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‘Being from Malaysia they asked if I support Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal…No, Newcastle United!’

1 year ago

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Zam and I am from Malaysia.

By now, I guess it would be customary to say that I am a Toon fan since 1996 when Newcastle bought Shearer home.

I then went to Exeter to further my studies from 2002 till 2006.

I also worked part-time at Royal Mail and being a foreigner, they asked me if I support Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal?

I said, nope, I support Newcastle. One guy even asked me, “Did you fall off a tree when you’re young, mate?…Newcastle United, why on earth you support them?”

Our trophy room was / is still bare, so to stop them laughing or looking at me as if I am crazy, I simply said, Alan Shearer. End of.

Now, should the takeover be completed, Newcastle will have a lot of new converts in Malaysia. I will only ask them one question, who is Brian Pinas?

Anyway, I am compelled to write something here, due to the ongoing yet to be completed takeover. There has been so many rumours about not passing the fit and proper owner’s test, especially due to piracy accusation. I think and hope that rather than rejecting the Saudi PIF takeover bid, this is a wonderful opportunity for the FA to stop piracy, since PIF will be one of them now, rather than being an outsider.

So the best way to put a stop to piracy is not by rejecting their application, but to approve with proviso that PIF should do its utmost best to stop online piracy. The logic is simple. If EPL owners band together to stop PIF from taking over, as reported in The Sun, for sure online piracy will still continue and without Saudi Arabia cooperation, nobody could stop BeoutQ. However, if PIF takeover is successful, Saudi Arabia will be more likely than not, to take action against BeoutQ.

The motive for clubs banding up together, if the rumour is to be believed, is fear not jealousy. I have a feeling that other big European clubs are also watching the protest with interest. Why? The answer is wealth.

The Reuben brothers wealth alone is ten times more than Mike Ashley and PIF is 15 times richer than the Reuben brothers. Do your math.

They can attract some of the best young players from all over the world, put them in the development pool, and unleash these players in two or three years’ time. Barcelona, Juventus, PSG and Man City and Chelsea approach of buying them young, put them on loan and choose the best youngsters and sell the rest, will soon be taken over by Newcastle.

We can have one academy in South Africa, Asia, Europe and have access to the best talent all over the world. So, in their desperate attempt to stop the behemoth that is PIF, they came up with the paltry excuse of online piracy.

Lastly, I would like to correct the fallacy of Dean Wilkins argument, in his article on the 8th of May, “That awful dawning realisation when you realise they really think Newcastle are signing Philippe Coutinho”. He stated that if we buy Coutinho, that our budget to fulfil FFP for the season is almost full, so signing Coutinho would be plain daft.

I am not writing here to advise Newcastle on who should or shouldn’t we buy. I am telling Toon fans that we should dream, and dream big. Dean told us that if we buy Coutinho, we will be spending £100m this next season (£80m transfer fee and £20m wages) with little to spend on other players with the theoretical maximum budget of £150m this next transfer window.

This is Mike Ashley’s accounting and the figure is incorrect because we have the option to pay players fee staggered over 4 seasons. So basically, an £80m transfer fee can be staggered over four years at around £20m, per year plus salary of £20m per year, all in all, the total is ONLY £40m per year. So, plenty leftover, no?

Secondly, the theoretical budget of £150m is also false because they are not taking into consideration sudden windfall of sponsors and other commercial revenues linked to increase in profile for Newcastle. The likes of Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are earning over £150m per year from these revenues alone and whilst Newcastle couldn’t justify or attract those levels alone, they could get far closer.

Finally, Champions League TV money is another potential to increase revenue to enable us to in the future potentially spend more than any of the big six clubs. So, why shouldn’t we dream big?


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