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2020 Football Finance 100 report – Newcastle move into World’s top 50 financially strongest clubs

2 years ago

The SoccerEx Football Finance 100 for 2020 has now been published.

The report sets out to show the strongest clubs around the globe in terms of monetary power, using five categories to deliver a final calculation.

SoccerEx worked with independent academics to compile the list, which analysed the assets of each club, their economic power for future investments and their net debts.

For the 2020 rankings, SoccerEx took into account:

Playing assets

Fixed assets (stadium, training centres etc…

Cash in the bank

Owner’s potential investment

The club’s net debt

Using these five factors, the Soccerex Football Finance 100 was then produced, with each club awarded a Football Finance Index (FFI) score based on the results.

The analysis is based on balance sheets and annual reports published by the clubs, as well as other reputable sources of information such as UEFA, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Transfermarkt and Hoovers. For this edition, the financial year analysed was 2017-18.

A couple of things to point out, as the reporting I have seen in the English press has been pretty shoddy (including north east local media…).

All financial figures are in Euros (€) and NOT pounds.

It is also very important to realise/understand, that this 2020 Football Finance 100 report is based on the accounts/findings from the financial year (season) 2017/18 (not 2018/19), so this is after Newcastle’s first season back in the Premier League.

The 2020 Deloitte football rich list report which was published in January, was for the most recent season (2018/19) so is a year more up to date than the Football Finance 100 reports. Deloitte rely on those clubs who  have not published accounts to supply the figures but for some reason Newcastle United refused to do so this time, meaning they were left out of the Deloitte report altogether, having been 19th in the 2019 report (covering 2017/18).

So when you see the rankings below, it explains in part why Fulham are higher than Newcastle because they had just been promoted and the owners investing a lot of money on their return to the Premier League, rather than if it had been about the end of the 2018/19 season when they had been relegated.

So in this  2020 Football Finance 100 report (covering after the 2017/18 season), Newcastle United have risen from 58th in the 2019 report (after promotion in 2016/17) to 46th in this 2020 one (after the first season (2017/18) back in the Premier League).

Newcastle are 13th highest amongst English clubs, behind the likes of Southampton, Everton, Wolves and Leicester, as well as Fulham.

The Soccerex Football Finance 100 with the top 20 listed plus all other Premier League clubs in the top 50 (the figure after each club is the Football Finance 100 score/rating):

(46) Newcastle United (UK) – 0.745

(41) Southampton (UK) – 0.816

(38) Fulham (UK) – 0.875

(35) Aston Villa (UK) – 0.93

(33) Everton (UK) – 1.008

(32) Wolves (UK) – 1.025

(21) Leicester (UK) – 1.372

(20) Monaco (France) – 1.443

(19) Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) – 1.551

(18) Los Angeles (USA) – 1.657

(17) Napoli (Italy) – 1.67

(16) Manchester United (UK) – 1.743

(15) Guangzhou Evergrande (China) – 1.853

(14) Hoffenheim (Germany) – 1.922

(13) RB Leipzig (Germany) – 1.949

(12) Barcelona (Spain) – 2.036

(11) Atletico Madrid (Spain) – 2.049

(10) Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – 2.154

(9) Juventus (Italy) – 2.195

(8) Liverpool (UK) – 2.616

(7) Chelsea (UK) – 2.893

(6) Arsenal (UK) – 3.150

(5) Real Madrid (Spain) – 3.336

(4) Tottenham Hotspur (UK) – 3.441

(3) Bayern Munich (Germany) – 3.888

(2) Manchester City (England)  – 5.197

(1) – Paris Saint-Germain (France) 5.318

A breakdown of Newcastle United’s stats which formed their rating are below, along with those for PSG at the very top and Leicester in 21st for comparison.

The breakdown for Newcastle United is as follows (The 2019 Football Finance 100 report figures are in brackets – All values in Euros(€))

Place in Football Finance 100: 46th (58th)

FFI Score: 0.745 (0.41)

Playing assets: €273.6m (€174.0m)

Tangible assets: €70.3m (€71.0m)

Cash in the bank: €38.2m (€0)

Owner Potential Investment: €83m (€100m)

Net Debt: €170.2m (€201m)

No. 1 – PSG

FFI Score: 5.318

Playing Assets: €1050m

Tangible Assets: €99.9m

Cash in the Bank: €138m

Owner Potential Investment: €1,003m

Net Debt: -€34.1m

No.21 – Leicester City (UK)

FFI Score: 1.372

Playing Assets: €410.3m

Tangible Assets: €67.2m

Cash in the Bank: €30.8m

Owner Potential Investment: €145m

Net Debt: €68.9m


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