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Thought Everton fans comments after collapse v Newcastle might be bit special – Not disappointed!

2 years ago

There will be Everton fans somewhere in the world who will still be enjoying the fact that their team beat Newcastle United on Tuesday.

That they had seen another step towards things improving progressively under new boss Carlo Ancelotti.

Many other Everton fans will have walked out of the ground or switched off and seconds, minutes or hours later discovered what the finale had actually been.

Just enjoy thinking of each and every one of these people…

For whatever reason there is a general rivalry/dislike between many fans of our two clubs these days and if ever a draw felt like a victory, it was last night.

Newcastle were appalling and never ever looked like creating a decent chance, never mind scoring, whilst once Lascelles went walk about after half an hour and Kean scored, we all thought that was game over.

However, supporting Newcastle United this season is a strange one. No matter that the performances get ever worse apart from when it comes to defending, luck keeps swinging our way on an incredibly regular basis.

Yet another game where the opposition keeper had not a single save to make in the 90 minutes and yet Newcastle scored twice and won a point.

Some glorious comments from Everton fans below as they reflect on what they witnessed.

It may have been robbery on a grand scale at Goodison Park but it helped that we had our man on the inside giving a helping short arm or two…

I especially enjoyed the Jordan Pickford comments from his ‘fans’, when you act up like he does, he deserves everything that comes his way.

Everton fans comment via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘I don’t know that there is a worse team tactically than Newcastle.

I’m glad Newcastle are using all the luck now so I can make money betting them to go down next year.

There’s an argument to be made that they’re the worst team in the league.’

‘I’m still heartbroken to be honest.

Over and Over again. A one-off is okay, it happens to everybody but over the past couple of years the club has broken me over, and over.’

‘What about England’s no.1. My god.’

‘Couldn’t get that out of my mind all night. Like a reoccurring nightmare. Go away Everton.’

‘Still can’t believe that last night, still getting to me this morning.’

‘I thought we were excellent for eighty minutes, last ten distinctly average but there were no signs of what actually happened in the last knockings occurring it just looked to me that the game was petering out into a comfortable 2-0 win, but what happened did happen and it is totally unforgivable how they have let the masses down yet again, however I am still positive the tide is turning for us very slowly.’

‘I said to my mate when we were 2 up with 10mins to go that I’ve seen them coming back from 2 down three times to either beat us 3-2 or grab a draw.’

‘I am still in shock. Some of the players could have done better and although I like Carlo a degree of blame rests on his shoulders.’

‘Pickford cost us that match. He has it in him.’

‘Having woken up today to discover that the game really had ended that way and it wasn’t just a bad dream, the thing that annoys me the most is that them scoring twice at the death really shouldn’t have mattered; we should have been annoyed to concede a couple of consolation goals, nothing more.

But how many times can we boss a game yet not take advantage?

As last night proved, a 2-goal lead doesn’t make you invincible, but if we’d got 4 or 5 – as we really should have – those comedy goals at the end wouldn’t have changed where the points went.

Obviously, we should have seen the game out as we didn’t get more than 2, but it’s about time we properly battered teams when we have them on the back foot. Newcastle were pretty much putting up the white flag in the 2nd half last night, but we told them not to be so silly.’

‘I’ve got 6 Geordies on my site at work today and I’m the only blue. I’ve not heard the end of it all morning.

I’m more annoyed at least night’s game than I was after both the derbies.’

‘Pickford once again proved he’s not up to the job. Seriously hope we are in the market for a goalkeeper in the summer.’

‘I genuinely believe that had Richy been fit last night we would have been four ahead by the time the subs came on; had Gomes been playing too, we might have run up a cricket score.’

‘Oh wow…I have just caught up with result!! lol lol…God, we support a bunch of losers lol.’

‘Where have you been for 12 hours or do you have no electricity.’

‘I’d rather be a lucky team like Newcastle are than play well and not win. The whole night was wrecked by one mad minute.’

‘Had become totally numb to it too but last night took the p so much it’s riled me up.’

‘How the hell do we get to this on the final goal, both centre-backs off the pitch and god knows what Pickford was doing?’

‘Actually thought we played ok up to a point.

We were much superior to Newcastle. We offered threat, they offered none.

There’s nothing new to say about Pickford. What you see is what you get.

Lots like him, I’ve never been a fan from day one. He lacked the physicality to deal with the cross leading to the first goal, but to be fair there was a chain of events that shouldn’t have happened before his eccentricity was exposed for the equaliser.’

‘We played well. We should have won by 3 or 4. The usual culprits let us down.’

‘Not that I’m any expert on goalkeeping but isn’t it made easier if you are in front of the goal yourself, rather than a yard behind the line?’

‘That picture will haunt Pickford during the rest of his time here.’

‘How about pics of him flapping at most of the straightforward crosses he’s had to deal with ?

I know he comes out with game-preserving saves at times but cant forgive his clangers either :

Dropping the ball into the net at The Tin Mine in the last minute being the worst by a long stretch.’

‘The only consolation you can take from last night, is that there wasn’t 5/6 mins added on initially.

We were in full Everton mode and Newcastle would have scored a third.’

‘Once again we’re a laughing stock. Do these players realise what they put the fans through?

Getting the taken out of us with a shambolic almost monthly now?’

‘Newcastle brought on a defender to stop us scoring again knowing they were defeated.

Then we decide to give them 2 goals within a minute, we have the weakest mentality of any team in the prem.’

‘The performance was good. The second half was the best we have played this season. Dominated. Newcastle has nothing.

THAT is what makes the collapse even more infuriating.’

‘Imagine the fans who left in the 93rd minute to get home. At least they got the experience of going to goodison and experiencing a win walking home buzzin.’

‘I’ve read replies tonight blaming Pickford for being behind the line for their second goal, and that is indeed the case.

However, on seeing the clip, he dived to save a shot that was actually blocked in front of him.

His dive took him behind the line, and he had insufficient time to get up AND forward again. I would call that rather unlucky…’

‘Pickford seems to be “unlucky” quite a lot this season and last, or maybe he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.’

‘How did we not win that game? We had so many chances to finish NU off, but, we just weren’t clinical enough. Totally gutted.’

‘We played a very, very poor team, Newcastle had given up but we invited them to attack us.’


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