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Newcastle United Fans, Takeover, Moral Outrage and new owners from Saudi Arabia

2 years ago

Newcastle United Fans find themselves centre-stage yet again.

This season has already been a strange one, even by NUFC standards.

Now it could take strange to a whole new level.

This season, supporters have been repeatedly attacked by journalists, simply for having the temerity to point out the ridiculous amount of luck Steve Bruce has enjoyed to be at 30 points after 24 matches. A team, tactics, formation that barely gets out of its own half in many matches, creates next to no chances whilst the opposition have plenty.

You have then even had a sizeable number of the usual media experts/pundits/idiots/journalists, pointing to Bruce’s points total as some kind of ‘proof’ that actually how Mike Ashley runs the club is a sensible/decent way. That NUFC fans are deluded and Brucey doing ‘better’ than Rafa sums it up.

Now that a Newcastle United takeover could actually happen, certainly if you believe the sheer weight of newspaper coverage these past few days, Newcastle United fans once more find themselves in the full glare of the media spotlight.

Apparently, we should be taking to the streets demanding that this alleged takeover backed by Saudi money doesn’t go ahead.

It is laughable, why is this level of media spotlight not shone on the fans of other clubs?

Why, particularly at this point, should Newcastle United fans have to justify anything? The story the media no doubt want to put across is that Newcastle supporters are a disgrace because they don’t care who owns their club, so long as it isn’t Mike Ashley and they run NUFC with ambition.

Well forgive me, I never ever realised that I actually had a vote on who owns Newcastle United and how they act.

John Hall and Freddy Shepherd made millions every year due to salaries, share dividends (they owned almost all of the shares between them) and so on, then made an even bigger fortune when they delivered us into the hands of Mike Ashley. As a fan I was never allowed a vote in any of this.

These 13 years of Mike Ashley, once again I have zero influence on whether he stays or goes and how he trashes the football club.

Likewise, I won’t get any vote on whether new owners are from Saudi Arabia, Benwell or wherever.

Isn’t this why we have governments, if something is so bad in terms of dealing with what happens and by who in other countries, politicians are paid to represent us and boycott/ban them if a line, moral and/or legal, has been crossed.

Failing that, what about the Premier League’s fit and proper person test? Surely that should do the job and if it isn’t, then government should step in and impose regulation.

Should we allow anybody to own a Premier League club who comes from a country where there is no (or minimal) democracy? Where individuals/regimes are fabulously rich because they assume/take the riches and/or natural resources, whilst the ordinary person has no say and living on a pittance. I will leave you to list the current PL owners that this might apply to…

Yes, I would love Newcastle United to be taken over by a super rich consortium who have made their fortunes thanks to helping little old ladies over the road and cuddling kittens.

However, in the real world that is only slightly less likely than Mike Ashley actually agreeing to finally sell.

I make no apology for saying I simply want Mike Ashley gone and for new owners to run the club in an ambitious fashion.

I won’t have sleepless nights worrying about the morals of whoever might buy Newcastle United because I don’t have any say AND history has taught me that after 12 years of Mike Ashley ‘trying’ to sell the club, I don’t have a clue if any sale is a possibility to anybody AND I haven’t got a clue who might end up owning NUFC.


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