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Rochdale fans with comments and concerns ahead of playing Newcastle United

1 year ago

Rochdale fans welcome Newcastle United to Spotland in 16 days time.

The League One side earning their chance against Premier League opposition after beating Boston United in a second round replay.

Interesting to see what the Rochdale fans are saying ahead of this Newcastle game.

Sad to say for many of them, that there are a lot of negatives and concerns, instead of simply looking forward to the match.

The Rochdale fans apparently having as much love for their club’s owners as Newcastle supporters do for Mike Ashley.

The home fans aren’t happy at all about the rise in price to £27 for this match.

With then the added concern that if they don’t quickly sell out home areas, they could end up having loads of Newcastle fans amongst them, with the away allocation quickly selling out as we speak.

Rochdale fans comment via their Rochdale Forum message board:

‘I think Newcastle will sell every ticket we offer them.’

‘Absolutely no disrespect to Newcastle, but this doesn’t have quite the same draw to it as the Spurs game did. The fact that it was our first ‘huge’ tie in years and we were playing a team packed full of internationals including England’s best player (at the time) made the latter more appealing to me.

I still think it’s a great draw and we’ll get a big crowd, but I don’t think we’ll sell out.

Newcastle is a huge draw, but Newcastle not so long after playing Spurs (twice) and Man United isn’t quite as huge.

I also agree that Newcastle would probably sell whatever we give them.’

‘You’ll be fine, we won’t sell out.

It really isn’t a MASSIVE game for floating fans – Newcastle don’t have any marquee players, even their multi-million pound man Almiron isn’t much a draw for regular football fans.

They don’t even have a glamour manager, last time I saw Steve Bruce he was having a in Faro Airport and I wasn’t exactly starstruck.’

‘Given the noises coming from the club about times being tough, it would not surprise me to see NUFC fans in the home areas.

It may be logistically impossible given the time scales, but it may just be doable that if NUFC sell out their initial allocation and home ticket sales are slow, then areas of home allocation are opened up.’

‘Yes they will end up going like myself included, despite the rise in price for Newcastle.

But will those floating fans ever come back to a league game?

And once the loyal fans patience has run out will they continue to be fleeced?’

‘Do they ever come back? Spurs, Leeds, Stoke, Sheffield Weds. all recent big cup crowds and the following game back to the normal 3k or so.’

‘At one time I wouldn’t have missed a Dale game, but now just don’t like football so much, even stopped watching MOTD, will I be going no, son has got BT so I will be watching it at his house.’

‘I just hope thata the club have their answers ready for the fans forum regarding their pricing strategy.

Tensions were high for the one last year, I expect it to be much worse this time round. Some tough questions will be asked (and rightly so).’

‘For the occasional time i have to pay £27 for such a game I remind myself that i pay less than £9 per league match.

Appreciate others have a very different view.’

‘A £27 game that has a paltry live TV game fee of £150,000 PER CLUB gifted it.’

‘Its probably closer to travel to the Etihad for me to be honest and while it will cost me £37 to take me and my daughter to Spotland compared with £17 or whatever it is to watch the reigning Premier league champions,it’s a tough call I admit.

If you’re happy chucking your brass towards paying a big salary to some incompetent clown calling all the shots at Spotland, then all the very best to you.’

‘I’m happy that I can help keep my local club solvent and that I’m fortunate to not be poor.

I’m tied to my local club – it’s called loyalty, community, solidarity, but of course it’s your choice to put money into that philanthropic foundation otherwise known as Sheikh Mansour and the Chinese Government.’

‘It will be interesting to see the attendance from the Dale end perspective.

3,200 paying Geordies is one thing; the impact on the Dale mentality of the local area is another.

There was once a time when being a Dale fan seeing a glamour cup tie was to be celebrated.

Now its a case of how much the club think they can extract from the fans.’

‘A Saturday afternoon game v Newcastle is a massive draw.’

‘If any of the club directors read this …

You set of greedy robbing b..tards, no wonder the you lot are disliked by the rochdale fan base.’

‘I’ve got a few Newcastle supporting mates and as far they’re all concerned we’ve basically got a bye into the next round, ‘we only ever play the kids’ etc.’

‘I reckon Newcastle will take this seriously, they have nothing else to play for, although their record in recent seasons is woeful.’

‘Do we think there’s a chance, given that Newcastle look very likely to sell their away allocation, that some Newcastlle fans will snap up tickets in the home end once they go on general sale and the ground will end up full regardless?’

‘As there are no restrictions on numbers of tickets bought I would have thought it inevitable .

I have Newcastle supporting friends, so I could buy theirs, all registered to my Rochdale address.’

‘There’s a risk but you’d hope the club flag any sales to people with Newcastle and surrounding postcodes.

Obviously there are NUFC fans nationwide but not to the extent of Man U, Liverpool etc where it’s actually difficult to pinpoint where match going fans live.

So querying a sudden influx of “home” fans setting up a billing address in the north east would be prudent, if it happens.’

‘Sod off. Some of us live in Newcastle.’

‘My commiserations to you. I’ll be thinking of you this Christmas.’

‘Whether or not the ground is full to capacity on the day matters not one jot to the present regime.

What sort of a club board runs a football club in this way? If it did matter to them, then the pricing for the Newcastle game would have been very different.’

‘There are three of us who sit in the Main Stand and have done for a long time.

We are all season ticket holders of long standing.

‘One of us isn’t going to the Newcastle game due to the pricing. The other two are seriously thinking about not going. It’s not that we can’t afford it…we just think the pricing is so wrong that we have to make a point.’

‘Got my ticket for the Newcastle game. I was offered my usual seat. No problem.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be an FA Cup game to remember, with all the excitement of what the cup is all about.’

‘I’m not the richest but I’ll willingly pay a premium to see my team against Premiership opposition.’

‘We charged Boston £15 and Newcastle nearly double for playing in the same cup at the same ground,yet another brilliant bit of PR from all concerned.’

‘I just heard that the police costs were a consideration in the pricing.’

‘At the end of the day the club know they have the fans over a barrel – Newcastle Utd at home in the FA Cup is a licence to print money in their eyes and they will try and milk every last drop out of it. I’ll just get a match ticket and thats it – I dont spend any extra on match day’s anymore.’


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