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Olivier Bernard says ‘good source’ tells him Newcastle United takeover is tomorrow and it’s taken seriously…

2 years ago

The Newcastle United takeover saga is to end on 19 May 2020.

That was the assertion of  Olivier Bernard who revealed that a ‘good source’ had told him that the deal was going to be announced 40 days after the takeover went to the Premier League (on 9 April 2020) for their processes / checks to be carried out.

The former Newcastle defender announced this revelatory news on Monday night, saying that ‘tomorrow’ was to be the day the Newcastle United takeover was to be made official.

By now you will have realised that we are now 41 days on from the deal being handed to the Premier League, that ‘tomorrow’ was ‘yesterday’ and there is still no Newcastle United takeover announced.

Oliver Bernard was speaking on the local ‘Football Matters’ podcast when he made this takeover claim on Monday.

He then qualified it saying he was 80% confident that it would be announced on Tuesday (yesterday).

The problem of course these days is that when somebody makes such a claim, no matter how flimsy or laughable, it then quickly escalates.

These are just a few headlines that then appeared in the local, national and worldwide media on Tuesday:

‘Newcastle fans react to latest takeover update as announcement backed to happen today’

‘Newcastle takeover happening today – Good source’

‘Former Newcastle United player boldly claims that takeover will be announced today’

‘Newcastle takeover headlines with former player’s bold prediction’

‘I’ve heard it’s happening today’ Ex-Newcastle United star makes explosive takeover claim’

‘Potentially Great News – Today Is The Day The Successful Newcastle Takeover Is Announced’

If you don’t use social media I think you would find it incredible just how many people claim to know for sure that the Newcastle United takeover is happening ‘tomorrow’, all of them getting it from a very good source.

These people are what we in normal life would affectionately call ‘liars’, people who are renowned in your local pub or workplace for talking absolute nonsense. Desperate for attention and feeling they have to tell ever more ridiculous lies to get noticed and be important.

Which brings us back to social media, particular NUFC ITK (In The Knows) on Twitter, who every day you have a selection of them claiming they have inside information that the Newcastle United takeover is 100% definitely happening ‘tomorrow’, one day they (well some of them) will be proved right if they say it often enough on numerous days.

When it comes to the ‘good source’ from these NUFC fan accounts on Twitter, there are some weird and wonderful claims as to who they are. A bit like the liars in your local pub though, it looks a bit tenuous, especially after they make so many claims that predictably end up not happening.

A popular one on supposed news of the NUFC takeover is that they know a player, or somebody they know knows a player (or their dog…), and all the Newcastle players have been told that the takeover is going to be announced ‘tomorrow’, or whenever.

It is laughable to think that the club would tell all of the players the takeover is going to be announced the next day.

Any announcement will be tightly controlled and the buyers will expect total confidentiality, plus, what would Mike Ashley have to gain by letting it slip?

I’m sure Olivier Bernard was told by somebody that the Newcastle United takeover was going to be announced tomorrow (Tuesday). However, I don’t think it was one of the Reuben brothers or the Saudi royal family that tipped him off. I think we can assume just the usual local football gossip, another former player or journalist talking to Bernard, also wanting to get a bit of attention and pretending they know something from their own ‘good sources’…

The problem for us as Newcastle fans is that we are at the very bottom of the food chain and the media ruthlessly exploit the fact that supporters are desperate to believe any news that the takeover is definitely sorted.

I can exclusively reveal from my own excellent ‘sauces’ that the Newcastle United takeover has not been completed yet AND when you do find out that it has been, it won’t be from some NUFC ITW fan (liar) on Twitter with six followers.


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