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Joey Barton proves to be surprising voice of reason in reaction to Coronavirus crisis

2 years ago

I haven’t always been the greatest fan of  Joey Barton but I have to applaud him on this one.

The Coronavirus threat is of course dominating everything at the moment, a real sense of fear and panic amongst much of the population.

However, the former Newcastle United midfielder and now Fleetwood Town manager, has gone for a calmer approach.

Joey Barton via Twitter:

“Strange times.

“Hope everybody stays fit, well and optimistic.

“Like everything, this will pass…”

I have to say, this very much fits with how I am feeling about the current situation.

Yes the Coronavirus is a serious additional challenge for us all and we all have to do whatever we can to help minimise its impact as much as possible.

However, so much of the media coverage has been a disgrace. Competing against each other in attempting to terrify people way beyond what is necessary.

Yes people need to have the facts (which the government has been absolutely useless in delivering, especially in explaining why they have taken the approach they have done) to be able to try and keep themselves as safe as possible and especially when it comes to helping to protect the most vulnerable in society.

At the same time though, politicians and irresponsible media then help create a situation of panic, which helps to contribute to them making the wrong decisions and leads to these selfish idiots going on panic buying sprees, leaving at times empty shelves for others.

In no way would I suggest even one death to Coronavirus isn’t one too many but it is a reality of life that there are countless horrific things that prematurely end the lives of so many. I have lost countless relatives and friends to cancer and suicide has also touched our family. Whilst our extended family also lost someone to ‘normal’ flu in recent times.

Joey Barton is correct, this latest Coronavirus threat will pass, in terms of it being such an overwhelming problem. Though like the usual threat of flu, it will almost certainly be here on an ongoing basis to a greater or lesser degree.

The biggest challenge though appears to be the authorities trying to manage this threat in the coming days, weeks and months, in such a way that the NHS isn’t completely overwhelmed at any point. So that they can successfully treat as many people as possible.

A lot of people will clearly get ill from this particular virus and some of those people will die but it is our duty to simply approach it in the best possible calm way, so that the threat to the population as a whole is minimised as much as possible.

Others on Twitter reacted to the Joey Barton tweet, many in agreement, whilst others predictably went for cheap insults:

Scott Robertson:

‘A voice of reason in a country gripped by insanity.

I can’t believe it’s come from Joey Barton.’

Steve Egan:

‘Words of wisdom Joey.’

Joe Rowland:

‘Well said Bonney lad.’


‘Everything will be well, be cautious and calm, don’t anxious too much.’


‘Just like ur time in Scotland. Big fuss over nothing.’

Chris Turner:

‘Dont go headbutting anyone for a while.’


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