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Karren Brady with inappropriate Newcastle United comments once again

1 year ago

Whether it is greed, attention seeking, boosting her profile, or whatever, Karren Brady is at it again.

The West Ham vice-chair with inappropriate Newcastle United comments once more.

She has regularly included the goings on at Newcastle United as a subject for discussion in her newspaper column (see below).

Not always with the greatest of consistency either, for example slagging off Mike Ashley at times whilst at others coming to his defence.

If Karren Brady restricted herself to only stuff in the media, then fair enough.

However, when she is the West Ham vice-chair, how is it to appropriate for her to discuss issues at other clubs and the people involved, frequently in a critical way?

When you see what a joke of a club West Ham is much of the time, including at this moment in time apparently (six games without a win and looking a total mess on the pitch last weekend), you would think she should be too busy sorting out her/their own problems, rather than commenting on what others should/shouldn’t be doing.

This weekend she has decided to write about the issues surrounding Mesut Ozil, about the player he could/should be.

Into that argument she brings a comparison with a certain current Newcastle player.

If Andy Carroll was still at West Ham then to an extent Karren Brady would be entitled to write whatever she wanted about him BUT when he he as moved on and is with another club, then she should keep her mouth shut, unless it is something good she has to say.

Saying about the NUFC striker: ‘With us, there was a glossary of reasons for all sorts of non-appearances and perhaps unfairly the joke was he used to go to his grandma’s funerals quite regularly’, note the use of the word ‘perhaps’…

Karren Brady adding: ‘While he always tried on the pitch, he appeared to be trying harder off it.’

Saying that Andy Carroll ‘tried on the pitch’ doesn’t get her off the hook as clearly she is not very subtly implying he could/should have tried a lot harder on the pitch…as he did in his personal life, according to her.

Karren Brady writing in The Sun – 8 November 2019:

‘Ozil is far from the only footballer to cause confusion between what is and what can be.

We have had plenty at West Ham. One of them, a behemoth from ages past — actually it was only last season — Andy Carroll returned to the London Stadium stomping around in his Newcastle strip.

He was seen in ours just over a hundred times, many as a sub, in seven years.

Early in his career he was noted for confrontation, including with a colleague or two.

With us, there was a glossary of reasons for all sorts of non-appearances and perhaps unfairly the joke was he used to go to his grandma’s funerals quite regularly.

While he always tried on the pitch, he appeared to be trying harder off it.’

It is laughable really that Karren Brady is talking about current Arsenal and Newcastle players, as well as others, when she has a whole list of West Ham players that she should be concerned about. I wonder what the West Ham fans think of her and the desperation for attention by writing/talking about stuff at other clubs instead of concentrating on the very obvious problems that exist at the London Stadium?

Karren Brady with an ‘Exclusive’ in The Sun – 12 April 20019:

‘As surely as April brings blossom to the trees, so Rafa Benitez and Mike Ashley enter into another blooming row.

Arguments between Newcastle’s owner and his Spanish manager are as blistering as any over Brexit but don’t generally split the fans.

They are well and truly on Benitez’s side although they must be just as tired of perennial mothers of a row at St James’ Park as any at the mother of Parliaments.

Will this manager or the next be able to buy and sell on the basis of the £75million Benitez believes is needed to prevent Newcastle enduring a third consecutive rearguard battle against relegation?

Is Benitez up to his usual brinkmanship with proprietors?

One thing is sure, he will be shadow boxing financially with Ashley for the remaining four weeks of the season, at which point his contract comes to an end.

In the one corner Benitez will use every media hit he can and, goodness knows, he punches his weight.

Ashley will remain as silent and dangerous as Joe Frazier used to be before a Muhammad Ali fight.

Sports Direct chief Ashley is the product of a modest Bucks background, an impressive entrepreneur, single-minded and ruthless.

I suspect paying footballers £75,000-a-week does not come easily to the man who left school at 16.

He might seem to have all the charm and belly of a building site foreman but, boy, he also has a stomach for deals that enhance his company. He is a brilliant deal maker.

A dozen years ago he saw Newcastle — with their 50,000 gates and great history — as a natural for a refit and profit. It hasn’t exactly worked but there’s no way he is going to undersell his club.

My belief is that when Ashley bought the club he didn’t understand the philosophy of football and a football club well enough.

I suspect he still doesn’t but in appointing Benitez he gave himself a chance — as well as a pain in the neck.’

Karren Brady speaking to the Sun – 28 October 2017: 

“Rafa Benitez went to St James Park understanding far more clearly than his employer that the Toon are a tiger waiting to be unleashed.

Mike Ashley the gambler was initially tempted by the huge potential of the club.

“But Ashley the businessman admits he has not been able to work out how to operate the intricate internal machinery that makes one up.

“Rafa’s management skills are responsible for Ashley’s windfall and he now has a fair chance of transforming Newcastle into one of the few clubs with the support and profile to challenge the very best.

“A guaranteed 52,000 home crowd will be a warming prospect to potential buyers with sound ideas and an even sounder wallet….only billionaires need apply.”

Karren Brady talking to The Sun – 12 May 2017:

“Championship champions Newcastle are lucky to have Rafa Benitez as manager and the 57-year-old is lucky to have Newcastle with their huge and deeply loyal following.

“I sense Benitez is happy at a club with a similar working-class character to Liverpool where he is still regarded with much affection, not least for winning the Champions League.

“In Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley, he has the west (ED: ‘vast’?) financial means to give the Premier League a real go next year.

“Mike talked about ‘making your own luck’ but in football you also need a good manager and great players.

“He has at least one of these ingredients. And in my experience the rest follows – as long as you have a big cheque book, which Mike certainly has.”

Karren Brady – April 2015:

“David Gold says that there’s no chance of he and co-owner David Sullivan selling West Ham.

“How different from Mike Ashley, who appears to be going through the motions like a marriage with Newcastle, that both bores and irritates him.

“Owning a club is a business but, more than that, it is a responsibility to the community, fans and the game itself.

“Only Mike Ashley knows how many of those tests he thinks he passes.”


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