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Simon Jordan comments – Either paid by Mike Ashley or had a bad Greggs/Newcastle brown experience

1 year ago

Simon Jordan is a strange one.

As a media pundit, his specialist subject is Newcastle United – The Mike Ashley years.

If Sir John Hall kept turning up in the media constantly talking about Crystal Palace, slagging off Palace fans, commenting about the suitability or otherwise of past and present managers, everybody would think he’d lost the plot.

Hall would be the subject of ridicule, people pointing and laughing at him, asking why on earth he is waffling on about a football club that he has no association with AND questioning why any media organisation is so regularly giving him a platform to talk nonsense about this one ‘random’ club.

Yet nobody, apart from Newcastle fans, raises even an eyebrow when Simon Jordan is embarrassing himself yet again.

He is at it again on Monday and I can only think of a few reasons as to why…

Mike Ashley is paying him or Simon Jordan is in debt to him for some reason, he (Jordan) thinks it increases his profile and earning power as a pundit, he is mentally unstable, or he has had a bad experience with Greggs and/or Newcastle Brown in his younger days and can’t put it behind him.

On this latest occasion he once again exhibits his pro-Mike Ashley (and Steve Bruce) behaviour and the usual anti-Newcastle fans (and Rafa Benitez) ramblings. However, he has a new angle.

Simon Jordan questioning the loyalty of Newcastle fans if they didn’t go to Saturday’s match.

Referring to the official declared attendance  of 43,360 he says about 9,000 fans staying away, not even realising that there was of course actually less than 40,000 at the game. His head would definitely have been spinning if he’d realised that not only had there been thousands of unsold seats BUT that as well, thousands who had paid, decided to stay away as well.

He talks about 20% of the fanbase staying away but it wasn’t 20%/9,000 staying away, it is tens of thousands of fans who would be more than happy to buy every seat if the club was run on ambitious lines.

What makes it especially laughable with Simon Jordan, is that he has previously mocked Newcastle fans for staying loyal to Rafa Benitez when he had poor runs of results and also questioned why the club had an average of over 51,000 in the Championship under Rafa.

Why would he care a less about how many people bothered turning up at any particular football ground?

I didn’t hear him giving Crystal Palace fans a hard time when only 8,898 turned up to watch them last month, with only around 6,000 of them being  Palace fans, as they lost at home to Colchester in the League Cup.

All too predictably, Simon Jordan then goes on to claim that by staying away, Newcastle fans could be to blame if a sale of the club doesn’t happen.

Yeah right. So we have kept on going these past 11 years since Mike Ashley supposedly put the club up for sale and it has never sold, yet magically now will be the moment that somebody on the verge of completing a takeover will suddenly get cold feet because thousands have been finally pushed too far by Mike Ashley?

People like Simon Jordan and others are so transparent/blatant, we all know that if say Newcastle were relegated, the likes of Jordan, Dennis Wise and Richard Keys would claim that somehow this was due to Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle fans, not Mike Ashley and the way he chooses to run the club and people he prefers to employ,

Simon Jordan speaking on Talksport:

“I watched forty three thousand fans in a fifty two thousand capacity.

“This huge club that has a Geordie roar.

“That has such precedence in the minds of the supporters.

“I find myself querying the thinking and integrity that fans have with their clubs.

“We know, everybody knows, understands that you don’t like the owner.

“Everybody knows and understands that Stevie Bruce, my old manager, who is a capable man, a decent man, isn’t your first choice.

“We all know that Rafa Benitez walked on water and  his integrity was beyond, was beyond, you know, was not beyond reproach or was beyond reproach…whatever the terminology I should be using in that respect is.

“Of course, that is before he even disappeared off to China for twelve million quid.

“But it just made me feel slightly sad, that ultimately a club that has such value at its heart and supporters that have such value of their club, would want to support the club…and the key word here is support, by staying away from it.

“The players, whether you like the owner is academic.

“This football club isn’t making a fortune, it made eighteen millions pounds last year, which is not a fortune.

“And ultimately, the fans that support a club, are the lifeblood of a club.

“And when I sat there watching it, it made me feel that football supporters have to take a greater responsibility than just shout people in and out of jobs, in and out of ownership, managers being told they are not good enough, players being shouted at by fans.

“And I’m a fan, a former owner that was a fan.

“But I do think there is a right way to support a club and there is a wrong way to support it.

“No one says that Newcastle fans have to support Mike Ashley, I’m not in the support Mike Ashley camp.

“I do know this football club is up for sale.

“I wonder of whom would buy this football club…and I’m very aware of what is going on with that transaction…would want to buy a football club when nine, ten thousand fans…20% of their fanbase, when they don’t like something, dissent.

“Because with respect, Newcastle aren’t in decline.

“They may not have taken the opportunities that other football clubs have had and they may not have got the owners that they wanted.

“But it just made me feel, that football is such an important part of people’s lives.

“It is a one club city, whether you like Mike Ashley or not, why would you not be in the stadium supporting the football club that you purport to love.”


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