the best idea…

1 year ago

Fair to say that Nabil Bentaleb has struggled to impress since arriving at St James Park in January.

Many Newcastle fans seeing the loan signing as a bit pointless, since central midfield wasn’t an area where NUFC were crying out for an addition to the squad.

Unless that midfield signing would raise the quality in the middle of the pitch, which certainly hasn’t been the case with Nabil Bentaleb.

In fact, his signing appeared to be more of a negative, despite showing very little on the pitch it looked like Bruce felt obliged to give him a certain amount of games having brought the Schalke player in.

To make matters worse, this then led to reduced chances for Matty and Sean Longstaff.

On Wednesday night, Newcastle were abysmal at Man City.

Indeed, as well as widespread criticism of the quality of performance, many fans and pundits questioned the effort shown by the Magpies.

With actually Nabil Bentaleb picked out by most as worst of the worst on Wednesday.

So imagine our surprise when this appeared…

Nabil Benetaleb on Twitter – Thursday 9 July 2020:

“A good fight and a lot of lessons learnt, never give up!

“This is what we always have to keep in mind! NUFC.”

It was bad enough that the player himself thought that this was in any way a good idea.

However, to make matters worse, the club’s social media team actually retweeted it, to ensure it got to as big an audience as possible!

What on earth were he / they thinking???

Actually, compared to just how vicious and abusive Twitter can be, I think the replies to this Nabil Bentaleb tweet were relatively restrained, compared to how bad they could have been.


‘I’d hate to have seen it if you hadn’t fought then…’

‘But… gave up?’

‘A good fight? I’m all for supporting our players but don’t take the Nabil.’

‘Didn’t realise the white flags you were all waving before the game was a new part of the kit.’

‘Weren’t you playing for City last night? At least it looked that way all your passes were to city players and not newcastle players.’

‘Good fight!! You pulled out of every tackle and couldn’t even complete a simple pass because you play with the arrogance of someone well above your ability.

Don’t insult us and try and class that as fight!!’

‘Was probably best to just not tweet about this mate really.’

‘Where was that? It must have been in the last 10 minutes I missed when I switched off!’

‘A good fight? That was a f.cking massacre mate.’

‘Howay pal. A good fight? Get a grip. Who is this guy?’

‘Well done nice passes. To the other b.stard team.’

‘Never give up?’

‘Wouldn’t worry the tactics were sh.te anyways.’

‘Good fight???? Never seen something so 1 sided! It was shocking and hard to watch ffs!’

‘A good fight?. You have the distinction of being a part of a team that showed the least fight of any nufc team I have ever seen. A totally gutless surrender!’

‘No way was it a good fight. You were all terrible. A bigger man would own it.’

‘With all due respect Nabil, it looked like a few of you gave up, we didn’t even get a yellow card, did we even try and tackle them?’

‘Good fight? I’m sorry we didn’t see that happening last night Nabil it was clearly lacking it was an appalling performance how about doing it on the pitch week in week out!’

‘Fight? Come off if Nabil, you social distanced all night! Boris would of been proud.’

‘A good fight? I’d love you to elaborate on that. If that standard of “fight” is what you aspire to then you need to take a good long look in the mirror, sir.’

‘The fact NUFC retweeted this is ridiculous. Who is running their social media?

Part of the job description should surely be some understanding of the game. Even Bruce talked about the nature of the defeat, ie no fight.’

‘I don’t want to sound mean but I honestly don’t know why you were brought in? you’ve had one or two decent games since January. I just don’t think you’re cut out for this league I feel sorry for Matty Longstaff more than anyone.’

‘Good fight? everyone gave up.’

‘A good fight?? when your keeper is the player with the most touches out of your team says to me you were all scared and didn’t even want the ball.’


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