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No wages if players refuse to train or play says senior Premier League club official – Report

2 years ago

Premier League players should have their pay stopped, if the refuse to start training when asked, in preparation for the return of competitive matches.

That is what one senior Premier League club official has told Sky Sports.

The club official wants to stay anonymous but I think he (or she…) speaks for the overwhelming majority.

One of those rare occasions when Premier League bosses and the fans are very much on the same page.

Sky Sports quoting the Premier League club official:

“I really don’t think they should be paid [if refusing to train and then play].

“We are not sure what the situation is under their contracts at the moment.

“If you asked people in the street, would you train and play football against people being tested twice a week, would you do it for £60,000 a week, they would all say yes.

“It makes me very cross.”

With the stresses and strains on so many ordinary people, it is truly embarrassing to hear Premier League players talking about not wanting to go back to train and play when asked to.

You have millions and millions of people who have never stopped working through this virus crisis. As well as doctors and nurses, you have bus drivers, all kinds of other NHS staff, emergency services, factories, food supply chain, shops / supermarkets.

Whilst now millions of others are now being encouraged to go back to work, many of them needing to travel by public transport and do lowly paid jobs in conditions that have far more risks attached than Premier League players.

Players who are being regularly tested and will be asked to drive to training, already dressed to train, in the open air and at first only in small groups observing social distancing etc.

You just can’t get your head around why any Premier League players would think they are some special category who have the right to still stay at home and pick up fortunes, especially when so many other people are losing their jobs, or at threat of doing so.

You often hear them mentioning in interviews about how they should only return when absolutely safe.

If all players took that attitude, there would be no football clubs or leagues left for them to play for / in (certainly not ones paying them the ridiculous wages they get now) when they decided it was finally totally safe to train and play again. The reality is that there is no 100% safe time ever and even if a vaccine was found and developed and tested and made widely available, even then it doesn’t mean 100% safe.

It isn’t a case of wanting to be reckless with their health, Premier League players will be amongst the very most protected and cared for when they go back to work, far more so than the rest of us.

The Bundeliga have trained for over six weeks and started playing this weekend, just getting on with it and doing their bit, training and playing when it was decided it was the right time to do so.

If any Premier League players think different rules apply to them than ordinary people and their German counterparts, then fair enough, don’t play and don’t get paid, plus at the very least pay back money they have taken under false pretences since PL football was suspended, if they have never had any intention of training and playing.

Let them go and do some shifts working as a hospital cleaner or porter, in a factory, in a supermarket, live in the real world.


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