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Very interesting Burnley fans comments on Newcastle match, away fans and Hillsborough references

2 years ago

Burnley fans with plenty to say about events on Saturday at Turf Moor with Newcastle United the visitors.

One thing that could be agreed on pretty unanimously, was just how bad the match was.

Newcastle with zero efforts on target and Burnley with not that many more.

A feeling that the home side deserved to win and whilst neither side were great, you can’t disagree with that.

Much was made by the two managers about this being the first Premier League game for the referee. Burnley fans seeing it from both sides and maybe the stand out thing was that he was lenient for both sides on the physical part, with NUFC probably getting the best of that as Carroll could have been sent off.

Maybe the most interesting discussion though is about issues the Newcastle fans had in the away end.

A badly designed away end with little room and minimal exits/entrances, combined then with unfortunate circumstances seeing a large number of Newcastle fans arriving just before kick-off and police/stewards all but non-existent to help with a dangerous situation.

Some Newcastle fans described it as being a bit like ‘Hillsborough’ but with a meaning of a situation where through various factors as described above, people could have got hurt as they were left with nowhere to go and people pushing from behind, not realising there were issues at the front of the crush (read this account by Aaron Gales HERE who was in the away end).

As you can see below, a split amongst the Burnley fans.

Some making  childish comments about fans complaining just because Newcastle lost and that other stadiums are the same/worse, whilst others say there have been past complaints and that it is indeed a really bad design in the away end concourse and with exits etc.

Not being funny but with pretty much every Newcastle away allocation selling out, our away fans know what it is like at other stadiums when there is a sold out away end. Plus, a Saturday 3pm kick-off at one of the shortest away trips of the season, the vast majority at Burnley would have been regular travellers.

Burnley fans comment via their Up The Clarets message board:

‘Tend to agree that it is a potential deathtrap. Especially as it was never designed to be split.

The home end is bad enough so god knows what the away end is like with one way in and out.

I always wait until the end to leave the home end and rarely go down at half time.’

‘Surely the concourse at any stadium (certainly away ends) is like that most weeks…one of the reasons we always go straight out and sit in our seats….’

‘Not much of a defence if and when an accident happens, though..’

‘I think Newcastle have a very fair point.’

‘I said in here at the start of the season that the CFS is a deathtrap at HT. I still stand by that.

It only takes a fight to breakout before something serious happens. It’s a shockingly bad design.’

‘Give them 500 tickets next season, they can spread out then.’

‘Didn”t complain last season. Then again they won that game. Sunderland only got a home draw so that should make them feel better.’

‘My experience is that most concourses are congested towards kick off time. Suppose these Geordies have never been to Villa Park or Goodison.

If they’d have won we wouldn’t have heard a peep.’

‘Are these the same ‘good natured’ fans who were smashing one of our local hostelries (allegedly)?’

‘Fake News.’

‘The pictures are damning, as is the response from our club.

We’ve been gathering information from some Newcastle fan organisations today and also asking similarly of other clubs who have been and filled it this season.’

‘We saw this from the BL.

There was a massive amount of Newcastle fans at the top of the steps who just seemed to stay where they were, whether that was because they didn’t know where to go is very doubtful though. It was weird as it actually looked like there was more fans than seats as there were no discernible gaps for this group to go to.’

‘I’m not shocked at how many on here think the conditions under there are acceptable….Tottenham’s concourse was packed also.

But there was a number of Large Glass doors to Exit should their be an incident.

What’s the Exit strategy under the cfs concourse ? And how many Turnstiles are there on entering?’

‘Plenty of people who went to Hillsborough prior to the tragedy said it was an accident waiting to happen, there are plenty on here that have repeated that phrase due to personal experience of it.

So when a fan/fans make that observation it should be taken seriously.

It was seriously horrible and dingy when it was in use when the new stands where built.

Numerous times it has been mentioned by away fans over the years, plenty of fans forums mentioned it. Blackburn had problems with it, there are plenty of poor concourses around the country, that shouldn’t be an excuse of putting our house in order.’

‘You make hay whilst the sun shines don’t you? With a lot of the feedback about that stand and the club being as well off as they’re ever going to be, it really is about time that the club seriously consider knocking it down and replacing it. There’s no need for any Paul Fletcher style delusions of grandeur stands with hotels in. Just a big steep simple stand with rail seating would do the job. Obviously it would need to include Premier League quality dressing rooms, but other than that it doesn’t need to cost a relative fortune.’

‘It’s also no good other posters saying “well the concourse at (insert club) is worse than ours” because that may well be the case and the same will apply to them also.’

‘No shots on target

‘This is why Newcastle will be in the mix for relegation, the stats for their front players are appalling and they rely on centre backs and midfield players to get the goals, that will not continue.’

‘I just read Newcastle didn’t have a single shot on target on Saturday, and that it was the first time ever for a team against us in the Prem.

Just shows how bad they were.’

‘I think the ref will learn from that. He’ll have seen the Carroll incident replayed and realised he erred, no pun intended, on the side of caution and from then on found his authority seriously undermined by the wily, more experienced players.’

‘I thought he was largely ok for a first Premier League game. He did have a poor 10-15 minutes in the second half, which encompassed his failure to send off Carroll, when he lost a bit of control.

I’d be a lot happier to see him back at the Turf than some of the other refs.’

‘Newcastle looked dreadful but Bruce is a decent manager.’

‘The fourth official stole a wage yesterday! How many times was Bruce on the pitch?

He was totally out of order slagging ref and should be fined.

Newcastle’s tactics can only be described as Nasty.’

‘Newcastle defender was not pushed – he was trying to usher the ball out and then fell over and landed on the ball and gave away the corner.’

‘Fortunately we got the goal, and then held out without too much by way of concern against an unambitious Newcastle team.’

‘Since coming into the Premier we have been given nearly half a billion pounds yet we still serve up that dross we had to endure today. (Newcastle were worse than us).’

‘The worst game of football I’ve sat through in some time.’

‘Carroll and Shar two dirty players,they deliberately tried to maim our lads.’


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