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Karren Brady proving herself a disgrace yet again – This time on Coronavirus challenges

2 years ago

Whether it is greed, attention seeking, boosting her profile, or whatever, Karren Brady is at it yet again.

The West Ham vice-chair with inappropriate comments once more.

She has regularly included the goings on at Newcastle United as a subject for discussion in her newspaper column but this time she has hit an all-time low.

If Karren Brady restricted herself to only stuff in the media in terms of her working life, then fair enough.

However, when she is the West Ham vice-chair, how is it to appropriate for her to discuss issues at other clubs and the people involved, frequently in a critical way?

When you see what a joke of a club West Ham is much of the time, you would think she should be too busy sorting out her/their own problems, rather than commenting on what others should/shouldn’t be doing.

The thing is, it isn’t just outsiders who see Karren Brady as an embarrassment to football, I frequently see many West Ham fans agreeing with this view.

The new low Karren Brady has reached, is with regard to the Coronavirus.

This is a time when it is essential for those in influential positions, even including those involved in football, to show leadership and think carefully before they say or do anything that could potentially make the situation even worse.

On Friday morning, all 20 Premier League clubs met and agreed a collective response to the Coronavirus problem. Initially this is to be a three week period without matches.

The clubs have to stick to this collective responsibility and then when it is deemed the right time(s), give us carefully thought out updates on what is going to happen and why, with a clear message representing all 20 PL clubs as a whole. It is their duty to do things in this right and proper manner, to not cause more panic or wildly speculate on what may or may not happen in the future.

So what does Karren Brady do?

Within hours of that collective Premier League response from all 20 clubs, for her own personal benefit, she writes a newspaper column.

In the column, she wildly speculates on what might or might not happen in the coming days, weeks, months, years – due to the Coronavirus problem.

Her piece in The Sun has the headline ‘Sorry Liverpool but the Premier League has to be declared null and void if players can’t play again’, talk about inflammatory and irresponsible.

Other fans might joke about the possibility of Liverpool being denied their title win but that is what fans do. They aren’t in positions of authority like Karren Brady. This is a time for leadership and accepting there is collective responsibility, not thinking you have the right to say and do whatever you like that, with no thought to the consequences.

In her column Karren Brady includes the following:

‘If the Prime Minister’s ‘sombrero’ graph is anywhere near an accurate forecast then suspension might need to be extended until June-July. Or, worst scenario, that the start of next season will be delayed. I have no doubts the Premier League will survive. The task for all football is to limit the damage.

Such is the potency of the disease that no one is safe. We do not even know if it can be caught twice. Fundamentally, it has to be eradicated and not until there is an effective vaccine — a year ahead at least — big sport will be at its mercy.

There is no dodging the possibility that all levels in the EFL as well as the Premier League will have to be cancelled and this season declared null and void because if the players can’t play the games can’t go ahead. The PL hopes that an interlude of three weeks from today will enable it to restart but that may well be dreamland.

So what if the league cannot be finished? As games in both the PL and in the EFL are affected, the only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void.

This will be discussed between the PL and the clubs next week at an emergency meeting.’

The way Karren Brady speaks/writes is as though she has nothing at all to do with the Premier League, as though she is a separate entity with no duty/responsibility to others.

Maybe the three week suspension of games could well prove to be ‘dreamland’ in terms of hoping games might resume after that BUT Karren Brady and West Ham were party to that decision.

She makes all kind of wild and provocative speculations about what might and might not happen BUT then adds that all of this will be discussed at another emergency meeting of clubs next week.

That is when Karren Brady should be making her mouth go if she wants to, in a debate behind closed doors where you assume they will have the best professional advice from medical experts etc to help guide them.

The problem is, the likes of Karren Brady want it all ways, to be part of the decision making process AND thinking she can just go off and say whatever in the meantime.

Surely the time has come for her to either resign from her job at West Ham, or ditch the likes of her newspaper column, she can’t have it all.


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