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‘New Newcastle United owners could ‘pay it forward’ by helping Sunderland as well’

2 years ago

Hopefully we see new owners in early May, with a Newcastle United takeover seemingly imminent.

While we bask in the thoughts of taking our club to higher levels – levels most fans think we should have been associated with since the inception of the Premier League…

I had a thought after watching a Netflix show.

Now bear with me on this, as it is going to be contentious and arguably blasphemous.

We all love the North East and recognise the disconnect we suffer from most businesses in the country, whilst London is almost a foreign country, even though less than 300 miles down the road. The cockney press hate anything above Leeds and consider us cloth cap wearing whippet breeders, fit for nothing more than sharing the same air as them.

Now unfortunately, our team Newcastle United is the only club in the region that is in the Premiership and is currently suffering a battering at the hands of the cockney press, we are alone and they think we are easy meat for their biased agendas.

We are going to be taken over by new owners and the landscape of our region is about to change. No doubt there will be hard times ahead for many supporters of the club, as some will have been put out of work, or suffer other economic hardships due to the state of the country / economy / Covid19 etc. It will affect us all, so we need to stick together and know who our friends are. We need to protect what is left of our region and our family, friends and workmates. I hope you all agree with that point of view, we need to galvanise what we have, now.

I have just finished watching Sunlun til I die.

After watching the first season I was like most toon fans, sitting with a smile on my face with the relish they had begun a spiral into oblivion, LOLs. With what has happened since the turn of the year though, has given me pause for though on a lot of things – hey at my age, 65, the knowledge you only go around once is a big wake up call.

So…after watching the second season of the documentary and thinking we could have been in the same plight, and many others thought so too, I felt a bit sad for their club as a whole. We all have friends and relatives or workmates who support Sunderland and we all get along with them as they are good decent people, look how they supported the toon when that plane was brought down with our supporters inside.

Yes I know they flew a plane over St James’ to celebrate our relegation but time to put that to bed. Anyway, I remember my dad telling me that they used to go to toon games one week and Sunderland games the next on alternate weekends, they all loved football so much. Yes there was rivalry but never animosity and hatred between the clubs at that time. That is until the seventies when the boot boys and violence took hold in football and we were the disgrace of Europe.

All that being said, I believe in our area, I love it here, I love the people too, we are a unique breed that can go anywhere and do anything we want. I hope the new owners realise what they are investing in, at this moment in time I believe they only have a slight idea. I think they are in for a very pleasant surprise or even a huge shock!

The new owners are talked about as wanting to invest in our city as well as the team and its academy, which is great news for our club, city and supporters.

I’ll now get back to the point of my post.

After watching the Sunderland documentary, and seeing how the owners and management team were banging their heads against the wall with the retained support staff, I could not help but feel sorry for them. They could not have done more, they were let down by the staff who were reluctant to change and by a manager who was not up to the task. The owner even spent his own money on a signing that was only worth a third of what he paid, and turned out to be bang average, it could have been us guys!

I do not know how things have progressed after the end of the show, and don’t want to look  – I have not changed my allegiances, just showing some empathy.

When you think we will be stronger as a region, football wise and economically, I have a suggestion which is radical to say the least.

We all know the football league is in dire straights at this time and some clubs may go under without financial support, or help from other clubs. My proposal is based on the takeover of our club by the Staveley fronted group – that the new owners show some empathy with Sunderland.

How you may ask?

Well IMHO we have an abundance of players who are not going to be required by the new regime but have no, or very little ,value on the football scene and have a year or more of their contract to run. So listening to what $ky news reports and interviewees were saying, with no money around and the economic downturn, most transfers would be done by loans or swapping players. The new owners could gain huge support and prestige by loaning our out of favour players to Sunderland, players not good enough for the Premier League but would certainly help out in the lower leagues.

Just my idea of paying it forwards for the good of our region.

Everyone has their own ideas and views, this is IMHO a good idea to galvanise our region and show the Saudis as good guys too, win win, get the London press off our backs and send a message, the TOON are BACK!

(PS I don’t give a monkeys if I get slated for this, as it is based on sound reasoning, not outdated bias passed on through the generations which incidentally has no sound basis – its just football guys. Finally, wouldn’t you just love to see a derby where we could beat them both home and away again? I would!!)


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