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‘Don’t like Jeremy Corbyn? Suck it up and get behind any person trying to bring Mike Ashley down’

2 years ago

Football and politics shouldn’t mix.

It is something that I hear all too frequently from Newcastle fans.

It is fair to say that you know an election is on the horizon when politicians based faraway begin to publicly comment on popular regional causes that seemingly nobody else seems to care about.

The recent Jeremy Corbyn comments about Newcastle United and Mike Ashley have left more than a few sceptical as to what his intentions are – but let us take a minute here to assess the reaction from some Newcastle fans to Corbyn’s comments.

Naturally, the Magpie Group have publicly come out and backed Corbyn.

While on the other hand, I think it beggars belief that many Newcastle fans have commented that they think Corbyn should ‘keep his nose out of football’.

It is an attitude that reminds me of schoolkids refusing the help that they need because they don’t like the person who offers it, they would rather cut their nose off to spite their own face. Pathetic.

Sure, Jeremy Corbyn may not give two hoots about football. It is likely that he is taking a topic that is currently popular with the masses and using it for his own electoral aspirations… but who cares!?

You either want what is best for Newcastle United, or you don’t. You are either team Mike Ashley, or team Newcastle United.

The same people who say Newcastle, and its surrounding area, are forgotten about, seemingly aren’t too happy when issues are brought to the national stage either. Sometimes you just can’t win with Newcastle fans. That is a lesson that we have all learnt during the Mike Ashley years for sure.

My own general personal opinion of Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a great one – but I am confused as to why only certain people are allowed to criticise Mike Ashley?

This is something that not just the Magpie Group but every single Newcastle fan should be getting behind – irrespective of your political leanings. We are still waiting to see the club’s accounts and any pressure, or attention, on this matter can only be of benefit to those trying to push Mike Ashley out of the club. Surely pressure from the political establishment can only be a good thing?

As is usually the case with the majority of Newcastle fans though, they either aren’t really that bothered, or would much rather sit back and slag off groups like the Magpie Group, than actually get off their St James Park seats and do something about it.

Anyway, thanks Jeremy Corbyn! I don’t think questions as to whether he is using the club as a tool can be properly answered. Of course, don’t expect the ‘Newcastle United’ narrative to continue for too long before he moves on to something else. As with all politicians, Jeremy wants to get elected and the best way to get votes in an area like Newcastle is to say he will do something unanimously popular, like getting rid of Mike Ashley.

A bigger thanks to Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, for highlighting this as an issue of national importance. Chi has constantly kept up the pressure in parliament and if anything is to be done about Mike Ashley, it is through pressure on a national stage that highlights his whole portfolio, rather than the single issue of Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley knows this – and it was telling that a club statement was released.

What is more, it was released in such a hurry there were plenty of inaccuracies which I know have been picked up elsewhere on The Mag. He doesn’t want to be held up in parliament, he doesn’t want to be talked about. So, all public attention on the fat man is good attention in my eyes. As a general rule, if Mike Ashley doesn’t want it or like it, then it is probably in the best interests of Newcastle United.

In truth, the likes of Corbyn, and especially Chi, are the only allies Newcastle fans have right now, so we shouldn’t be turning our backs on them. The national press are not going to question him and the local press really do sod all lets be honest. They would much rather blabber on about Matty Longstaff and Man United column after column than do some real stuff to combat Mike Ashley.

I am tired of Mike Ashley being able to put out whatever he wants and have it go unchallenged, or even worse, reported on Talksport or Sky Sports as the truth. So if it takes Jeremy Corbyn to provide a bit of counter balance then hey, bring it on!

Newcastle are never going to be a Celtic, Rangers, Livorno, St Pauli, or the likes. However, this doesn’t have to be about politics so lets not cut our noses off to spite our own face.

There is a fitting Bill Shankly quote on life, rather than politics, which sums this up:

“The socialism I believe in isn’t really politics. It is a way of living. It is humanity. I believe the only way to live and to be truly successful is by collective effort, with everyone working for each other, everyone helping each other, and everyone having a share of the rewards at the end of the day. That might be asking a lot, but it’s the way I see football and the way I see life.”

You don’t like Jeremy Corbyn?

Neither do I – but if you really care for Newcastle United, then suck it up and get behind any person trying to bring Mike Ashley down.

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