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(Lets stop) The Northern Powerhouse

2 years ago

Reading some of the stuff that has been appearing recently about the Newcastle United takeover makes my blood boil.

Suddenly football clubs, well football clubs in the north east anyway, can only be owned by nice people who treat everybody fairly!

So where were Amnesty International when Mike Ashley took over in the first place?

Nobody in this country treats employees like he does.

Suddenly, the £300million investment in a small bit of Newcastle is causing uproar and yet according to the Mail Online, Qataris now have 24 million square feet of prime real estate in London, putting them ahead of the City of London and even the Queen.

Their investment so far has exceeded £30billion.

Did I miss all of the demonstrations?

I must have done. Or is it ok if it’s London that benefits from foreign investors?

I point out Qatar, as they are on the radar of human rights organisations too. The same country who ironically have been awarded the World Cup.

So how does that work? You can only invest in clubs south of the Tyne and you can only be involved in football if your country has a “Q” in its name?

I was always under the impression that you can move society forward through education, rather than punishment.

So if we get bought out and these new owners develop the area and invest in its diverse society, improving the city for many people, is that not a good thing?

Is having Amanda Staveley on the board not a nod in the right direction?

Or do we not allow certain people to develop?

You know, it’s not so long ago in our country that we went to war over WMD that didn’t exist.

It isn’t so long ago that homosexuality was a criminal offence in this country (1967).

Didn’t we once “rule the waves” and a lot of countries too along the way and that wasn’t by invitation you know. Bullet beats spear as they say.

The one thing that makes me laugh in all of this, is that we blame a country and say how awful their system of control is, then we sell them arms and buy their number one export (oil) to give them their wealth.

I take it these protesters only buy their petrol from locally sourced oil?

Imagine the scene as our new owners survey a raucous SJP, packed to the rafters with men, women, children, people from various backgrounds, various ethnicities. They see “all the lads and lasses there, with all their smiling faces” and they go away thinking how people can get on, how people can contribute, they turn to Amanda Staveley and think what a good job she has done. Is that not a step in the right direction?

Meanwhile we have to put up with ‘moralising’ comments in the media about the Newcastle United takeover from people like Richard Keys! You really couldn’t make it up, considering the behaviour in his personal life, having to move to the Middle East (Qatar!) since leaving his job at Sky Sports in disgrace.

Yet he can lecture us. Err no thanks mate.

Stay safe everyone.


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