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Alan Shearer says he will believe Newcastle United takeover only when it actually happens

2 years ago

Alan Shearer has been talking about the Newcastle United takeover.

The lifelong NUFC fan refusing to get carried away, not taking anything for granted.

The Newcastle United legend stating: ‘We have been here before, so what is the point?’, a point of view that we would all identify with.

Alan Shearer pointing out: ‘We are yet to hear about the finance of the deal and still haven’t heard anything from Mike Ashley or the prospective buyers’ and the former number nine concerned that: ‘With Ashley, once it gets close he may well try to move the goalposts.’

Is it not different this time though?

The Times and other newspapers have been briefed and put out the same update at exactly the same time on Monday morning, saying that sources close to the deal had confirmed the deposit had been paid by the bidders to secure the takeover, with the balance to be paid once the Premier League have gone through their processes and ticked the boxes for approval, indeed one source telling them there can’t be any backing out from either side now, even if they wanted to. Indicating that there is now a legally binding agreement to buy/sell the club, a process that could only be seemingly stopped if by some massively remote chance, the (not fit for purpose) fit and proper person test actually stopped a Premier League club takeover.

So when Alan Shearer wonders if Mike Ashley will move the goalposts (which he has repeatedly done these pat 12 years, only pretending he is willing to sell NUFC) yet again, what today’s updates (and previous ones) are telling us, is that we are actually past that point already. We are past the goalposting moving scenario, with a binding contract in place, unless you still disbelieve what is being put out in the public domain and reported.

Alan Shearer says we still haven’t heard from Mike Ashley and the potential buyers but that doesn’t really tell us anything. In any major business deal like this, it would be most unusual for the public to be given a blow by blow update on progress.

Mike Ashley could put out a holding statement to reassure Newcastle fans, either a very loose general one or one with slightly more detail and naming names if the bidders agreed, but I think safe to say that reassuring Newcastle supporters of anything has never been a priority (or even a thought) of Ashley’s for 13 years, so he isn’t going to change now.

This was always going to be the most difficult bit. Everything seemingly pointing to a Newcastle United takeover actually happening at last BUT (if/when a takeover is happening) the final weeks of box ticking to be gone through and no information whilst we wait.

Whatever Alan Shearer is saying in public I’m sure that in private he is thinking this is very likely to at least happen. However, nothing to be gained by coming out with some of the nonsense from less credible pundits, getting ahead of yourself and wondering if it will be Klopp or Guardiola managing in the near future and can you fit Kane, Mbappe, Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo in the same team….?

Alan Shearer talking to The Sun:

“Like so many Newcastle fans, I refuse to get excited until the sale of the club actually goes through.

“I’m reluctant to get my hopes up.

“We have been here before, so what is the point?

“There are still questions to be answered.

“We are yet to hear about the finance of the deal and still haven’t heard anything from Mike Ashley or the prospective buyers.

“With Ashley, once it gets close he may well try to move the goalposts.

“So until the deal is done, I remain cautious.”


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