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Will it be the biggest crisis in the history of the club if Newcastle United takeover doesn’t happen?

2 years ago

I normally try to write something for The Mag once a month, but this time I have been putting it off and off.

That’s because events may occur that make my words redundant.

However, as nowt is happening yet again today, I thought I’d do my bit, knowing it is a nailed on certainty that the Newcastle United takeover saga will come to an end the day this goes up.

So lets choose a happy subject.

If this takeover doesn’t happen, will it constitute the biggest crisis in the history of Newcastle United?

Before you answer that, lets remember that there have been some pretty strong contenders for that title: 2016, 2009, 2005, 1999, 1992,  1988, 1981, 1978…

So it can’t be 2020, can it?

We will all have our own personal “favourite” (not the right word obviously), which I believe will be very dependent on your age. For me the plummet toward relegation in 1978 felt like I was having a toenail pulled out each Saturday afternoon. Each weekend would arrive and you knew the team was going to get stuffed; it was simply a matter of by how many.

When the day finally arrived when we were officially relegated, I was left feeling like our dog did when he had his date with the vet to lose a couple of things… Totally emancipated.

Looking back, the reason for the extreme grief is simple. It was my first experience of relegation, I was 18 and football was more important than anything else in life.

By the time the crisis of 1988 came along I was ten years older, so the pain and grief were less, but my awareness of just how the club was being run was much higher and therefore so was my anger and frustration. I was one of those totally committed to seeing regime change, No matter who it was, anyone had to be better than McKeag.

My dad didn’t see it the same way but as I now know and understand; 25 years age difference gives you a very different perspective on things. I can still hear him saying that this fella John Hall is not to be trusted. He may be a very canny businessman but he is in it for himself, no matter what he says to the cameras.

As it turned out, Hall presided over the greatest period of my supporting life, but he did take millions and millions out of the club. So I guess we were both right.

I don’t think anyone can argue that the next crisis in 1992 was the daddy of them all. No matter what happens in the months and years to come, surely things can never get as low as this. I remember that my grief had gone, my anger had gone, only to be replaced with utter and total despair. We were going down and were going to do a Middlesbrough and go out of business.

The only good thing about this hideous period was that it produced a camaraderie and defiance amongst the fans that has never been seen again. That day at Derby when we went down to eight men, is as cherished a memory to me as is Barca or 5-0.

So the point I am trying to make is what constitutes a crisis? Does finishing 10th in the premier league really compare with what has gone before?

If this takeover possibility has done one thing, it has galvanised a lot of people who had given up on the club. They see a chance that they can return and watch a team who may once again compete at the top table.

However, if this Newcastle United takeover doesn’t go ahead ?

I can see the opposite of that taking place and many who were wavering in their support, deciding to call it a day. We could see sub 30,000 crowds and the top tier closed off.

So what’s the future hold for the next five years?

Will it be: 9th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, 2nd?

Will it be: 15th, 17th, 16th, 19th, promotion?

When you do the research, this football club has been doing crisis for the past 100 years.

So I have a horrible feeling we are going to be let down again. Please let me eat humble pie and The Mag be awash with the transfer targets of the new boss.

However, if it’s more of the same then I would suggest that its time to take up Yoga, as a way of anger management, because this club really is fated to be in turmoil until the sun explodes.


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