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A Newcastle United takeover announcement was never going to happen incrementally

2 years ago

To say that the Newcastle United takeover has had quite a bit of coverage, would be understatement of the year.

Sadly though, it is quantity over quality.

The shoddy modern day standards of most newspapers (and other media) really laid bare.

Lazy reporting and 99% of stuff just completely made up and / or  cut and paste of what they have done before but the words / sentences mixed up and a new clickbait headline added.

No wonder Newcastle fans are so confused and frustrated.

If they even occasionally reported facts and more boring stuff like that…rather than just going for stupid headlines and sensational stories that  they know are untrue, we might not see comments such as these I have just seen from Newcastle fans on social media after having a look around…

‘Over a month now after we were told it would take two to four weeks at Premier League.

We would definitely have heard stuff over these last few weeks if it was really happening, don’t believe it at all now.’

‘Fake news.

This supposed takeover is just latest made up stuff by Mike Ashley and his people. 

Fans had better get used to it, he is going nowhere.’

‘Newcastle fans definitely the most deluded, this fakeover proves it. No way we wouldn’t have had updates since the Premier League supposedly got hold of it.’

’13 glorious years of Mike Ashley and about time people realised we can now expect another 13 years.

No way this is happening, no news, nowt from journalists, apart from the Toon definitely buying Coutinho, Mbappe, Messi and Harry Kane – LOL!’

‘On the Newcastle United takeover I’ve been told there was never a solid bid from the Saudi Pif and just a made up story to sell newspapers.

It is not and never has been with the Premier League and that is why there has been no comment.’

‘It’s amazing how far they’re going with this takeover nonsense now. Every year they out do themselves.

Mark my words, Mike Ashley will still own Newcastle United in 2021.’

Bottom line is…

The deal is/has been with the Premier League and whether the Newcastle United takeover ends up happening or not, we were NEVER going to hear anything during the Premier League process.

The NUFC takeover was never going to happen incrementally, you were never going to hear the PL announce that this particular day they had started to look at the takeover, then another announcement saying they had looked at whether the new owners were fit and proper people and this was their decision, then a bit later the PL making an announcement that they had confirmed the Saudi bidders did have the money, nor then would we get any statement to do with whether the TV piracy issue is even being looked at, nor any announcement on what  the PL thinks of human rights in Saudi.

Bottom line is, all the Premier League thing was always going to happen behind closed doors and almost certainly, not even any statement / announcement from the PL when they have finished.

It isn’t for the PL to announce anything, in my opinion, instead, it will be the buyers and seller running this show. Almost certainly with cast-iron agreements not to make anything public until they jointly agree to do so.

Fans were never going to hear updates, it was always going to be one big announcement at the very end…

Statement(s) from Newcastle United and / or the Saudi bidders that the Premier League have completed all relevant checks, the deal is now completed and we have new owners of NUFC.

The only possibility of news coming out before that, is maybe if documents go public at Companies House indicating that the final moves are happening. However, it normally takes at least four or five days for documents to go public after they have been sent to Companies House, so unlikely that would happen.

I understand why fans are desperate for news but it is just a case of calming down and waiting for that one massive announcement, that the Newcastle United takeover is complete.


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