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Simon Jordan launches brutal verbal attack on Mike Ashley – Classic

2 years ago

Simon Jordan has long been a thorn in the side of Newcastle United fans.

The one-time Crystal Palace owner time after time taking the side of Mike Ashley and ridiculing NUFC supporters.

Simon Jordan repeatedly defending the indefensible where the NUFC owner is concerned.

A major surprise then to see Jordan launch this brutal attack on Mike Ashley.

Even he feels he has to speak out over Ashley’s latest actions.

Mike Ashley being the first Premier League club owner on Monday to make most of his staff ‘furloughed workers’, passing the responsibility for keeping most of his employees financially afloat to the government during this virus crisis. That is the lowest paid staff at the football club, the ones making up a minimal amount of the overall costs of running the club.

Simon Jordan saying just because Mike Ashley can legally do this, he (and other PL club owners) shouldn’t.

He also rightfully attacked the disgraceful current position whereby all Premier League club players are getting full pay whilst clubs such as Newcastle (and now Tottenham and Norwich) are using the government to finance the lowest paid club workers.

Simon Jordan speaking to Talksport:

“How about these people working in the confines of awful conditions [in the NHS] who are under-resourced and underpaid, if we can print money to bail out self employed people, and it we can print money to furlough Newcastle United employees that Mike Ashley doesn’t want to pay, then I’m pretty sure the government can reward these people who are working in these conditions by giving them more money.

“Never mind gongs and never mind claps, how about give them some recognition and reward?

“I believe there is a moral issue around an industry like football that has been awash with money.

“Football players and football clubs over the last five years have really had it on their toes with the revenues that have increased because of the broadcasters.

“I think there is a situation here where football has to look at itself and say, ‘do I really, just because the government is offering its teat, have to nuzzle on that?’.

“’Do I really have to take that money, that £2,500 per employee or 80 per cent of it, to support myself?’.

“I don’t think they should do it [furlough staff].

“I think it is an awful look for football, and I think it’s awful Premier League footballers are being paid £250,000 to £500,000-a-week and the government is having to support Premier League clubs.

“There’s a balancing act between being commercially sensible about what you are doing and not disadvantaging yourself as a business, and looking at yourself and thinking ‘am I the sport that’s eating myself?’.

“The guys that have to close their restaurants and the guys that have to close their commercial businesses are going to lose that revenue and possibly never get it back.

“Are we suggesting football is never going to get this revenue back? If football suddenly gets these games back and we get through this dreadful crisis, how did these businesses need that money?

“I’m sat here saying: Come on football, you can’t sit there and have every footballer in the Premier League on an average £70,000-a-week and seriously say ‘let’s not cut the players’ wages first before we go to the government to fund our own staff’.

“Come on! There is a moral obligation here – there has to be.

“Football has got to take a pay cut!”


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