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Rio Ferdinand tells people to not just think about their own gain – The ultimate irony

2 years ago

Rio Ferdinand must be the ultimate person when it comes to lacking self-awareness.

A total failure, time and time again, to give any consideration to his own personal behaviour.

It is as though he is a completely different person, unable to connect his own actions and what he tells other people to do.

The behaviour in his personal life is well documented and how he has had the nerve to do certain interviews in light of that, is astonishing.

More vividly for us, is his behaviour when it comes to Newcastle United.

A series of embarrassing incidents where he has made ridiculous statements backing  Mike Ashley and attacking Newcastle fans, due to him being an associate of the NUFC owner and Rio Ferdinand having his clothing range exclusively sold through Sports Direct.

Putting the above together, Rio Ferdinand will do and say anything to benefit himself.

How ironic then that now Ferdinand is telling people not to be selfish and not to think of their ‘own gain’, that instead they should think about wider society.

He is talking about the situation football finds itself in at the minute, games suspended due to the virus crisis and just under a quarter of the games left to play.

This is about two separate things for me.

The argument about how best to find a solution to what to do about the 2019/20 season.

Then having somebody with zero credibility such as Rio Ferdinand, lecturing others about not just looking after one.

He is saying to void the season just like Karren Brady said, which sums it up, another attention seeker who always just looks after number one.

If you are going to tell everybody what should be done, then at least go to the bother of explaining how exactly something like this can be achieved. Is Rio Ferdinand going to contribute to paying the massive compensation broadcasters and sponsors would demand if the Premier League was voided and the same with all the other legal challenges that would surely come.

In such extraordinary times, why is it seen as so bizarre/extraordinary to have a solution that means when football can be played again, we finish off this current season and can then also reschedule things going forward based on next season starting at a later date than was originally agreed?

If there was only half the matches played so far then I could see a strong case for possibly voiding things but when less than a quarter of the matches are still to be completed, then for me the pendulum most definitely swings the other way.

Rio Ferdinand talking to BT Sport:

“Times like this do push it home how important sport, contact and communication is when you are isolated and alone with your immediate family, but we have to take into consideration football is just a game.

“As seriously as we all take it, the bigger picture is what is going on out in society.

“I’m sure in my own mind that if it’s not going to be an immediate fix in the next few weeks then the season needs to be voided and started again next season afresh.

“A lot of people like Liverpool fans will always say that’s because I don’t want Liverpool to win the league.

“Listen, if my team was in that situation, I would think about people’s health and the wider society rather than my own gain.

“And this is a situation where I think exactly the same no matter who’s going to go up, who’s potentially going to go down, who could have won the league and who could have finished in the Champions League positions.

“I think across the board, it’s much more clearer, black and white, just void the season and start again afresh.

“Whichever way you go you’re going to be disappointing people and there’s going to be people that are more happy with the situation when you do it, not everyone can win in this situation and that’s just a fact.”


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