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Must Read: Steve Bruce with latest disgraceful comments – He really is shameless

2 years ago

Steve Bruce is playing everybody for fools.

Almost as shameless as him, are the journalists who refuse to challenge any of the nonsense he comes out with.

In the lead up to the Manchester United game he is at it again.

Preparing the ground in advance for if/when Newcastle United lose yet again on Sunday.

He has been bigging up Manchester United as still some great team, even though they are in a right mess at the minute.

He keeps going on about how he hopes he can turn it around, as though the Newcastle  team he took over were in a desperate state and needed rescuing, Steve Bruce also stating these past two seasons NUFC have been ‘in and around the bottom of the league.’ Whereas the reality is that despite the lack of support from Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez made Newcastle into a mid-table team in 10th and 13th, both seasons finishing 11 points clear of relegation.

Sky Sports have done a big interview with Steve Bruce ahead of Man Utd and released this clip of it in advance:

“I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea.

“We certainly have to improve, especially after last week (losing 5-0 at Leicester).

“The biggest problem of all is that the club has been used to playing in a certain way for the last couple of years.

“With the personnel we have got, I don’t think we can change.

“(Mike Ashley) Has been very very supportive.

“People question you tactically and all the rest of it, it’s a bit insulting to be perfectly honest.

“I might not be good enough in some people’s eyes but I’m determined.”

Newcastle United didn’t need rescuing this summer, well that is, apart from needing to be rescued from Mike Ashley, as always.

The expectation this season, even with just realistic backing on transfers, should have been to now aim for top eight. Not expecting that would be automatically achieved but a realistic target to aim for.

Instead, Steve Bruce now makes out as though avoiding relegation would be some kind of amazing achievement.

It is always somebody else’s fault, whether it is Rafa Benitez, the fans, the players, whoever.

Apart from himself, there is only Mike Ashley and his minions that Bruce doesn’t blame.

The thing is, not only did Steve Bruce inherit a team that had finished mid-table these past two years,  he actually inherited a team that was very much on the up. He says ‘The biggest problem of all is that the club has been used to playing in a certain way for the last couple of years. With the personnel we have got, I don’t think we can change.’

Change to what? Change to the rubbish kind of football that got him sacked last year in the Championship by Villa? The kind of losing/poor football that is his trademark and which meant no other Premier League club would have ever considered him in the summer.

As I wrote the other day, Rafa Benitez got this team really playing last season and it is a lie to say anything else. So why do the journalists refuse to confront Steve Bruce when he comes out with total rubbish like he has done this week? With added Rafa signings this summer, Newcastle could/would have gone up yet another level, making top eight achievable and then try to build again from there.

Instead we have this idiot loser who just blames anybody and anything.

Steve Bruce says he finds it ‘insulting’ when he is questioned about his tactics. Shameless, it is the Newcastle fans who have every reason to feel insulted by the nonsense he comes out with.

Bruce says he hasn’t got the players he needs to play the way he wants (whatever that is!), yet he also keeps saying how Mike Ashley couldn’t have done more in backing him and that he (Steve Bruce) chose the five players that were signed.

He can’t have it both ways, if he chose the signings then it is his fault his team can’t play he wants them to.

In an article this week on The Mag I included the form tables (see below) from last season.

The second Premier League form table covers the last four months of Rafa’s reign, it shows Newcastle the fifth best team on form in the final 16 PL matches, only one point outside the top four Champions League placings.

It also puts a lie to the lazy claims that Rafa Benitez will always play negative boring football. When he has the tools he will/can play a different way.

It was so encouraging that in those last 16 games, only four clubs scored more goals than the 26 Newcastle United scored.

Yes Rafa had a bad start to last season but there were all kinds of reasons you could point to, particularly Mike Ashley and been forced to make a £20m+ profit in the 2018 summer transfer window.

However, even when you look at the longer final 28 match table from last season, you see that on form, Newcastle were the eighth best team and only seven points off Champions League form. Seven months worth of games is no blip, Rafa Benitez did have Newcastle on the up, that is why Newcastle fans were so gutted that Mike Ashley forced him out. Especially when then replacing him with this chancer.

From my article on The Mag – 3 October 2019:

However, just have a look at these two form tables (tables via Transfermarkt).

One covers results since the start of November 2018 (Rafa’s last 28 matches) and the second one is from mid-January 2019 (Rafa’s last 16 games):

From matchday 11 (1-0 win over Watford) up to and including matchday 38 (4-0 win over Fulham):

As you can see, that 28 match form guide takes in 75% of the season after the chaos and lack of support from the owner in the summer 2018 transfer window, led to a very difficult opening to the season.

Only West Ham, outside of the top six, had better form over the last seven months of the season and as you can see, Newcastle were only seven points off Champions League form (Man Utd 49 points, Newcastle 42).

Even better – from matchday 23 (3-0 win over Cardiff) up to matchday 38 (4-0 win over Fulham):

Startling stuff.


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