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No surprise to see Mike Ashley has proved true to form – Would you expect anything else?

2 years ago

The Newcastle United takeover, football suspended, football now returning, Mike Ashley’s actions (and inactions), dealing with the virus situation in general, playing matches behind closed doors.

All subjects that Newcastle United fans have had to deal with in recent months.

Ahead of the Magpies returning to competitive action, we have asked some regular and irregular contributors to The Mag, to answer some varying sets of questions relating to themselves and NUFC.

Next up now is Jamie Swan.

With hindsight, do you think Premier League football was suspended at the correct time in mid-March, or should it have happened earlier, or maybe you think later…?

Looking back I don’t think any of us in the UK took it seriously enough at the time. It seemed very far away.

I was on a stag do in Mallorca when Spain went into Lockdown so my judgement is probably a bit skew whiff.

Being a Newcastle United fan, has that been a help or a hindrance in coping with these virus impacted times?

Frankly, this lockdown has been an absolute mare following NUFC.

All I’ve been reading about is the emotional hokey cokey garbage surrounding the takeover. Some respite of actual football is required before I gouge me own eyes out with a rusty spoon.

Is it the right decision to complete the 2019/20 season?

Yes, I think so. If it can be done safely when millions of others are at work. Box it off and stop everyone p.ssing and moaning.

Is football without fans pointless, or is it just not as good?

Football is all about fans. What would NUFC be without the fans? Unprecedented times, so we just need to go with it and see where we all end up.

Do you think at least a small percentage of fans should have been allowed into games when the Premier League resumes?

No. Who gets the golden ticket? Who gets to decide? Enough division already without green-lighting platinum kegged super fans to sit dotted around an empty stadium.

What observations do you have about the media coverage of the potential takeover?

I think we have been subjected to full on media warfare. No less than mental torture has been carried out.

I’d rather be stripped naked on SAS are you tough enough on my knees with a bag over my head and a rottweiler chewing at my nut sack than have to put up with all this.

Big shout out to Miguel Delaney, the caped crusader. This gargling gimp has not stopped crying since the Saudis bypassed his beloved team. I want the takeover to happen just for HIM.

Do you think the Newcastle United takeover will happen?

Yes, it would be an international incident between two ally nations. There is not a cat in hell’s chance that this doesn’t go through. Famous last words obviously. Queue for the Tyne Bridge starts at my house if it doesn’t.

What do you think about the way Mike Ashley has ran Newcastle United during this virus crisis (furloughing staff, no refunds on tickets/season tickets, advance payments taken for 2020/21 season tickets etc etc)?

Mike Ashley has proved true to form.

Would you expect anything else from this t.rd sucking gargoyle? Hopefully this is the stake through the heart that finishes the vampire off.

If the takeover didn’t happen and the 2020/21 season kicked off with Mike Ashley still owning the club, what would be your position as a fan?

It would be almost impossible to get past this.

Easy to say ‘that’s me done – thank you and goodnight’.

It isn’t just getting rid of MA though, it’s the enormous opportunity of waking up this flatlining club and having a bit of fun again. Remember that?

Do you think the takeover is taking this long because there is something stopping it happening, this is just how long it takes, or do the Premier League have to be seen to taking a long time…or any other thoughts on why no announcement yet?

We are in the middle of a pandemic. The whole thing is under enormous scrutiny obviously. I’m sure that it is more complicated than other takeovers but it will go through. The Premier League also have a new gaffer who will be looking to be Mr Diligent and not mess up his first decision. The PL wouldn’t know what is fit and proper if it bit them on the backside, it’s all about the money. By turning down this, they could lose out on countless riches and a huge spotlight on what is to come.

What would be your best guess of month (and year!) when you think some fans will be allowed back into Premier League stadiums? Also, when you think full capacity crowds will be allowed?

I think it could dip in and out. I’m fully expecting a second wave to be honest. I think it could be 12 to 18 months before we have full capacity again, or even crowds back in.

Has the virus situation made you think that football / NUFC is more or less important as a distraction/ hobby in your life?

I only have one hobby in my life – NUFC, but family, wife, kids, dog etc are obviously the most important. However if the family treat your emotions like Newcastle did you would have moved out years ago. Got to be something said for that.

If you could press a magic button, would you choose to have pubs open as normal, or fans able to go to football matches as normal?

If I had a magic button, I wouldn’t be pressing for neither. It would be the Euromillions and build my own bar on a yacht.

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