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Chelsea fans comments after defeat to Newcastle United: Not happy at all – Very entertaining

1 year ago

I read some comments from Chelsea fans ahead of their trip to St James Park.

It was all pretty positive from what I saw, all the talk of it being an opportunity to potentially move eight points clear of those chasing the top four.

A Chelsea win on Tyneside and then fifth place Man Utd having  a trip to Anfield on the Sunday.

It is funny what 90 (well 94…) minutes can do to you!

I thought it was all going very well at Stamford Bridge, I remember in the summer reading Chelsea fans all saying  how great it was to have their club legend Frank Lampard in charge, how great it was that he would give young players a chance, how they were more than happy to be patient this season going for a slow build based around these young stars and young manager and didn’t have over the top expectations.

It appears the honeymoon is over and Newcastle United could be named in the divorce proceedings, the final straw apparently for many Chelsea fans.

This is a fanbase remember who support a club who are into the fourth round of the FA Cup, are top four in the Premier League and into the lasts 16 of the Champions League.

It really makes your heart bleed for them!

Chelsea fans commenting via their CFC Net message board:

‘We need an Henry or a Shearer type player not another prancing pony.

Unfortunately I don’t believe those types of players are currently available.’

‘We have lost 8 games and can barely win at home. We’re clinging onto 4th because everybody else stinks.

Lampard I will always be a Chelsea legend but he’s a cr.p manager. Time to admit it.’

‘Absolutely sh.te.’

‘Newcastle dealt with our crosses all game.’

‘Hopeless team. This season cannot end soon enough.’

‘That was so bad. I can’t even summon the will to discuss it.

I saw no positives from that. Their might be one, it speeds up new signings this week.’

‘Off you go Frank. And his worst decision has been giving Reece James and the other youngsters a chance.

Can’t wait to know who our next manager is going to be, it’s so exciting being a Chelsea supporter.

Clinging onto 4th is hopeless.’

‘It’s Newcastle away, we always struggle up there. Move on.

Only thing I’d say is how many headers did Lascelles win ? Are these qualities that our scouts look for in a defender nowadays? Seems not.’

Lampard is a rubbish manager. There, I said it.’

‘Not as terrible as some are saying we were.

The game today was a smash and grab by Newcastle 110%.

During the game they had nothing going on all game whereas we got into some really good positions only to it all up through sheer lack of quality.’

‘I have been waiting all season for signs of a good manager (or even one in the making) and there’s nothing there.’

‘We could’ve played another 90 mins and we wouldn’t have scored.

Kepa rooted to his line from a last minute cross. So helpful. Just one thing he had to do all game and he ballsed it up

Dreadful display to a man really. James excepted.’

‘I can’t think of a period in that game when Newcastle came out and started playing.

They pretty much sat in and waited for a set piece. We cut off a lot of their counters so they couldn’t do that either.

They gave away the ball a lot without us really having to press them.’

‘Newcastle United = anti-football.’

‘Not criticising SFL but why can’t he coach the defense? for the Newcastle match there was a clear full week which is optimum time to coach?

Everytime Newcastle crossed to our box we looked very uncomfortable. This has been going on through out the season. I’m starting to have doubts.’

‘It was a game of fine margins. Newcastle beat Spurs away, beat Utd at home. They’ve got a few scalpels this season. Bruce has them set up very well.

Welcome to the Premier League boys! Teams don’t roll over anymore.’

‘A gruelling match for us yesterday we put in a shift yet caught with a sucker punch.

Why was Rudiger marking two players, where were the others? Or was someone trying to play offside?’

‘As usual trust Kepa not to save a ball headed pretty much directly at him.’

‘On my way back and had a little too much to drink so I’ll let others do all the analysis stuff.

What I will say though is that we are not very good. We need better players all over the pitch.

This season has been thoroughly enjoyable so far with lots of ups and downs and it’s going to carry on for, not just this season but until we spend some serious money.

We are miles away from competing at the top. Miles and miles.’

‘I found myself deflated very early in this game. About 30mins in and you could just tell it would take a set piece of some sort for us to score.

A couple of performances this season have got me angry, mostly Everton away because of stupidity costing us points.

I wasn’t angry with that yesterday, maybe because it had 0-0 at best written all over it from early on. It was a horrible laboured watch though.’

‘Against a packed defence or not……this has been a fu.king dreadful performance.

Not one single positive to take from that. Dire.’

‘I find it a bit irritating that people keep stating ‘we are 4th’ as a validation of us doing well this season, or as a dismissal of anyones concerns.

Of course you sit where you deserve to be in the table on the points you earned, this season it just feels a bit like we are ther because others have been so spectacularly poor.’


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