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Manchester City fan advising on Newcastle United takeover and what we’re dealing with – Interesting

2 years ago

I am a lifelong Manchester City fan and I have been following the possible takeover of Newcastle United with interest.

I have just been reading your articles on The Mag regarding the various issues and concerns, so thought I would send my thoughts to you.

First of all, welcome to the world of hate.

We have had it for a decade or so now, so it is good of you to share it with us.

I will also say, do not get sucked in by so called journalists spouting sh.te about your potential / imminent new owners. These keyboard warriors did not mind going to Russia for an all expenses paid jolly and I am sure they will be doing the same for the next corrupt world cup in Qatar.

With newspaper circulation plummeting they have had to enter a click bait world and so the news is skewed towards who has the most fans – Manchester United, Liverpool and to a lesser degree Arsenal.

Yes the murder of the journalist was disgraceful, but so was the invasion of Iraq by our country. We killed thousands and many more have been murdered since, are we any better ?

Look at what our country has done to Syria, we encouraged them to enact the ‘Arab Spring’ and then left them to die, especially when Russia became involved.

World politics should play no part in football and it doesn’t, it is only used to stir up hate and animosity to ensure advertisers keep the money flowing and for the so called ‘big four’ to remain so. (NB We are not in the ‘big four’ and Chelsea are only there begrudgingly).

Saudi Arabia’s intolerance towards homosexuality is mentioned in articles, so the next time we have a rainbow laces match get everyone to take a pride flag along. The publicity that will get will be seen in Saudi and will help to (slowly) change peoples opinions. These are the positives to look for, rather than the negatives.

When the attacks started on Manchester City, we quoted many of the arguments you have mentioned and a new word was invented by the hacks, Whataboutery. Apparently you are not allowed to counter a journalist’s attack on your club by saying ‘what about…I assume you are just meant to take the attack and sulk off to a corner.

The truth is, the Newcastle United takeover threatens one of the established clubs, it makes Champions League places harder, winning the Premier League even harder and worst of all, threatens the revenue stream of the so called big clubs. That is why they don’t like it and this is what it is really all about.

If any of you are still concerned about the Saudis buying Newcastle, ask yourself, if they didn’t, who could?

A Chinese multi-millionaire…hmmm, another Russian…yeh right. An American then – ha, please don’t think they are angelic business men, they are as corrupt as the rest. Liverpool’s owners have been embroiled in an alleged Boston Red Sox match fixing scandal and their main sponsor is embroiled in further controversy and allegations.

I will just say this, if the Newcastle United takeover happens, enjoy the ride and laugh off all the hate that will flow your way.


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