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Police Chief says ‘inconceivable’ football fans won’t turn up at Premier League grounds – Out of touch

2 years ago

Premier League football fans won’t be able to control themselves.

David Jamieson is the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and he has told the media that football supporters can’t be trusted and it is their fault as to why Premier League teams can’t play the remaining 2019/20 matches home and away as normal.

This numpty says that it is ‘inconceivable’ that large numbers of fans won’t turn up to the stadium, if their team are playing at home.

To be honest, it is ‘inconceivable’ to me that somebody can be allowed to hold down such an important job, whilst holding such prejudicial and plainly stupid views. It doesn’t exactly give you supreme confidence in the Police when somebody in a key role speaks out in such an ignorant way.

Where is the proof that this will happen indeed what possible rationale is there for this to supposedly happen, for sure?!!

David Jamieson has also told The Telegraph that matches being played behind closed doors at stadiums such as St James Park, with the usual home side involved, are ‘fraught with hazards’…quite amazing then when we see every Thursday night thousands of pathetic people gathering at Westminster Bridge to get themselves on TV and take selfies, ignoring any kind of social distancing / safety, with the police and politicians standing by allowing it to happen.

Funny how we never hear about football fans themselves actually being represented in any talks or decisions…

With many clubs not happy about the idea of neutral grounds, the Premier League are pushing the government to allow normal home and away stadiums to be used and trying to persuade them that the fears of large gatherings of fans are unfounded.

I can’t get my head around the idea that the likes of me and you will find ourselves uncontrollably drawn to go to St James Park and stand outside the stadium, no pubs open and no chance of seeing the match, apart from maybe on a tiny phone screen.

So imagine say it is Newcastle v Tottenham, still pretty much all your leisure activities (pubs, restaurants, gyms…etc) not open, you look forward all week to your team’s game, then instead of watching it on a 40/50 inch TV lying on the sofa with cans / bottles at the ready, you travel X number of miles to stand outside the ground, able to see nothing and no pubs open as per above???

This is not going to happen.

Just to make sure, make absolutely clear to fans that if they do turn up outside a stadium when a match is no, they will lose their season ticket / be banned for years, will be fined, as well as their team forced then to play at neutral grounds, if enough idiots did turn up.

Interesting to see some of the responses on social media after the Telegraph article…

‘Oh yet again it’s those pesky football supporters that we need to worry about and will cause all the trouble. Street Congas snd VE Day celebrations are absolutely fine though…’

‘Still waiting for someone to explain to me why I’d travel to an empty street with closed pubs to stand next to a ground I can’t get into trying to watch a stream on my phone rather than watch the same match on a massive telly at home with a beer. Anyone?’

‘As a West Ham season ticket holder, I can barely be bothered to turn up to the games I’m allowed to.’

‘It is very simple. Any gathering of fans can cause that team to be punished. It will be self policed.’

‘Maybe you should think about the people doing the conga for VE day before villifying football fans.

And if the police commissioner doesn’t look at those two things, maybe try Westminster Bridge too where we have seen huge groups of strangers stood together to clap for the NHS, groups that usually include loads of police mingling with the public? I assume that’s not a problem?’

‘Police: These football fans don’t follow rules

Also police: clap on bridges surrounded by crowds of people

General public: Do a conga line on the bbc

But sure its football fans who are the issue’


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