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Plastic moral crusaders against Newcastle United takeover – Vegetarians who still like a bit of chicken

2 years ago

We are being left with far too much time to think about this Newcastle United takeover.

Or should I say, far too much time to worry about this Newcastle United takeover.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how long it will take the Premier League to go through their work on new ownership of a club. However, once the consensus in the newspapers was reported as up to around four weeks, the clock was ticking.

Now we are beyond five weeks, every day is a trial to endure for many Newcastle fans.

Every day also gives extra time for more and more cockroaches to emerge, to try and make personal capital out of the proposed deal, get their name out in the media as plastic moral crusaders.

Now when I am talking about these plastic moral crusaders, I’m obviously not talking about the people who are genuinely protesting against the Saudi regime and what they see as sports washing, such as the widow of Jamal Khashoggi, Amnesty International and others who clearly believe in their cause and are speaking up accordingly.

Instead, I am talking about the likes of journalists who haven’t seen a problem with Manchester United taking Saudi sponsorship money these past 12 years. Journalists who amazingly had no huge moral concerns when it appeared that the Saudis were going to buy Man Utd.

The same with certain MPs who you have never even heard of, that may have no previous history of being outraged about what the Saudi regime are doing and may even indeed, have voted in the past backing UK arms supplies to Saudi Arabia, voted to back the shameful Saudi war on Yemen, as well as also backing other Saudi investments in the UK or joint projects between the two countries.

The same goes for other public figures, now suddenly all hot and bothered when it is the Newcastle United takeover.

The thing is as well, surely now all of these plastic moral crusaders have to back up their NUFC outrage with appropriate action in the rest of their lives.

Surely they won’t be thinking it is right to condemn this Newcastle United takeover and NUFC fans for failing to rise up against it, yet be willing at the same time to actually help fund the Saudi regime in numerous ways?

Surely these moral crusaders / protesters against Newcastle United takeover won’t be like a few people I know personally, proud vegetarians who still like a bit of chicken?

People who say that they would really really like to not eat any meat at all, but it is so difficult you know and would take a real effort in their lives to do it, plus of course, well eating / killing a chicken isn’t like killing a cow or pig.

So calling all plastic moral crusaders who are outraged by the Newcastle United takeover, we can trust that you will not be using and certainly not a penny of your money will be going to:




Walt Disney Co.




Carnival (Cruise operator)

Live Nation (Concert tickets etc)


Equinor (Norway’s state oil company – The UK gets 70% of its oil and natural gas from Norway)


Yes, there are estimated to be over 200 different investments made by the Saudi PIF, either completely owned or with stakes in the businesses / projects, the ones above just a very small selection.

So should you be able to choose?

So it is OK to try and make personal capital out of this Newcastle United takeover but life would be soooo much more difficult and not as much fun, if you can’t order your Starbucks, stay in a Marriott, have Twitter and Facebook accounts, go and see your favourite band with tickets via Live Nation, jump in an Uber, have a Carnival cruise, or ask where the petrol is from before you stick it your car, or demand to know from your energy company where the gas was sourced from before you put the central heating on (***Obviously many of the things above are examples of the kind of thing we are looking for when some kind of normal returns with regard to the virus sistuation).

That’s the problem with globalisation isn’t it and people from elsewhere, from other countries, making investments around the world, life becomes very difficult if you then want to lecture other people about what is right and wrong, unless you yourself are cleaner than clean.


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