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Some classic comments from Southampton fans after losing 1-0 to Newcastle United – Not happy…

4 years ago

Southampton fans went into Saturday’s match not in the best of moods.

The Saints having the worst home record in the Premier League this season.

Fair to say that after losing to Newcastle United, that mood hasn’t improved.

Only four wins now and 14 points from 15 matches at St Mary’s, more goals (31) conceded at home than any other club.

One thing that is usually guaranteed, when you have the match officials giving decisions against a home team, it ALWAYS improves the atmosphere.

That was certainly the case on Saturday and Southampton fans commenting below certainly felt it was one of their best atmospheres of the season.

Very interesting to see the comments on VAR and the honesty from many. Saying that they felt outraged at the injustice during the match BUT after seeing the TV replays, most accepting that the VAR decisions were correct.

A lot of criticism of their own team from Southampton fans BUT vast majority not impressed at all with Newcastle, especially in a second half where it increasingly looked like a goalless draw.

Newcastle United’s first double of the season…

Southampton fans comment via their Saints Web message board:

‘How the hell did we lose to that rubbish, even with 10 men?’

‘Second half better and looked comfortable, thought we’d got away with it but didn’t count on our ability to absolutely mess it up and give away a pathetic goal again.’

‘Decent fight from the team in 2nd half when we had 10. Annoying that we had to hand to a toothless newcastle at the death. Mccarthy excellent.

Real shame Valery had his brain fade moment after a pretty decent game. Thought Ralph should have used his bench a lot more in 2nd half.

Djenepo very silly.’

‘Disgraceful result against a poor side but they were comfortable as f…

Our players at home are a joke.’

‘Beyond infuriating how that panned out today but we will probably stay up and that in itself is a minor miracle given our pathetically thin squad and w.nker owner.’

‘Atrocious result, so many of them at home this year. People moan about fans but they’ve had to put up with so much dire football.

Sendings off happen, sometimes you can get through it but with our home form it was game over. Only a good game from McCarthy and newcastle being rubbish up front stopped this being a 0-3 or 0-4.

Just got to get the season over, get another 2 wins somewhere, anywhere.’

‘I have never been so angry in my life as that first half – VAR red card for Djenepo after the Chelsea one not given? Checks the monitor for that but not the penalty?

Everything went against us today.’

‘Totally undeserved. All that battle and completely let down by Valery.’

‘Our home form is beyond a joke, let’s hope rest of the games this season are behind closed doors so we can do something more worthwhile with our time.’

‘Hilarious that the club put this one as a category A fixture too.

People are paying top f.cking dollar to watch this sh.te at home. No wonder there are empty seats every game.’

‘Yeah some battle but we were going for a 0-0 and newcastle kept missing. They should have scored plenty but they’re rubbish.’

‘I honestly didn’t think Newcastle were a threat in the second half even with the extra man. Not really sure what game you were watching if you thought they kept missing.

Game was decided by the sending off and an individual error.’

‘Weird. At the game I thought we had been cheated by the ref and defended valiantly. Just watched that and we were lucky not to get thrashed.’

‘They missed plenty of chances, Gayle was really poor, they missed a penalty too.

If a team has a big striker, even if they’re not scoring much, and don’t play them against us they’re crazy.’

‘Despite VAR, some teams still seem to get preferential treatment over others, and some officials still have a massive influence over the result.’

‘I really can’t understand the degree of wrist-slashing on here.

We were by far the better team for the first half an hour until Djenepo got himself sent off.

We also defended with spirit until virtually the 80th minute, including some quite brilliant saves by McCarthy.’

‘Got to love the people moaning about VAR. I didn’t want it, but today is exactly why it was brought in. Without it, a red card offence would have been yellow, and a handball would have been missed.

Had Bertrand got “studded in the chest” in a manner deserving of a red , the bloke would have got one. There’s no great conspiracy against Saints.’

‘The ball from Shelvey where Gayle was free in the middle of the goal and should have done better, the free header for the (rightl) disallowed goal, the penalty the triple save, when they broke down the left and Gayle again I think hit the side netting when he should have done better.

That’s five very good chances right there win the first half.’

‘Low attendance, seems quite a few older people are getting a bit nervous about the Virus.’

‘Just watched the youtube highlights. Both VAR decisions were right much to my amazement.

I was at the game, and my reaction for both decisions was that the red card was harsh and it was never handball.’

‘The referee got the big decisions right, but the crowd’s misplaced sense of injustice didn’t half help the atmosphere. Good to see the team getting the support right through a tough game.’

‘Support was best this season I thought. Geordies in pub said they couldn’t get their songs going as we wouldn’t shut up.’

‘First half we were well in it until the sending off which completely changed the dynamic of the game and Newcastle did throw a lot at us for the last 15 before half time.

However I can barely remember them having a chance in the second half, our players gave everything they had and we were only undone by a silly lapse in concentration from Valery.’

Newcastle certainly had the lion share of possession second half … and what did they do with it?

Passed along their back line from left to right, from right to left, forward to Shelvey …. who passed it to the right, then back to Shelvey who passed it to the left … and repeat.

They achieved very little but managed to create the one thing that truly mattered – a defensive error. Football can be a cruel game.’

‘The sending off changed the game completely. We didn’t lose cos they were better as such, we lost because we played most of the game with 10 men.’


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