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Simon Jordan has maybe reached a new level of desperation with latest Newcastle United comments

2 years ago

It is laughable just how much failed Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has to say about a club he has absolutely zero connection with.

Somebody somewhere would probably give a little bit of credibility to his views if he ever talked much about Palace, rather than a club almost 300 mile away, that he know nothing about.

He has become an unelected leader of the thickest people who want to see/believe only the worst in Newcastle fans.

To give himself added/some credibility he claims to be some kind of friend of Mike Ashley, as though he has an insight over and above the masses.

This ‘insight’ means that each time he speaks about Newcastle, Simon Jordan pretty much always gives a view on whether an NUFC takeover is set to happen. It is almost as though he tosses a coin as his view changes repeatedly, this time it has fallen on tails and a takeover won’t go through, according to him.

If/when Mike Ashley ever sells the club, or dies still owning Newcastle United, Simon Jordan will have been proved right (and wrong) regardless.

His added nonsense this time, sees Simon Jordan accuse Newcastle United fans of having a ‘sense of entitlement’, thinking they have a divine right to success.

This is pure rubbish, none of us support Newcastle United because we expect them to ever win anything, that would be the daftest thing ever.

What we do though expect, is the club to be ran in a way where it tries to be the best it can be.

Despite always been in the top eight PL clubs when it comes to revenue coming in, Mike Ashley has had NUFC either relegated or in the Championship in a third of those first 12 seasons. Despite all the free advertising he has taken for his retail empire from Newcastle United, NUFC are in the top eight for bringing money in, yet in 12 seasons under Ashley have only finished top eight on the pitch once, never mind waiting 13 years to get through two rounds of the FA Cup…

Simon Jordan defends Mike Ashley not selling the club and claims it is not Ashley’s fault.

Yet has no explanation why he hasn’t sold NUFC in these 12 years it has been up for sale, whilst the vast majority of other major clubs have changed hands at least once, some two or three times.

To be extra ridiculous, Simon Jordan says Newcastle fans shouldn’t complain and just be grateful they don’t support Sunderland or Middlesbrough. What relevance has that?

In the last Championship season, Newcastle fans set a new modern day record by averaging over 51,000 in the second tier, this was the highest since the 1940s when Newcastle United set the record! Newcastle United are a massive club with massive potential, if only we had an owner willing to be ambitious and look to benefit the club and supporters, not just himself.

Why doesn’t Simon Jordan tell the fans of Man Utd when they are unhappy to be just grateful they don’t support Blackburn, Everton fans look at Tranmere, Palace fans look at Gillingham, Man City fans glad they aren’t Bolton, Spurs with Millwall etc etc?

Simon Jordan speaking to Talksport:

“I know that people (Newcastle fans) will turn around and say Mike Ashley with Newcastle, well he doesn’t represent anything.

“All that he represents is Sports Direct and ultimately has no understanding of us.

“You are the only team in the North East that is in the Premier League!

“I am sure that the Sunderland fans will bite your arms off at your wrists, to have some of your dreadful experiences right now.

“I am sure that the Middlesbrough fans, who have a brilliant chairman in Steve Gibson, would bite your hands off to have this dreadful person running their football club, whilst residing in the Premier League.

“We have got to get some context.

“There is a sense of entitlement in a new generation of football fans that comes from social media, that says they can say and do as they want.

“I don’t think Mike (Ashley), without getting too into detail, I don’t think he pulls out of deals (to sell Newcastle United).

“I don’t think people put a cheque on the table for him to do a deal.

“I might be wrong but I don’t think this deal (NUFC takeover) will happen.”


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