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Charlie Methven started with insults for Newcastle United fans and ended with insults for Sunderland fans

2 years ago

Charlie Methven was part of the takeover of Sunderland in 2018.

He and Stewart Donald taking over, with Methven the minority partner.

Newcastle fans have had some very bad experiences in terms of owners of the club but this pair have provided decent competition in terms of lacking class.

Both Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven trying to win over their new fans with cheap insults (see below) aimed at Newcastle United and NUFC supporters, Sunderland fans lapped it up at the time as like any fanbase, they wanted to believe these new owners were the ones to take the club forward.

To their cost, they have found out just how lacking in class the pair have been, especially when it came to ruthlessly trying to get them onboard via the cheap insults at the local rivals.

As soon as they took over in 2018, Charlie Methven gave an interview (see below) where he laughably claimed to have always been ‘fond’ of Sunderland and to have always had an ‘antipathy’ towards Newcastle. Methven going on to state that Newcastle United and their fans are arrogant and claimed that this is what loads of other people outside the region also think, having respect/appreciation for Sunderland and Middlesbrough but not Newcastle.

Charlie Methven also stated that he and Donald were proper fans and would act like that, nothing like how Mike Ashley had acted etc etc.

Then in September 2018 Charlie Methven chose to have sly digs at world class manager Rafa Benitez, talking disparagingly about Rafa’s tactics and saying: ‘All three of us (Methven, Donald and Juan Sartori) believe that fearlessly ‘going for it’ – in life, in business, and sport – begets precisely the positivity and desire required to be a winner.’ Methven added that they had recruited manager Jack Ross because he shared this positive ‘going for it’ outlook….unlike Champions League winning, twice La Liga winning, twice Europa League winning, Rafa Benitez.

Stewart Donald then got involved in the cheap insults at Newcastle United and their fans, in March 2019 he said that ‘SAFC are much bigger than NUFC down south so nobody down here talks or knows much about them…’

The tide though had began to turn as Sunderland fans began to finally see through the pair’s transparently obvious behaviour, with Charlie Methven quick to hit back when criticised, slagging the mackems off for their ‘unrealistic expectations’…

Things have now come a full circle with the Eton educated PR chancer now doing a runner from Sunderland and it emerging that at a recent club meeting with Sunderland fans he had basically called them thick. Saying that people in the south would have better understood the business moves he had made at the club as opposed to the mackems who had supposedly struggled to understand just what a genius had been.

The Charlie Methven comments about the lack of Sunderland fans understanding,  centred around the £10m investment by the American backed FPP Sunderland group which Methven had organised. Sunderland fans having challenged the then Sunderland Director on the positives and negatives of the deal.

Charlie Methven forced now to release a statement and apology:

“This meeting was at the end of my three-month notice period at Sunderland.

“It was a private meeting at which all matters of the club were discussed.

“I was repeatedly pressed on the negative implications of a £10 million investment I’d secured for the club.

“Exasperated, I reacted intemperately and one of those present subsequently took me to task.

“I apologised to him because the comparison I made does not accurately reflect my real views. It was an off-the-cuff riposte which I regret.”

Quite a journey in less than two years for Charlie Methven, arriving from the south and thinking it was clever to use cheap Newcastle insults to win over the natives, before then quickly showing his true colours and calling his own club’s fans thick before doing a runner back down south, where the clever people live…

A rare situation where Newcastle and Sunderland fans can agree on something, Charlie Methven an embarrassing chancer.

Charlie Methven talking to A Love Supreme – 26 May 2018:

“Denis Smith was a great manager for both clubs (Oxford and Sunderland) I think, and a great man, I absolutely love Denis.

“So it (Sunderland) has always been a club that I’ve been somewhat fond of from an early age — for some reason I’ve always had an antipathy towards Newcastle.

“I mean that wasn’t a determining factor in this, but it does mean I’ve always had a slight soft spot for Sunderland because I’ve always found Newcastle to be a rather arrogant club.

“They seem to think that they’re special, and they don’t understand that every club is special.

“From an outsider’s perspective I feel that from the North East clubs, at Sunderland and Middlesbrough there’s much mutual appreciation from other clubs, but at Newcastle there’s little appreciation for or from other clubs.

“On away days this year, people will see us there.

“Not in a Mike Ashley way, posturing and pretending to be a supporter. But because sometimes, if it’s your hobby, like it is our hobby, it’s nice to actually spend your Saturday afternoon the way you want to spend it.

“We regard ourselves at Sunderland as being cheerleaders in the club for the supporters of the club.”

Charlie Methven wrote in Sunderland match programme – 3 September 2018:

“The setting of stretching, but realistic targets is part of our business ethos, and one of the reasons we chose Jack Ross as manager.

“All three of us (Methven, Donald and Juan Sartori) believe that fearlessly ‘going for it’ – in life, in business, and sport – begets precisely the positivity and desire required to be a winner.

“Conversely, whether it be a previous SAFC manager (David Moyes) declaring in August that his team were relegation candidates, or the manager (Rafa Benitez) of a neighbouring (Premier League) club putting 11 men behind the ball at home and conceding 80 per cent possession, if a leader’s body language is negative then the battle is already lost.

“Falling short of a stretching target is disappointing, but forgivable.

“Not even stretching yourself in the first place is the prelude to failure.”

Stewart Donald replying to a Newcastle fan on Twitter – 30 March 2019:

“Our club is wonderful.

“Not winning a cup or walking a league makes us sound like our rivals up the road which I suppose is failure but Lets see what happens.

“I don’t know much about NUFC to be honest.

“Only domestic cup I think they have won in my lifetime was the some Texaco Cup thing?

“I only know they make up numbers in the P/League.

“SAFC are much bigger than NUFC down south so nobody down here talks or knows much about them sorry.”

Charlie Methven talking to the Chronicle – 27 April 2019:

“I get frustrated (with unrealistic expectations of Sunderland fans) on (Manager) Jack’s behalf.

“Some of the stuff you see on social media is bang out of order.”


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