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Date, time and further details released for announcement of new Newcastle United Live TV matches

1 year ago

There at long last appears to be progress regarding an announcement of a new schedule of Newcastle United Live TV matches.

Friday 11 October was supposed to be the day when Live TV games for December and January should have been announced by the Premier League, broadcasters and each of the 20 Premier League clubs.

However, no such announcement was forthcoming.

Not only that but as usual, all of those in authority have treat the fans with contempt.

No official proper apologies or explanations issued. explaining why the delay has happened.

This then made even worse with each passing day, we are now already now five days late.

However, thanks to the persistence of a number of journalists, particularly Matt Slater of The Athletic, updates have been extracted from various people in authority.

Matt revealing that there will be over 70 changes announced for matches across the Premier League due to TV and that the announcement will definitely tomorrow (Thursday), ONLY the six days late. Matt initially said that 10am was the intending release time but then updated on Wednesday night to say he’d now been told it would be nearer noon on Thursday when we find out.

Some interesting further details have also been reported, seemingly confirming much that I reported yesterday (see below).

The matches to be shown/streamed by Amazon Prime do seemingly appear to have created extra headaches.

As I wrote yesterday and confirmed in the reports today, their coverage of all 10 Premier League fixtures in the first midweek of December has been a tricky one to solve. Maybe the Premier League clubs should have given it a bit more thought before grabbing the extra cash…

Games are set to move to Thursday 5 December because four games already scheduled for Sunday 1 December (moved from Saturday 30 November), means that as things stand, four clubs (including Sheffield United, Newcastle’s opponents) with Sunday games would have to play only two days later on the Tuesday (3 December).

However, no club will want to consider that…but if the four fixtures were moved to Wednesday, it would mean only two games on the Tuesday for Amazon Prime to show and eight on the Wednesday (4 December). Hence why it is now reported and seemingly confirmed that there will be a further spread of games moved to the Thursday as well, so Amazon get their money’s worth.

However (another one), if clubs do indeed end up playing  on the Thursday, it would then appear to be very likely that some of those clubs would then have their games on the following Saturday also moved, even if their weekend games aren’t also chosen for live TV, to ensure they have at least three days between matches.

What a mess.

Reports today also confirm the rumours that on Boxing Day, when Amazon Prime also have the rights to the full round of games, matches are set to be spread out in terms of kick-off times. Of course we can be confident (not!!!) that the authorities will factor into this how far fans are having to travel…Newcastle United set to visit Old Trafford that day.

My article on The Mag yesterday (Tuesday 15 October 2019):

An announcement on Newcastle United Live TV matches was due on Friday.

The scheduled announcement was to let us know which of the 10 games in December and January had been selected and had their time and/or day changed.

In total, Newcastle have 10 Premier League games across December and January that could move.

It is now four days since the December/January games should have been revealed.

So far, six of the eight NUFC games played have been moved for Live TV, with another three of the next six also moved up to the end of November.

Bad enough so many games getting moved but at least fans should be entitled to as much warning  as possible, to enable them to sort the best/cheapest transport and accommodation options.

So why the delay on this anticipated announcement?

Well, it is claimed that the Premier League and TV companies may have conspired to give themselves an extra big headache this time.

Amazon Prime have the rights to two entire rounds of games. All of those scheduled to be played on Boxing Day and all 10 PL games in the first midweek of December.

As it stands, there are currently six PL games to be played on Tuesday 3 December and four on Wednesday 4 December.

However, due to a combination of Europa League action on the previous Thursday and the TV choices already made for the end of November and moved to Sunday 1 December, four PL games are taking place on that Sunday.

The knock-on effect for the midweek games is that four of the six games currently scheduled for Tuesday 3 December, include teams that have games only two days earlier on the Sunday (including Sheffield United, who Newcastle are due to play on the Tuesday).

No club will want to play games only two days apart so what if those games were moved  from Tuesday 3rd to Wednesday 4th December?

Well then this apparently causes a big problem for Amazon Prime.

Not surprisingly they want to get as much bang for their buck as possible and having only two games on  Tuesday 3rd December and an overload of eight games on Wednesday 4th is not good at all.

So rumour has it that Amazon Prime would then see the compromise to keep them happy, being for some games to be then moved to Thursday 5th December to give them a better spread of those televised/streamed live games.

However, moving games to that Thursday would then impact on the next weekend and so on…

Who knows the exact details of the hold up but the above scenario is surely at least one of the reasons for the delay, if not THE reason.

There will have to be some compromises by some but we all know the one group of people that absolutely ZERO thought will be given to.

That’s right, us mugs who are still sitting here waiting to find out when games will be played in seven weeks time, with not even an apology or explanation in the meantime as to why there is this delay in announcing the December and January Live TV games.


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