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‘Guinea pigs’ claim from Newcastle United star shows how out of touch some players are

2 years ago

Newcastle United players went back into training on Tuesday afternoon.

Along with the other Premier League squads, the NUFC squad beginning the process of heading back to playing competitive football.

The return to training has followed a couple of months of meetings and expert input, as to when and how this would happen.

A meeting of the 20 Premier League clubs on Monday unanimously voting to start training again.

Just over a week ago, Danny Rose declared in an interview:

“The government’s saying bring football back because it’s going to boost the nation’s morale. I don’t give a about the nation’s morale, bro.

“Like, there’s people’s lives are at risk, so, do you know what I mean. Like, football shouldn’t even be spoke about coming back until the numbers have dropped, like massively. No, it’s b.llocks.”

Danny Rose accepted that he could have chose his words better but a week later his views don’t appear to have changed…

Danny Rose now talking to The Lockdown Tactics podcast:

“I’m dying to get back to football.

“I know people are obviously going through this virus pandemic a lot worse than me, so I don’t want to be here complaining about anything.

“But just off the fact people are suggesting we should go back to football…it is basically like we are guinea pigs or lab rats, that we are going to go back to this phase and see if it works or not.

“I can just imagine people at home saying they [Premier League footballers] earn this amount of money so they should be going back.

“So for stuff like that where I just think ‘this is not worth the hassle’ – I could be potentially risking my health for people’s entertainment, and that’s just not something I want to be involved in, if I’m honest with you.”

Danny Rose says ‘I don’t want to be complaining about anything’ but then…complains about everything.

To claim that he and the other Premier League players are being treated like ‘lab rats’ and ‘guinea pigs’ is truly embarrassing.

This suggests that the players are being exposed to a seriously high and reckless risk, supposedly seen (according to Danny Rose) as easily expendable and treated as though they are of less value than the general population.

The media being in the main ridiculously sympathetic to this kind of view, seemingly encouraging the likes of Rose and others even more, to feel that they are being asked to do something that is totally unreasonable and that they are a special case, deserving of pity from the rest of the population.

Lets bring a little bit of reality (truth) to the situation.

All players and relevant other staff were tested at the weekend (and will be regularly tested for the foreseeable), of 748 tests there were six people who proved positive and will now self-isolate until shown to be free of the virus, the other 742 then able to return to the training ground.

For the moment, players such as Danny Rose are simply being asked to:

Get ready for training at home.

Drive to the training ground.

Train in a small group of no more than five, having no contact with anybody, doing running exercises etc and any work with the ball done at a distance to other players.

Get back into their cars and drive home.

To claim that liberties are being taken with their health is excruciatingly embarrassing.

The care being taken to look after them and make sure as far as is humanly possible that they are safe, is far far beyond what is happening with the rest of the population.

As for ‘risking my health for people’s entertainment’, being asked to go back to work with such protective measures in place is anything but unreasonable. Danny Rose’s job is ‘people’s entertainment’ and that is why he has such a privileged lifestyle, if he thinks it is so unreasonable what he is being asked to do, nobody can force him and he can ask to be put on unpaid leave.

Being treat like ‘lab rats’ and ‘guinea pigs’ is what you would call the shameful government policy of elderly people being discharged into care homes from hospital, with no testing to see if they had the virus.

Just go into your local shops and people working there are coming into contact with hundred, if not thousands, of random people every day / week, with none of the staff tested for the virus and them having no idea of the status of any of the customers.

Compare that to Premier League players, even when they get to the stage of playing again, they will still be within a privileged bubble, where every precaution is taken and all of the people they will come into contact with – players on both sides, match officials, whoever – will all have been regularly tested for the virus.

It is about time that players just got on with it and appreciate just how lucky they are.

If they don’t want to play, go on unpaid leave and stay at home.

If they have concerns, contact the PFA and have them approach clubs and the authorities on their behalf.

Yes it is just ‘people’s entertainment’ but as I said above, that is their job. Before they whinge about being treated like lab rats and guinea pigs, think first about how tough things are for your average person. Those claiming unemployment benefit, the figures increased by almost 70% when released yesterday, so many businesses going bust, so many people losing jobs or fearing it will happen.

Danny Rose and the rest of them at Newcastle United and other Premier League clubs need to look at Germany where everybody has pulled together, just got on with it, trained for six months and returned to playing.

Not complaining about how terrible it is for them and declaring that they are being treated like Meerschweinchen or Laborratten (German for Guinea Pigs and Lab Rats, according to Google Translate anyway…).


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