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A must read: Reaction to ‘My 10 very favourite Newcastle United moments’

11 months ago

On Wednesday we published an article entitled: ‘My 10 very favourite Newcastle United moments.’

The article was from Newcastle United fan and contributor to The Mag,  Jack Watt.

It was an article that produced a brilliant reaction from other fans.

Some class comments and reminders of other great Newcastle United moments, as everybody shared their personal recollections of magic times that they experienced.

Also a great reminder that whilst we all have different ideas about the current (13 seasons and counting…) situation at St James Park and how to deal with it, there is far more that unites us as Newcastle fans, than divides us.

You can read Jack’s reasons for the 10 choices and the rest of the article HERE, plus you can also add your comments there, or indeed at the end of this article.

‘These are my Newcastle United greatest moments in order, the very best at the top:

Kevin Keegan signs – 1982

Kevin Keegan signs again – 1992

Alan Shearer signs – 1996

David Kelly scoring against Portsmouth – 1992

Bellamy scores in Rotterdam – 2002

Andy Cole breaking the Newcastle United all-time season goalscoring record – 1994

Robert Lee scores at Wembley – 2000

Alan Shearer testimonial atmosphere – 2006

Walking into the San Siro – 2003

Philippe Albert chips Schmeichel – 1996′


‘Very similar to what mine would be though I was still wetting the bed when we signed Keegan. For the other examples I merely wet my pants.

I’d choose the Leicester 7-1 instead. The exact moment the players were doing the lap of honour at the end, the scoreboard reading ‘we are the champions’ and Lindasfarne started playing ‘Run For Home’. (I’d lost someone a few days before, so you can imagine how emotional that was)

And Barcelona – Tino’s third goal, you felt it was in from the moment you realised Gillespie had aced another cross – I floated up for that one, it felt like, in total satisfaction. That was the pinnacle.

Also worth noting that not a single mackem game made the list. Same for me. Had bigger fish. Theirs would involve us in at least half the examples.’


‘Nothing can top the Fairs Cup winning season. Destroying Setubal in the snow, standing next to the tunnel at SJP watching it being filled with bottles after the Rangers fans lost control, the 3-0 home win in the final, and the tension of listening for updates in the away leg.

I’m fortunate, I’ve experienced the magical lift of winning a trophy, it’s really special as a youngster when experts had forecast you would be beaten each round.

I don’t know when or if we win a trophy again but there’s a risk a whole generation (born late 60’s early 70’s are never going to find out how good it feels.’


‘One of many Hibbitt moments, floating the ball perfectly into the path of Supermac for his goals in the 74 fa cup semi. Also macs favorite toon goal against Leicester into the Leazes end goal from 35 yards, never shown on film.

Paul Cannell from the byline at Leeds, then leaving the ground to walk to the train station and all hell letting loose. The buses were to the right where 90% of us went, the rest of us got a howking on the two mile walk to town. That isn’t a walk for the faint hearted. Keep it in mind if they come up. Them coming at you from one side and cops from the other!

My first Manure home game, right behind the Gallogate goal and we battered them, but for some reason I still remember Charlton scoring a brilliant volley for their consolation goal.

Walking into the ground for the opening game back in the Prem against Coventry. Sheer joy, hairs on my neck standing up and we won 3-0. I had a rough away day at Coventry in 77, didn’t make the bus for the return journey which made my dad swear for the one and only time in his life, that I heard anyway. So adding to the pleasure.’


‘The mayhem in the Bigg Market after the first time we were runners up.

Was a Sunday night and my mate Danny Cheetham climbed up the back of the buildings then climbed over the roofs and jumped onto the lampost and slid down. Crazy scenes.’


‘The Chronicle ran a cover photo of that night and there was a bloke in the centre in the phone box next to the Bigg Market toilets holding the receiver in his hand and shushing the crowd. Class night.

We got corralled by the police and a line of police dogs at the top of the road. We managed to escape through High Bridge Street.’

The Sensible Monk:

‘I was there and must admit it was a long way away to that lamp post and I was praying he would not miss. Think about 3 people did it.

By the Central it got a bit out of hand and that was the only time I have seen the police lose control of the City.

Over 100 mug shots put on the front page of the Chronicle.’


‘Has to be the Huddersfield 2-2 away draw that confirmed promotion when Keegan was a player. Took over the town and the ground. Still got a piece of turf in my dad’s back garden following the pitch invasion.’


‘I can’t say this is my favourite moment but it was certainly the most memorable. It was the game that was called “The Battle of Gallowgate”. I was eight in 1969. Rangers fans swarmed to SJP for the semi-final Fairs Cup match. Newcastle were the better side and drunk Glaswegians invaded the pitch. I was with my Dad and Grandad.

Dad was getting my brother and I out of harm’s way (bottles and punches thrown all around us) when I turned to see my 70 year old Grandad pick up a bottle and throw it all the lunatics that were on the pitch shouting language I never heard him say before or since. He then waded into the fray. My brother and I were in awe.

When I married a Scot later, I don’t think he ever forgave me.’


‘Brilliant read some of this. Loving reading some of these.

Grimsby away when the ref blew and we went up was mint.

Peter on new years day against the unwashed.’


‘Shearer breaking Wor Jackie’s record against Portsmouth in Feb 2006. Me and my brother were there, one of the last matches we went together .

The cheer of the crowd when he scored and then the cheer when everyone remembered it was the record breaking goal. I don’t think anyone stopped cheering for the rest of the game, the atmosphere that day was electric!

I couldn’t speak for 2 days!’

Grahame Johnson;

‘Man u away in the 80s got beat 5-0 most mancs admit it was the biggest league away crowd, it’s available to watch on you tube, Liverpool away on a Friday night in the fa cup in the 80s was a game I regret missing.’


‘I was just watching an old VHS transfer on You Tube of Micky Quinn’s debut for Newcastle v Leeds where he hit four goals in August 89.

Those shorts are a sight to behold if you are of the snowflake variety looking for a nostalgia trip.

I was there that day going into my last year of school and I have good memories of that day, Although the season didn’t end well.’

Peter Stabler:

‘I would give an honourable mention to the equalizer and winner v Forest after the pitch invasion, I fancy Liam O’brien over the wall and Terry Hibbitt over the top ping for Supermac at Hillsborough.’

Tony Mann:

‘My first ever game – September ’69 – played Wolves. Dad took me to the Popular side – as it was the cheapest.

Three other kids meant my treat apart from the game, was a Westlers hamburger and a program – and I missed out on my pocket money that weekend.

Bus back to Jarrow was rammed with supporters using extremely industrial language that Dad had previously tried protect me from.

First time at SJP and the first time I heard my dad swear.

I can still see the muck under the ‘burger seller’s fingernails.

It’s only 50 years ago.’


‘Nice article. Loved the San Siro weekend. Awesome support awesome game. Remember the planes leaving back to toon after the match, fkn mayhem. Best away game ever.

Pity that will never ever happen while the fat cw is at our club, it was a magical experience.

Boycott all things fat Ashley.’

Tony Mann:

‘Took my ex – ex to a game in the 80’s. I think SJP had one portaloo for about 10,000. Wee was running down the terraces but she was wearing high heels so she escaped the deluge.

Toon scored, and as per normal, everything went mental.

After the game she commented I was a bit saucy when I had a feel and twanged her suspenders – It wasn’t me!!!’

To read the original full article and all the comments on that piece, go HERE.


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