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Quality Sheffield United fans comments after Newcastle defeat – They aren’t happy…about anything!

2 years ago

What a time it has been for Sheffield United fans.

Watching League One football as recently as 2016 and then seeing two promotions in three years.

Their introduction couldn’t have been more impressive these past four months.

First promoted club to be unbeaten in first seven away games, only three defeats in 14 games overall, then Newcastle United came along.

It isn’t a case of what Sheffield United fans were unhappy about last night, more a case of was there anything they weren’t unhappy about.

The linesman, the referee, VAR, Steve Bruce, the away fans, Newcastle’s tactics, even their own manager and players didn’t escape criticism, despite what they have achieved these past four months.

Some classic comments below from Sheffield United fans as life just wasn’t fair on Thursday night…

There was the odd voice of reason and a couple of home supporters were willing to acknowledge the excellent support from the away end.

Welcome to the Premier League.

Sheffield United fans comment via their S24SU message board:

‘Worst team to come here this season. They won, but never attempted to!’

‘They were horrible to watch and I couldn’t watch that shower every week.

However, thought their fans were tremendous by far best I’ve seen at lane for a while.’

‘They are not a very skillful team, but managed to sh.. house their way to a 2 – 0 win.

On paper, this was an easy home win because Newcastle are not a great side, but they did ok tonight.’

‘Newcastle are the most boring, unadventurous club to ever come here.’

It’s not like Bruce’s tactics completely nullified us.

We had a series of clear chances and if their keeper had been anything less than exceptional we could have scored four goals.

Hardly a masterplan from Mr Loyalty.’

‘It was a total smash-and-grab.

Let’s not pretend it’s about team selection or tactics here. They stuck every man behind the ball and got lucky.

‘I’m not joking but I’d be embarrassed if our team set up like that.

Even in league one away at a very good spurs team we tried to venture in to their half. It’s non league away at Man U tactics.’

‘It only worked because their goalie had a blinder / we couldn’t finish. Could have been over by half time.’

‘I saw a Newcastle fan was criticising us for leaving after 80 minutes, when Newcastle are losing the ground is half empty by half time!’

‘If that’s an example of Bruce’s Newcastle I’d rather go shopping at Gateshead than watch that boring sh.. on a Saturday.

Give me Wilder any day.

In fact I’d rather go back down playing the way we have been doing with proper football than switch to that turgid park the bus sh..housery for survival.’

‘Walsall of league 1 read Newcastle of the Prem… awful awful team going nowhere fast.’

‘At least we haven’t got that big fat tw.t managing us.’

‘Reality check for anyone who doesn’t think Newcastle fans are a bunch of entitled w.nkers.

Reality check for us and what we’re up against.’

‘They kept a clean sheet because our finishing was of the usual standard…pretty sh…’

‘All these play to the whistle dinosaurs obv dont understand the ruling this year regarding var and not putting the flag up.

He flagged, therefore var shouldnt get involved, dont flag and everyone plays on then it gets checked by var.

How can some people not understand that basic concept?’

‘You are mistaking flag for whistle.’

‘The goal was virtually scored by the linesman.’

‘As I said to a Toon mate after the game, I couldn’t watch your team every week. It really is shocking isn’t it?

Reminded me of Pigs away 0-0 just after he took over. Awful. Fluke result.’

‘I can’t think of anything to say about them that won’t sound like sour grapes so I’m not going to bother.’

‘The way the media have been bigging us up must have rankled with supporters of many teams like Newcastle.’

‘This lot have had exactly the same issues that many other clubs have had to accept, they misconstrue potential with the fact that they’ve no idea where their unicorn has gone.

Geographically they’re out on a limb, attracting, and keeping, good players will always be their problem, much as it is for most of us.

Depending on the 1950s for their memories, as if it has any relevance to the last 30 years, is woeful.

They’ve had ample opportunity to establish themselves as anything more than a yo-yo club, and before too long their better players will be off like a shot.

They should have kept Rafa, at least he’d have provided a semblance of someone knowing what they’re doing.’

‘We’ve lost one game to newcastle after they parked the bus against us all game (a back handed compliment) the first team to do it all season.

I think we played some nice stuff tonight fast 1 touch passing but tactically they threw a curve ball at us and stuck 10 men behind the ball.

We didnt know what to do as we haven’t experienced it before but we will need to learn from it going forward.

The state of people on here.

We are 9th in the prem, one of the best defences in the league, best manager in the league and a great team which is being hailed as having some of the best play in the league and people are slagging off our players tonight.

Disgusting. Fu.. off!’

‘I think this is right and the reality is that their goalie pulled off a few really good saves and will be MOM

So it’s hardly that we didn’t cope with their approach. The bizarre 2nd goal ruined the game and without it the last 20 is a great battle of us playing risk and reward football.

For all those slagging off Mcburnie, Joelinton cost twice as much for 1/2 the reward so far.’

‘First half especially we dominated, and created a couple of decent chances.

They made it very difficult for us, great game plan from brucey although ugly to watch.’

‘We were really good first half we should have been three or four one up.

Second half we looked slow and had no ideas how to break them down.’

‘Linesman are now totally redundant. That ref was shocking.

He’d already decided to ignore the linesman’s flag instead just relying on VAR, adding confusion all around and helping destroy the game.’

‘I never knew that an offside flag doesn’t actually mean offside / that it could be over ruled.

Has this happened before this season without me realising ?’

‘Anyone blaming our players tonight for that 2nd goal need to wake up.’

‘Guys guys calm down, lets not use VAR as a scapegoat for what was all in all a pretty naff performance by the entire team.’

‘While it was a total farce, I don’t get the outrage at the ultimate decision; Shelvey was well onside and while he was just chancing his arm a bit, our players know the situation with VAR and shouldn’t have stopped when they realised he was carrying on.’

‘Poor team selection that backfired. It was clear to most that tonight was the game to play our best 11, hopefully get 3 points then assess again for Norwich.

First half we dominated but shocking defending from Basham and poor finishing cost us.’

‘Tonight shows us that when we don’t play our best player(s), we’re very average.’

I thought Newcastle were shocking and we will finish above them. I should have got em to park my car like they parked the bus cos I had a mare tonight.’

‘Their keeper has made 3 really good saves and couple of decent saves, whereas they have only really created 1 chance. all game.

we seem to be getting similar results to Arsenal which I suppose just shows how sh.. we are.’

‘What a shower of sh..e (and I’d be saying that if we won), they really sum up Steve Bruce. No wonder they aren’t happy up there. Anti-football at its finest.’

‘Newcastle have found a style that’s going to get them 40-50 points.

Horrible to watch but likely to keep them up.’

‘I think the most ardent of their fans will struggle to enjoy them playing like that.’


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