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Fans react to ‘My 10 very worst Newcastle United moments’ – Some absolute classics

12 months ago

On Friday we published an article entitled: ‘My 10 very worst Newcastle United moments.’

The article was from Newcastle United fan and contributor to The Mag,  Jack Watt.

It was an article that produced a brilliant reaction from other fans (read below), balancing things off from all the positives of his previous article – ‘My 10 very favourite Newcastle United moments.’

Some class comments and reminders of those terrible Newcastle United moments, as everybody shares their personal recollections of the shocking times that they experienced.

You can read Jack’s reasons for the 10 choices and the rest of the article HERE, plus you can also add your comments there, or indeed at the end of this article.

These though are his 10 worst NUFC moments in brief and then reaction comments from other Newcastle fans below:

Mike Ashley doesn’t sell – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011…2018, 2019, 2020…

Kevin Keegan resigns – January 1997

Gazza leaves for Tottenham – Summer 1988

Eric Cantona scores – February 1996

Losing to Sunderland in the play-offs – May 1990

Keegan leaves and sues for constructive dismissal – September 2008

Employing Dennis Wise – January 2008

Rafa Benitez contract ends without an extension agreed – June 2019

Stan Collymore scores in the 92nd minute – April 1996

The Leazes End is no more – Summer 1978

Reaction comments from other Newcastle fans to the article:


‘Leazes end will always be wor end for me.

Remember knocking in there a few times, over the wall opposite the turnstiles and on to the roof of the women’s toilet and drop down thru the window.

Sometime you had to wait a few minutes while nature took its course.’

Paul Cannell:

‘Worst Newcastle United moment is when sheikh mansour bought man city instead of us. And we ended up with the horrible vindictive greedy cockney ashley.’

Leicester Mag:

‘Many of these were gut wrenching but extreme emotion only comes when you give a sh…

The deliberate calculated destruction of hope and dreams under Ashley tops every one of those listed.

As for arguments we’ve been worse in the past, it is a puerile and pathetic argument.

As a student I lived in a cr.phole, I don’t trash my house now because it can’t be as bad as the student tip.’


‘None of these are as bad as the “meh” i have now for the club.

Bounced back from that game against Blackburn in 96.

Kid getting stabbed at Port Vale in 1990 was a low point as was the compulsory police escort through Leicester to the railway station and then having to make it back across the town to the coach station.

It was like real life The Warriors / Wanderers.’

Jordi G:

‘Agree Keegan resignation 1st time round as a a manager was like a mourning grief.

A big dose of stardust had just left the club and even with Sir Bobby and Rafa the feeling was never quite the same for me.

The magic was over and didn’t we just know it with Dalglish and then Gullitt in charge.

The Barcelona game and to reach the FA Cup finals was great but they weren’t the same as the season long magic of the Keegan years.

The cup finals of 74, 98 & 99 – 3 finals and not once did we play to anywhere near our ability. Posed little threat in all 3.

The anticipation and hope shattered on all 3 occasions and you know what they say about hope.

Maybe Ashley is being kind to us after all – he gives us no sense of hope so we can’t feel let down when we fail.’

Tweed Mag:

‘Three nil up against Charlton when the Leazes End was little more than a bunker (1991), Gavin Peacock then hit the bar.

Charlton came back to win 4-3. That more or less summed up that season.’


‘All the worst moments pre Ashley seem now to be part and parcel of being a normal football club – things like being choked at losing to Marseilles and Sporting Lisbon when I fancied us to win the UEFA cups those years and the last minute defeats at Liverpool and Blackburn in 96 are the sort of things I’d love to be able to experience again instead of this lobotomised, emotion reducing comatose existence we have now.

Didnt know it at the time but Ashley buying the club is the worst thing by far that’s happened in my time – and all the worst moments are related to that.’

Tony Mann:

‘Took my 9 year old brother to the Hereford game at SJP – Told him that as they were non league, we would win by a cricket score…

I had been to watch the ‘old’ South Shields (from Simonside) a few years earlier in the FA / League (?) cup and watched them batter Northampton but still lose 3-1.

I should have realised.

At Shields It cost 3d (pre- decimalisation) to get in (if you didn’t crawl through the hole in the concrete wall)

For you young ‘uns’ 3d doesn’t even exist anymore.’


‘The closest I got to The Leazes was when me and my cousin got given tickets for the east (new) stand when we got beat 1-2 against Notts Forest.

I was 11 and looked across with horror at the ever moving crowd. Miracle how no one was killed.

I bet it was great being in there though.’


‘Parking my car against the owld Leazes End and coming back seeing it covered in phlegm I could have been sick.

Everyone in the Leazes must have howked up, never parked there again it took me over an hour to clean it off. YUK.’

John D Williams:

‘Tony Green’s injury, selling Supermac. Yes Leazes end closure, ground was never the same again after that.’

Tweed Mag:

‘Tony Green would have been one of the best players to have pulled on the B&W shirt.

When he played his last game, running down towards the Gallowgate end, everyone knew he was in trouble when he pulled up and had to go off.

Never played again, sad day.’


‘Southend, New Year’s Day, 1992 Noon kickoff. 4-0 defeat, serenaded by ‘you’re not famous any more’ from the home support.

Proof, however, that we’re only ever a change of ownership away from wiping the smiles off our detractors’ face.’

The Sensible Monk:

‘The season 1991/1992 has to be the darkest in the history of our club.

Remember going to Crewe on a Tuesday night and being 3-0 down after 22 minutes and falling out with the Peterlee lads.

However, going to Southend New Years Day with a 12 0 Clock kick off takes some beating when you lose 4-0. No bars open in them days before 12pm so had to go into a restaurant and order scrambled eggs on toast to get a pint.

To make matters worse the driver of our car was stoned out of his head so me and Kev the Bookie managed to get a lift back off a chap called Fink.

Today is paradise compared to those days believe me.

When people say these are the bad times I have to laugh over my pint of stella.

The Brighton cup match with Trelford Mills still gives me nightmares nearly 40 years on.’


‘It was statistically worse of course but bear in mind Keegan came in in February and the mood was completely changed.

We were just bad then, no money, you can accept that allied to playing a bunch of kids and good football (at least attempted at times) it was, in its way entertaining.

The only bitter feeling really came in January – Southend, Charlton home collapse, Oxford.

The year before was statisitcally not as bad but far, far duller and more depressing. More intense than now but nowhere near as intense as 91/92 was.

Easy to say as it all worked out in the end but it was living as opposed to now, like some say there’s no point if you cant feel alive.

There was far more hope and far more to look forward to from February to May of 91/92 than there has been here for a long, long time now.’


‘You’re right, early 90’s was awful.

But proof relevant to today that a change of owner can be for the better despite what any current owners’ supporters may say otherwise.

I am sure you, like the rest of, will agree.’

Peter Stabler:

‘The death of Sir Bobby is top of the list. Tony Green’s injury and Shearer’s pre season injury. Getting chinned at West Ham!’


‘9 of my worst moments are being owned by Ashley, and the 10th? Well that’s also being owned by Ashley!’


‘I think you would have to add the employment of JFK in there.

Replacing Keegan and swearing over 70 times during his interview then coming back as Director of Football replacing “Derek Lambesi” and mispronouncing the names of Nzogbia, Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Ameobi before signing not one player. An all time low.’

Laurent Robert:

‘What a brilliant article, well put and I really can’t add any more!’


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