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Newcastle United Takeover – Hold your nerve

2 years ago

The Newcastle United takeover is on its way.

Simply a case of holding our nerve.

Ignore those running around flapping…within socially distanced limitations.

It has been quite amazing to see so many Newcastle United fans falling apart, in terms of convincing themselves that something is definitely going wrong with this purchase of NUFC.

Pretty much the entire media put out the same message around mid-April, that the deal was now at the stage of being with the Premier League.

That both seller and buyer(s) had submitted all the relevant papers and information, that it would take around a month or so for the Premier League to go through what they needed to do before giving their stamp of approval. The consensus was that the PL process had started around a week and a half into April.

The Newcastle United fanbase all nodded along, even the usual drama queens on social media. Accepting that it was now a case of simply waiting for the Premier League to do what they have to do, then we will get an announcement.

However, instead we have seen a daily deluge of Newcastle supporters believing all kinds of reasons why the takeover is supposedly heading for the rocks. Obviously not helped by the vast majority of local and national media shamelessly trying to fuel the fears of Newcastle United takeover collapse, with all kinds of fabricated insider knowledge ‘exclusives’…

What is really laughable is that at the same time these very same journalists / newspapers will also be running stories claiming Coutinho, Kane, Bale and so on are not only targets once the takeover is completed BUT that talks / bids are already happening for these supposed targets.

Despite the Premier League process set to take us another week or more from this point, based on the media’s own estimates back in April, they and some feeble minded Newcastle fans are full of panic.

Even though told that the PL process would be happening behind closed doors and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) would be in place, some NUFC fans then still increasingly wonder why we are not getting daily media updates on the progress, or otherwise, of the Newcastle United takeover.

What part of behind closed doors and NDAs do they not understand?

With both sides, buyer and seller, having signed contracts to buy / sell the club and a £17m deposit to secure that paid / received, it really does just depend on the Premier League ticking their boxes.

Then whilst there is a lot of noise in the media regarding what could supposedly potentially stop the deal happening, they tend to write these stories totally ignoring the actual PL rules on new owners.

The bottom line is that the checks on new owners are all about making sure that everything checks out financially, that they have the necessary finance and can show where they got it from, plus an ability to show they pass the tests on not having the kind of criminal convictions that would prevent them taking over a club under PL rules.

These are factual things and obviously the kind of paperwork that is needed to be supplied.

Whilst there is much emotion surrounding this Newcastle United takeover in terms of human rights and different parties writing letters (that simultaneously appear in the media) to the Premier League urging them to block it, none of it appears to stop those boxes being ticked, the boxes that need to be ticked and satisfied in the PL rules.

The TV rights / piracy issue has been an interesting aside but that has been a long running story and only one small part of back and forward politics, since Qatar and Saudi Arabia broke off relations back in 2017. To think that these issues haven’t been ran through before the takeover getting to this stage, is inconceivable. The Saudi financed bid will have the best legal people available working on it and very naive if you believe that the type of conversations and issues surrounding the PL process won’t have been gone through in private in advance.

Not only do the Premier League have to do what is right, they need to show that they are doing that. Part of which is the time it takes, this was never going to be a two week job and have everybody questioning how it could be rushed through, why they hadn’t given it the proper time and attention…

I know that with lockdown we are all getting a bit stir crazy and looking to the Newcastle United takeover as something that will significantly lift our spirits in these rubbish times.

Don’t worry, it is happening, just hold your nerve.


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