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These new Newcastle United Takeover updates and news of progress are just embarrassing

2 years ago

We all want a Newcastle United Takeover to happen.

The most recent actions of Mike Ashley only bringing things into even sharper focus.

The disgraceful way he runs Newcastle United and on top of that, the extra related shame that is piled on all NUFC fans due to our attachment to him.

So many outsiders desperate to see our club fail, so many people acting like we (Newcastle fans) have any kind of a vote when it comes to the shameful actions of the club’s owner.

With everybody so desperate to hear updates and progress on a Newcastle United Takeover, little surprise that the unscrupulous will try to take advantage.

The last (only?) real credible update on the Newcastle United Takeover came 12 days ago on Monday 30 March 2020.

George Caulkin is the most credible of sources for information on the business side of things at Newcastle United and rarely gives updates, so when he does…

Now working for The Athletic, George said that ‘the Mike Ashley era at St James’ Park has never been closer to ending…’

He told us that the week before, the Premier League had being formally informed (by both Ashley’s side and the PIF funded side) of takeover talks having reached a certain point.

Caulkin told us that the PIF backed bid is intending to buy NUFC and that whilst cynicism from fans is understandable, this time the takeover talk is most definitely not just a PR attempt by Mike Ashley to deflect attention away from his latest shameful behaviour, with regard to both his retail empire and Newcastle United.

The man from The Athletic stating that whilst there is no signatures on documents as yet, ‘rarely, if ever, has there been greater confidence from a number of sources that the printer ink will finally flow.’

George Caulkin didn’t say that the Newcastle United Takeover would definitely happen but that the signs were the most promising he’d seen during the 13 years of Mike Ashley, though he cautioned that you can’t take anything for granted, especially with Ashley capable of just changing his mind and refusing to sell. Which has been the case these past 12 years since he first promised he was selling NUFC ASAP.

When the likes of The Mag reported on what he’d said, I was amused to see some losers questioning why we should take any notice of George Caulkin and why is he any different to the rest. Well, the answer to that is that many of us do take notice of him because he has covered Newcastle United for decades, doesn’t rely on constantly speculating every day on takeovers, transfers and so on, has been proved correct with his info many times in past, plus in this day and age he doesn’t have to be so reliant as so many others on click bait stuff – partly/largely because working for The Times and now The Athletic, his writing online is behind a paywall.

So bringing things up to date, we have now seen more Newcastle United Takeover ‘updates’ and ‘progress’ news.

These updates and news haven’t come from George Caulkin, instead it is Manu Lonjon, or should that be ‘respected journalist’ Manu Lonjon…

Numerous Newcastle United media and fans adding the ‘respected journalist’ bit even though they haven’t got a clue whether he is or not and indeed hadn’t even heard of him until now. The ‘respected’ bit added to justify the click baiting and/or the claims of the in the knows.

Ironically, I bet many of those now using these new ‘exclusives’ on the NUFC takeover, will also be ones who were saying what does George Caulkin know?

Manu Lonjon is a French journalist who works for Eurosport and has never before shown any expert knowledge of what is happening  at Newcastle United.

Indeed, if you look at his Twitter timeline, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a respected/respectable journalist BUT it is full of transfer speculation nonsense about French clubs and those in other countries, including the Premier League.

When this French journalist brought us his first exclusive on Thursday, he was saying that the sale of Newcastle United was set to be completed very soon.

There was one really big problem with his exclusive for starters, as he said it was the Bin Zayed Group (led by Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nahyan) that were going to be the new owners very soon.

First rule when you are making up a story, at least do some basic research!

When people pointed out to him that BZG were old news…he quickly deleted that one. Then came back with the same news of new imminent owners but not naming them. He could at least have google it and added/named PIF Saudi led group as up to date potential new owners.

Lonjon of course didn’t reveal his top (imaginary) sources but he did say ‘proof’ that new owners were going to be shortly unveiled, was shown for sure by the fact that Mike Ashley had ‘laid off until further notice’ the entire scouting and recruitment team.

Hmmm, a shame that he hadn’t bothered checking and/or nobody had told him, that Mike Ashley had done this (furloughed) to almost all staff who aren’t players or senior coaching team, just to exploit the government’s scheme and to save him (Ashley) money.

To fill out the exclusive/story, the French journalist claimed Newcastle United were now looking for a new manager with possibly Rafa Benitez coming back, plus also interviewing for a Director of Football. Not sure who would be doing this interview though according to Manu Lonjon – does he mean Ashley and Charnley, PIF bidders, or is it…BZG?!!

Manu Lonjon has then followed up the original ‘exclusive by now claiming a source ‘close’ to the deal, has told him there will be official confirmation of the Newcastle United Takeover early next month (May).


Yet so many desperate journalists, newspapers, websites, ITK Twitter accounts prepared to use in reports/stories the above as the ‘proof’ the takeover is now happening.


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