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West Brom fans comments – Furious for these reasons after defeat to Newcastle United

2 years ago

Many West Brom fans voted with their feet on Tuesday night.

Over 5,000 Newcastle supporters packed the away end and it could have been double that if the tickets had been made available.

In contrast, even though only around 20,000 seats available in the home sections and reasonable ticket prices of £15 and £5 for kids if bought before the day, there were thousands of empty seats.

For those West Brom fans who did turn up, it was overwhelmingly a case of a mixture of anger and frustration.

As you can see in the comments below, apart from the small minority who take the very narrow pragmatic view that all that matters is promotion and justifies whatever team selection or whatever, there are a whole list of things that made West Brom fans furious.

Top of the list was team selection, effectively a Championship club second team as nine changes were made.

In that team selection, picking 39 year old Barry and 35 year old Brunt in midfield was by far the biggest anger trigger. I must admit that when I saw that pair in midfield I thought Newcastle would have to be shocking not to win.

Many home fans thought that even if the subs had came on earlier West Brom could have turned it around and difficult not to argue with that, considering how dominant they were and how many chances in the final half hour.

Also an anger that they hadn’t beaten such poor opposition as Newcastle United, the worst PL side left in the competition according to some. When bottom club Norwich are also still in the competition it sums up how NUFC are looked upon by many.

As a wider picture, many West Brom fans are just unhappy with the whole FA Cup situation and what’s the point? Comments saying fielding weakened cup teams when in the Championship are justified to try for promotion, then if you get to the PL the weakened teams in the cups re justified as trying to stay in the top tier. Newcastle fans will empathise with this, seen as for most of Mike Ashley’s reign he actually has had a very open public club policy of not trying in the cups.

West Brom fans will probably feel a little better, but not much, seeing that Newcastle have now drawn Man City in the next round.

West Brom fans comment via their West Brom Index message board:

‘Joke of a starting line up by Bilic against a sh.t team, gave them as good as a walkover in my opinion.’

‘Newcastle were terrible and we could have won that had it not been for the team selection.

Love Slav but he lost us this game. Could have been in the quarter final.’

‘Our first choice would have won that.

Krov was excellent when he came on. Zohore looked half decent. Phillips our best player over the 90. Gibbs was decent. O’Shea settled into his role.

Barry and Brunt, oh dear.’

‘Most teams in cup competitions play their kids, we play their dads.’

‘Sadly as soon as the teams were announced it was obvious how the game would go. That midfield was just never going to be up to it.

Complete waste of an evening, really.’

‘That was awful to watch tonight. I’m sat in the Woodman Corner and the atmosphere in the ground was rubbish. The Geordies tonight embarrassed us, both on and off the pitch.’

‘I don’t think it was awful to watch at all. Two horrific errors aside we actually gave a fairly decent account of ourselves. From my perch standing at the back of the Brummie, I thought the Geordies were bang average on, and to my surprise, off the pitch (the super turnout notwithstanding).

Sadly, even their support seems, just like ours, to have been thoroughly defanged by modern football.’

‘The reality is that Newcastle are probably the weakest Premier League team in the competition but it is solid mid-table squad including a few £10m plus signings that I have forgot that were even at the club. They spent nearly as much on one player than we have on entire squad.

They play a base season of 38 games were it not for cup competitions they seldom have two game weeks whereas our season is littered with them just to get through the league programme.

This was never an opportunity to win the cup we lost nothing.’

‘I asked some weeks ago for a team to be picked that could beat Newcastle.

Instead Barry and Brunt (combined age 74) were fielded together – and notwithstanding a late gloss on the score line, we lost to a side that could definitely have been beaten.

I take no real consolation from the idea that the league is the priority. There’s not much evidence that losing games ever helps anyone’s form, and I’m getting close to 60 and have never seen Albion in a Cup final. I doubt I ever will.

If we go up, we’ll almost certainly be fighting relegation so the league will again take priority. And another Albion reserve team will be knocked out of the Cup. It’ll happen every season because let’s face it – we’re never going to be much good in the Premier League, unless someone spends £££££££££££s.

I’m bitterly disappointed – with the team selection, the attitude and what the Premier League has done to what was once a sport. Add VAR into the mix and it’s not much fun anymore.

Very upset by what I watched tonight.’

‘Complete embarrassment I’m sorry.

To book a night shift off work to watch that rubbish.

WHY put 10 men behind the ball first half against a team that hasn’t scored for 4 games.’

‘This was a bunch of Albion players who in the main struggle to make the bench let alone the first team.

One First team regular midfielder ripped newcastle apart and had em chasing and running scared at 0-3with the ref giving them plenty of help.

You beat a reserve championship side tonight bonny lads – nothing to shout about.’

‘Why did we even bother, may as well just not bother entering the cups next year, just admit that, as a club, we don’t care about anything but Prem money and the fans are irrelevant.’

‘Massive shame for the youngsters who played so well. Edwards and Harper were super at times. Krov was great and changed the game.

Barry and Brunt can retire after tonight.

Wasted opportunity.’

‘A disgrace playing Brunt and Barry.’

‘Overall a shame, because although I agree with changing the team selection, I just wish Slav had recognized that starting with Krov/Pereira and Zohore for Austin would have probably tipped the game in our favor.

Newcastle were there for the taking and we didn’t need our starting Championship XI to beat them. Brunt/Barry in midfield is a joke.’

‘Krov was superb. Credit to Phillips too.

Bond, wow, awful.

Gayle gave us a chance.’

‘I understand making changes, but Brunt & Barry together in the midfield no matter what you think of them was never going to work – what was Slav thinking?

We weren’t going to win the cup, Newcastle won’t either based on that showing, not the best Newcastle team I’ve ever seen, but why oh why didn’t we give it a go.’

‘Unfortunately getting into the Premier League is vital for the club. Failure to do so means a significantly weaker squad next year.’

‘There are fans who are 55 who have never seen Albion play in a cup final, in that time there have been 50+ teams who have made one. Had a great chance to make the quarters here and basically threw it in the first half, start to question what’s the point.

‘As someone else has said, this year our focus is on getting to the premierleague but then when we do get there the focus is on staying up and another second team gets knocked out.’

‘I had to miss watching it as I had a band rehearsal that I couldn’t get out of, so I can’t really comment, though clearly it was a game of two halves.

I will say though that had we still been 11 points clear of third place at this point, yes, Bilic should have fielded a stronger side, but with only 6 points in it and Leeds seriously breathing down our necks I don’t blame him in the least.

We stay down, our squad weakens and we have an even tougher season next year.

We might not agree with every decision Slaven makes but he’s taking the long view and that’s what I want from a manager.’

‘Really frustrating – the first half was abysmal. This isn’t a vintage Newcastle side but we made it so easy for them. The team selection was worrying and so it proved.

Barry and Brunt are far too old and immobile to be starting in a midfield together – they offered the back four no protection and was provided no fluidity moving forwards. I am bemused that both lasted as long as they did as I’d have had instant changes at half time

Poor Harper was covering the ground of the three of them – no wonder he was blowing out his backside towards the end.

The game improved when Krovinovic came on as he provided us with some dynamism going forwards. Edwards also came out of his shell at that point.

O’Shea was bullied by Joellinton.

A spirited come back but Newcastle had downed tools by then.’


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