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‘Newcastle United fans have to ditch this shameful ‘Can’t win, why try?’ philosophy’

3 years ago

At the moment I write this there are less than 1,000 objections from Newcastle United fans (and others?) to the plans for the Gallowgate redevelopment opposite St James Park.

Quite a staggeringly low number when you consider the amount of people that flow through the doors of SJP every week, or even the amount of fans there are signed up to NUST.

Do people not have the time? I still do not think that is a valid excuse. This is something that requires little to no effort and literally takes five minutes to do (see step by step guide below). So why wouldn’t people do it?

For me it is quite simple, you either care or you don’t care.

Funnily enough, I had some time to open up a few of the objections and although they don’t give out people’s names, I found it amazing that that at least half of the I’d say 50 I opened, came from addresses outside of Newcastle… if you exclude a few from Durham, then at least 40% were from outside of the north east. Is it a local thing? Who knows.

Again, the local press have done very little to push this out and persuade people to do the right thing and take five minutes to object to the redevelopment that will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the football club – and is also taking assets away from the club and giving them to Mike Ashley to make a personal profit from it.

The press in the North East mention these things when they come up and then they just move on… a very “oh just so you know this is happening but we don’t really care about it” attitude. Perhaps that is what you get when your sports desk is ran by people who aren’t Newcastle fans and quite frankly couldn’t care less about the long-term future of the club.

Lots of people say they have an agenda, whether it be one way or the other. However, I think the problem is the opposite. The local press don’t have an agenda at all – they just report whatever they fancy and whatever they think is topical at the time. There is no agenda driving forward what is in the best interests of the football club.

Likewise, is this not an example where we should be looking at the Premier League and FA, asking what are they doing? If ever you wanted an example of an owner who is not acting in the best interests of the club then the Gallowgate redevelopment is certainly that. It is a case of a rich man taking assets away from the football club in order to personally make himself richer.

It says something when the only people putting up a decent fight for Newcastle United are local MPs. Some idiots may give them criticism and say “they should be doing more important stuff” or they are “fishing for votes” but hey – what is your problem with them doing something good?

If there is one thing I will say is that in regard to Chi Onwurah (MP for Newcastle Central which includes NUFC/St James Park), I used to frequently see her (before I moved abroad with work) walking around the city and in cafes etc. She is from the area and clearly cares about the people of Newcastle. I have lived in Durham most of my life and never saw our MP once. Regardless of party allegiances, Chi is one of the good ones and she is fighting a good cause here, so my advice would be that people get off their high horse and give her some support.

Sadly though, my words are likely to be in vain as most fans are happy to do nothing when it comes to Mike Ashley.

I have learnt growing up in the north east that if you try and put pressure on people, ram things in their face and get them to do something, then regardless of what it is, even if it’s with good intentions, they are likely to turn around tell you to “fu.. off” – and will then do the opposite of what you want, just to stick two fingers up at you. That is the way we are, at least that’s my opinion anyway.

We don’t like having other people tell us what to do and we don’t like having things rammed down our throats.

However, I have to be honest, I see a lot of fans now taking the attitude of ‘Can’t win, why try?’ and I think it is shameful. Get your finger out man!

(We have done this short step by step guide detailing how to get to where you need to, so you can formally object on the Newcastle City Council website to the development next to St James Park and comment (it is simple and will only take you a few minutes. This probably makes it sound more complicated than it actually is but thought worth detailing step by step just in case…).

A quick step by step guide to objecting:

Click HERE to go to Newcastle City Council planning page.

Then second option down is ‘Search by reference number’, click that and then enter 2019/0879/01/DET to take you direct to the SJP/Gallowgate planning application.

At the top of that page click ‘Register’ and you enter name, address and password, then an email is sent for you to click to confirm you are registered and now able to comment/object.

Log-in using your email and password, then search once again using 2019/0879/01/DET and then click ‘Commenter type’ and choose ‘Member of the public’

Then click ‘Object’ and leave your comment below that, explaining why you don’t want the development to go ahead.

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