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Once upon a time three clubs fighting to get promoted – Chelsea, Manchester City and Newcastle United

2 years ago

When I was a kid I would watch Winnie the Pooh.

My favourite character was Eeyore, who was a miserable grumpy donkey.

Maybe that says more about me than I care to admit but putting it to one side, the reason I mention him, is that he spent his life hiding in his gloomy place and waiting for the sky to fall in on him.

Nothing could cheer him up and he always looked on the worst side of life.

What has that got to do with us? Well let me try and explain.

Not that long ago, in 1984, Southampton (2nd) Nottingham Forest (3rd) and QPR (5th) were amongst the clubs dominating the top tier of English football and heading for Europe.

Meanwhile, down in the second tier there were three little clubs fighting to get promoted.

These three similar sides had all won a European trophy a few years earlier but had fallen on hard times. Chelsea would eventually win the league (second tier), Newcastle were third and Man City missed out in fourth.

In those days, I always felt that City and Chelsea were our natural peers. We were never going to win the league and neither were they.

However, as we (now) know, things were to change.

First, Chelsea are bought by Russian money and then City by Middle East cash.

And would you believe it, they started to win loads of trophies as a result

Funny that.

Now in 2020, Newcastle United may be about to join them.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is…will our future success have a hollow feeling to it?

Will it seem like we have sold our soul?

I can only speak for myself.

In a perfect world we would be successful due to a wonderful scouting network and amazing management.

That’s not going to happen. Not never. Whoever is in charge of us has to have more money than God and more importantly be prepared to spend it .

We as fans, either accept that our owners will not win a Nobel peace prize, or we leave the building.

If you feel so strongly against the new owners, that is your right to boycott the club. Just like those who boycotted Ashley, that is totally understandable, however, I don’t see this in a similar vein.

Would it be better if Richard Branson had bought us/ No human rights problems there, apart from the fact he is a despicable human being (in my opinion).

Would it be better if it was the Amazon or Google owners? Obscenely rich but hideous tax dodging Companies (in my opinion).

The thing is, whether people like it or not, our new owners have been for tea with the Queen and do billions of pounds of trade with this country.

So is the moral outrage really about us chippy northerners becoming rich? If so, it is as false as it is predictable.

Bloody Geordies. Where were you when you were sh.te?

Because of recent events, should we stop buying all our electronics and clothes from China? You know, the country that executes their prisoners and allegedly harvests their organs.

No? Well I’m sure that would change if they tried to buy Newcastle United.

I am afraid life is just not that simple. Principles are all well and good but you can’t pick and choose which principles suit you and ignore others.

It’s like our current love affair with the NHS. Do we all really love and admire it? Unfortunately, I have spent a bit of time in hospital recently and the way I witnessed some speak and treat the staff is an utter disgrace.

And that will be the NHS which we, the public, sue for compensation at a rate of £10billion a year. Before you ask, it’s not all for totally deserved life altering accidents, £20million alone was paid out last year for bed sores!

Three years ago, I got a bed sore from being in a hospital bed for two weeks. Funnily enough, I thought it was a small price to pay for these amazing people restarting my heart when I went into cardiac arrest. But each to their own I guess.

Saudi bad, China good, Saudi bad, Russia good. Looks all the same to me.

Anyway, back to Football.

I wish Westwood, McKeag or Hall had been successful but they weren’t, so if we are to win something, this is the only way it’s going to happen.

So Geordie Eeyores, it is finally time to get out of that gloomy place, look to the sky and enjoy the sunshine that is coming over the horizon.


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