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Clear signs of Newcastle United takeover fatigue setting in

2 years ago

What’s happening with the Newcastle United takeover?

Newcastle United takeover, when is it going to be announced?

The Newcastle United takeover, surely we should have had an update, somebody must know something.

And so it goes on…

It reminds me of going on holiday with the kids in this country.

You would sit them down, carefully explain that it is going to take three, four, five…hours to get there, that they have plenty of toys and colouring books (and now it would be the modern technical equivalents) to keep them occupied.

Yet before you have even crossed the Tyne Bridge, they are asking ‘are we there yet’? Then doing the same every five minutes until eventually feel like snapping, turning the car around, and heading home.

This is Newcastle fans at the moment, not all of them but far too many.

We are / were all still sceptical because of Mike Ashley pretending he was trying to sell the club for 12 years or so but this time it is different.

All but the very most cynical (who also refuse to believe the earth isn’t flat and are busy burning down 5G masts because they think that has caused the virus) have been forced to accept a number of things.

The media all agreeing and the documents publicly available at Companies House backing much of this up, that…

Agreement has been reached (around the £300m mark) to buy / sell Newcastle United.

A deposit (believed to be £17m) paid to secure the deal by the bidding group, until all the boxes are ticked.

That the Premier League are now carrying out due process to do all the necessary checks, before a formal announcement can be made.

It is widely agreed / accepted that this Premier League approval stage will take up to around four weeks or so.

The usually reliable George Caulkin of The Athletic put the date of that Premier League process starting at around Thursday 9 April 2020, with other journalists also putting the starting point being around then.

So as things stand we are now 18 days into the PL process and surely at least another 10 days to go before anybody would / should be even beginning to wonder why we haven’t heard anything.

Yet I swear that within only a day or two after this PL process starting, we had the first bed wetters embarrassing themselves, especially on social media.

Why haven’t we heard anything, somebody must know something etc etc and then it has got progressively worse by the day.

This was never going to be played out in public, the bidding and accepting a bid part has already been and gone (unless you are a true cynic). The Saudi PIF financed bid has been accepted by Mike Ashley, a deposit paid, with now the boring bit behind closed doors to go.

The Premier League don’t come out on a daily basis and say this particular box has been ticked and now another nine to go, or whatever.

We were told from the very start that we wouldn’t hear anything until the outcome / decision is announced and that will continue to be the case.

Bottom line is that when they say the Premier League are carrying out their checks, in reality it will be the legal people working on their behalf who will be carrying out the checks, going through the paperwork supplied and so on. Who ever heard of lawyers doing anything quickly?

I think that reality is as well, that the Premier League have to be seen to be spending a decent amount of time on this, especially with the whole moral / human rights side of things that is attached to this Newcastle United takeover. Not that anything on that side of things would appear to have any bearing on the PL process, as morals etc don’t form part of any Premier League process, unsurprisingly.

Of course, the media haven’t helped. Very few journalists prepared to stick with the facts of this PL process taking four weeks or so and just having to wait for the decision. Instead, happy to feed the stupidity to get the clicks, happy to put forward stories claiming all kinds of nonsense that only now could be going to affect this takeover happening. Despite it being a year or more in the planning.

Just accept that not hearing anything so far is irrelevant.

We were never going to hear anything ahead of the final decision, well nothing credible anyway.

By the end of the first week in May or so, Newcastle United will have new owners. Mike Ashley will be gone.

By all means stock up on the #Cans in the meantime but don’t start drinking them and drowning your sorrows prematurely, in the belief that no news is bad news.


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