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Sheffield United fans comments before AND after losing 3-0 to Newcastle United – Interesting

1 year ago

Sheffield United fans had plenty to say ahead of their team visiting St James Park.

Their last Premier League visit to SJP was a 1-0 win on 4 November 2006.

Fourteen years later and it was a different story, a 2019/20 season where so much has gone in their favour, suddenly took a turn for the worst.

A red card, self-inflicted mistakes and even Joelinton scored!

The comments before the match from Sheffield United fans had wound a lot of Newcastle supporters up, interesting to compare them below with those from the Blades fans commenting after the three goal humbling…

Sheffield United fans commenting before AND after Sunday’s rematch via their S2 4SU message board:


‘Of all the arguments going on around football about whether it’s right or wrong that football is coming back, Newcastle are the most apathetic set of fans about it that I’ve come across.

All they give a sh.t about is the takeover stuff.’

‘I’m sure they will continue to be the pundits favourite super fans though.

Who doesn’t love a fat shirtless man on a 300 mile round trip on a January evening?’

‘If I had to watch the absolute, utter dross that Newcastle serve up as football, I’d be apathetic and hoping for a takeover as well.

Defend really deep, lump it to Saint-Maximin (he’s a very good one on one player to be fair) and hope he does something.

I do like Almiron though.

If he played for a manager (Rafa or Bruce are basically playing the same formation and style) who allowed more than 3 players to attack at once I think he could be a fantastic player.’

‘Really really really REALLY want us to beat this lot. Lost last four against them in the league and as far as bogey teams go they’re an irritating bunch.’

‘Reyt mardy f.ckers them lot.’

‘Newcastle fans are strange and bitter bunch.

Had forgot about the Shelvey fiasco. Another incident where we’ve been robbed this season.’

‘Absolute nothingness from them for the past 10 years…

Incredible arrogance from a side that might as well have been in a decade long hibernation.’

‘Never minded Toon as a club but they are very up themselves.

Hope we right the wrong of us losing the last match at the Lane!

If we can keep Maximan quiet I don’t think there’s too much to fear, assuming we don’t play like Wednesday and the cameras, VAR, Hawkeye, the linesmen and refs eyes work, then we should be ok.’

‘They despise a fat bloke who doesn’t want to spend his money but are willing to support a regime that opposes basic human rights.

Mike Ashley is clearly a tool but I’d rather work at Sports Direct than live in Saudi.’

‘Bruce was given a great start to his managerial career (a Sheffield United), only to run away when someone rattled the change in his trousers.

So pleased he was never allowed to manage the club when Ginola and Shearer were there.

Wilder will want this big time.’


‘Didn’t think Newcastle could manage 3 against anyone.’

‘What concerns me is that we were thrashed by a poor side.’

‘The pace of Almiron and Saint Maximin combined with our own silly mistakes has destroyed us.

They don’t deserve to have won that 3-0 but we deserve to have lost it 3-0.’

‘We actually looked quite good for the first 10-15 minutes as well, but the passing was just a bit loose, but it stayed loose all over the pitch in really dangerous areas.

Once Newcastle realised we were passing it like a pub team, we didn’t stand a chance really.’

‘Don’t matter how you dress it up this was awful and embarassing bye bye thoughts of Europe.’

‘I felt like we may see a few of these scorelines when we came up but never expected us to ever be this hopeless.’

‘Newcastle’s goals scored in the previous 5 games: 1, 0, 0, 0, 0

And we let them score 3 against us

Oh and Joelinton hasn’t scored in the PL since August.’

‘Newcastle have beaten us twice and Bruce carries on having our number.

They have beat us 5-0 on aggregate this season which is incredible when you look at how both teams have performed.

They were quite defensive at the Lane but today they attacked more than us and were far more dangerous.

They did knock the ball over the top and down the sides a lot and it seems this tactic is causing us problems.

They seem to have us one v one a lot before we were set. The lad Saint Maximin has ripped us apart in both games and we have had no answer for him but even players like Almiron and Joelinton (not great players) have caused us problems which is a worry.

They did not have as much of the ball as us but when they did they stretched us, although the first goal was shambolic.

They were better than us eleven v eleven so in the end 3-0 was about right.

Bruce actually has made them quite hard to beat and if they can get more goals, they will probably move up the league but they won’t have an easier win that today.

They will not have believed how easy it was.’

‘Saint Maximin was excellent. Miles better than anyone else on the pitch. Stevens will be having nightmares about him. Ritchie made one and scored one and even the big lad caused a few problems. At least he was a threat unlike out front two. I am not sure they are great overall and have some quite ordinary players but a number of functional ones.’

‘Basic errors have not helped but we do look woefully unfit and those errors often come in when you have heavy legs or are not physically right.

Newcastle and Villa are two really poor teams and have got through us quite easily really.

That is a worry and also defensively they have coped with us quite easily.’

‘Even game really, but poor quality until Egan got sent off

We then gifted them a goal straight away and then went downhill from there

If Egan hadn’t got sent off, could see a draw or even nicked a win.

Newcastle very defensive set up with two quick forwards, result was very flattering for them today really.’

‘At 11 v 11 it probably would have been 0-0 or we may have even nicked it.

Newcastle were however the better team both before and after this.

Sadly the last 2 games we have become the team many people expected us to be lacking in quality and just trying to stay in games.’

‘Yes the sending off helped but let’s not pretend that they were not better before that.

If Newcastle were defensive what were we? They looked far more of a goal threat.’

‘I’m starting to feel sorry for the lads up top because we are creating nothing and they’re working on less than scraps.’

‘Newcastle have a few decent players, I think it was disrespectful before the game to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a win at all.

Saint Maximin is up there with Traore for handfuls you can’t get the ball off, he’s so unpredictable, he just hasn’t got the end product of Traore.

‘It looked like we hadn’t done any fitness training. That’s two games now where we’ve looked a lot slower and a whole lot more unfit than the opposition.’

‘I think we would have won today if Egan hadn’t been sent off. Egan should have held back on the second yellow incident because Basham was coming across to cover.

The first goal was just a very uncharacteristic mistake by Stevens. Overall 3-0 makes it look like we took a hammering but I don’t think it was that clear cut.’

‘A huge wake up call for the players and staff.

Some players have let the media hype go to their heads.

You’ve achieved nothing yet.’


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