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Manchester United fans comments before AND after losing at Newcastle United – Some classics

2 years ago

These comments from Manchester United fans both before and after playing Newcastle United…

Before the match, fair to say negativity reigned.

After the game/defeat, things got so much worse.

Manchester United fans were predicting a terrible performance and most likely a 1-0 defeat, well they ween’t left disappointed…

Some of them even saying how they bet on Newcastle winning, such is their low opinion of what they are seeing.

Enjoy these comments below, nice way to round off beating Manchester United whatever the circumstances.

Manchester United fans comment pre-match and post-match via their Red Cafe message board:


‘Newcastle are a shocking team now led by a useless manager who somehow keeps getting jobs. He’s so bad I’m surprised Woody hasn’t hired him already.

This is a must win game. We can’t not beat these clowns, surely? Please god, be kind before the international break.’

‘Scenes when Bruce tactically outdoes us and we drop points to Newcastle who are just absolutely terrible.’

‘I’ve been going back and forth on this one, because part of me thinks even a team as inept as ours should be able to get a sneaky 0-1 win against perhaps the worst team in the league.’

‘Newcastle are absolutely dog sh..e and I still can’t see us winning.’

A draw at best. I expect us to lose though even against an awful Newcastle side. If we don’t win this one it’s time to let Ole go.’

‘No doubt in my mind that we’ll lose this; the only question is will it be 1-0 without us having a shot on target or will we make Newcastle look like the Scousers and get thumped.’

‘Imagine being the opposition and looking at that squad. Even Newcastle will be rubbing their hands for the 3 points.’

‘I fully expect a game of football so bad that it will hurt your eyes. Both teams are sh…

Surely we wont lose to Newcastle though…. right?’

‘Newcastle are second bottom with one win and only 4 goals.

Watch them become the globetrotters at the weekend.

If we dont win this I will be seriously worried about the bottom of the league never mind the top 6.’

‘Said it before, but all a team needs to do against us is remain compact at the back and we’re done. I expect Newcastle to do exactly that.’

‘I’m ashamed to say that I have no optimism at all that my team will be able to beat Newcastle, as rubbish as the Toon are right now. Time we came to realise how bad Utd have become. Every game we play we appear more inept than the previous one.

Just hope we can make it to Christmas without being too far behind the rest of the Prem to make it a middle of the table finish.’

‘0-0 or 1-0 to Newcastle

Ashamed of my football club.’

‘Jesus wept it’s depressing reading this squad.

We’re gonna get embarrassed.’

‘We really should be winning this very comfortably but its difficult to see where the goals are going to come from.’

‘That is the worst United squad in 20 years.’


‘Please just resign Ole.’

‘Don’t see what all the negativity is about , if we throw another 100 or 200 million around we could be beating the likes of Newcastle.’

‘Really glad for that Longstaff at least, and for all of Newcastle in fairness.

Much like us, their fans deserve better.’

‘Sickening. Ole out.’

Newcastle deserved that, we were dogsh…’

’Relegation fight well and truly underway.’

‘We’ve seen a lot of this team and there is not a single midfielder or forward that has the quality to start for a United team. I suppose we could get mad at them, but it’s like getting mad at a 2 year old child because they can’t read. They just aren’t capable of doing what we want them to do.’

‘It pretty much sums Manchester United up. I’ve had enough.’

‘Saving Newcastle from relegation as usual.’

‘At half time Newcastle were 11/4 to win the game. I put 20 quid on. I was that confident that we would lose. They were simply better than us.’

‘I got a ton of ironing done in this game.’

‘You look at the eleven we put out today – we are not better than Newcastle.

I lay hardly any of the blame for that at Ole. But that squad is seriously horrendous and it’s gonna need a lot of spending to improve.’

‘At this point, any points we take, whether 1 or 3, is a bonus to me. This is relegation form. The one good corner we seen in ages is missed by the best header of the ball in the team, and the rest of the corners and setpieces are just terrible. In fact, Newcastle scored from a counter attack after another of Young’s terrible deliveries.’

‘People cannot close their eyes to the fact that a big club can go down. It has happened to us before, not long after being European champions. Money will not keep us up if people keep making the wrong decisions.’

‘Humiliation after humiliation after humiliation.’

‘Seeing the goal again, there are seven (yes, bloody seven) United players in the penalty area, not including DDG, and one Newcastle player. No one goes to close down the shot.. they are standing there like utter muppets.’

‘Ole did is simply f..king up the squad and leaving the next manager with a near impossible task of getting enough funds to make this team any relevant again.’

‘I’m ashamed to say I stuck fifty quid on Newcastle at 7/2. It just looked like free money, so I took it. I’ve never placed a bet against us in my life until yesterday. This is where we are, a mess from top to bottom. The board are useless/uninterested; the players aren’t good enough, and Ole doesn’t seem to know how to change it. It’s a very bleak situation.’

‘Outplayed by Newcastle and Steve Bruce. Enough said’

‘Ole should resign, but at at the same time, he should put out a statement saying what the owners have done to the club is a disgrace.’

‘No point in acting surprised or disappointed, no point in overanalyzing anything. better team with an actual coach won today. it’s that simple.’

‘Irony is Bruce is hardly a decent coach himself.’

‘How do you defend this kind of performance? I know key players are injured but in the PL that is just not an excuse. We can not resort to playing academy players and destroying their confidence when we get outplayed by Newcastle!

Oh and Fred should never be allowed anywhere near this team ever again. Disgraceful performance.’

‘5th goal in 8 games for Newcastle, who now moves out of the relegation zone.

Steve Bruce’s very first win against Manchester United in 20+ games.’

‘You can’t defend Ole anymore. 15 points off the top, 2 clear of the relegation zone, 2 wins in 13 league games, no away wins for 9 months, scored more than once in a game one time in 9 months. It’s just horrendous.

He 100% has to be sacked before Liverpool game.’

‘Amateur stuff, unless you’re blind. Ole and Ed need to go.’

‘Makes me wonder how much worse yesterday’s performance would of been if we had played more of the youth players and benched the underperforming older players.’

‘If Ole really cares, he’ll leave now, we’re completely fu..ed with him in charge. He’s not got a clue.’

‘Dire beyond belief. 16 months ago we were 2nd and in the fa cup final. What exactly has happened?’


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