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Michael Owen refusing to say what percentage of book profits are going to Alan Shearer

1 year ago

I know people have commented that they are sick of hearing about Michael Owen but I think it is important that the rubbish he comes out with to try and flog some books is challenged. Especially when he is trying to use a proper legend and person with integrity, such as Alan Shearer.

Michael Owen has been talking about Alan Shearer, again.

Tuesday morning seeing Owen using the Premier League’s greatest ever striker to try and flog a few books.

Michael Owen still to reveal exactly what percentage of the profits from book sales will be going to Alan Shearer.

As lets face it, there is clearly nothing else of interest in the book.

It is quite amazing how Owen yet again repeats things that aren’t true and gives a twisted version of other stuff that doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.

The media are quite shocking in terms of not challenging the claims of Michael Owen when the actual facts are so easily to hand. It is as though it makes for a better story if they just let Owen say whatever…

Owen once again claims that Alan Shearer used him as a scapegoat for Newcastle’s relegation. Well that’s funny because Michael Owen is the only one repeating this time and again to get attention. If Shearer had wanted to [rightfully] call out the mercenary then he would have done so in this past decade.

Talking about the end of that 2008/09 NUFC relegation season, Michael Owen says: ‘I had a groin injury for a period of time so I didn’t even play many games under Alan, but then the last game was looming.’

This is totally false, from 14 March 2009 to 11 May 2009, Michael Owen played in all eight Premier League matches. He also played in seven of the eight games that Alan Shearer took charge of.

He also once again chooses to totally ‘forget’ to mention the episode with Paul Ferris, for obvious reasons.

Michael Owen says: ‘Why wouldn’t I want to play?’

Well after playing in the 3-1 win over Middlesbrough on 11 May 2009, Michael Owen claimed to have a groin injury. In his excellent book, Ferris who was acting as a physio for Shearer at the time, relates how in front of witnesses, he told Michael Owen that the scans showed no injury. Ferris then says how Owen says he isn’t keen on playing in the final two games (Fulham at home on 16 May and Villa away on 24 May) in case he gets injured and it affects him getting a contract with another club in the summer.

That is ‘Why I wouldn’t want to play…’

The same when Michael Owen would sit out long periods for Newcastle and then miraculously be fit for England duty.

No wonder Alan Shearer went off him. Shearer even taking him into his house when Michael Owen moved to Newcastle, then seeing how that hospitality is repaid in terms of the way he [Owen] then treated him [Shearer] and the club he supports and loves.

It was all about the money for Michael Owen at Newcastle United and he was more than happy to bank his £120,000  a well for four long years and then walk away without a backwards glance after playing a major part in relegating the club. After 10 January 2009 he didn’t manage another goal in the final four and a half months of the season.

Absolutely embarrassing the lengths Owen is going to in trying to give Alan Shearer bad publicity in an attempt to make money.

Michael Owen speaking on Talksport:

“It’s not [just] paper talk unfortunately, I haven’t spoken to him for a long time sadly.

“I had the same agent as Alan, the same boot sponsor, we were always together on the circuit.

“One of the reasons for going to Newcastle was thinking, ‘how great will this be, playing for a season or two with Alan Shearer’. That’s one of the reasons I thought about going to Newcastle.

“I stayed at his house while I was house hunting; me and my family were big mates [of Alan Shearer and his family] – and we remained that.

“But sadly, as soon as he took over as manager, it took a twist and it took a twist in the final game.

 “That’s basically the crux of the matter.

“I had a groin injury for a period of time so I didn’t even play many games under Alan, but then the last game was looming and in my eyes, I knew my body better than anybody; I don’t care if you’re the best doctor of physio in the world, I knew my body.

“It is sad. I have got no problem with Alan. I like the guy, we have great history, but sadly he has this view of myself that I didn’t want to play in this game. I know why he has come to this conclusion but come on.

“I went into his office the day before the game and said if I were him I would put me on the bench, I am still a week away [from full fitness], but put me on the bench if we need a goal with ten minutes to go. I will loiter around the box for ten minutes and try to nick a goal. He took it in some way that I didn’t want to play.

“It is sad for everybody. I felt like the scapegoat. Why on earth wouldn’t I want to play? I played the best on the big occasions. Why would I bottle it away at Aston Villa? It is ridiculous.

“Football is about being a hero and scoring goals… If I could have scored a goal that kept Newcastle up I would be absolutely buzzing!

“Why wouldn’t I want to play?

“And as I say: if it was any other game I wouldn’t have been on the bench, but it was the last game and I put myself on the bench. I said to Alan, ‘I’ll do whatever you want’.

“It is a shame because I have nothing but respect for him – his career, him as a person – but I just feel really sad that he almost uses me as a scapegoat for what happened in his managerial career at Newcastle.”


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