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Leicester fans with strong comments on Ayoze Perez ahead of Newcastle – Very interesting debate

3 years ago

Ayoze Perez was always going to be a central figure in the debate ahead of Sunday’s game.

Leicester buying Newcastle’s top scorer in the each of the past two seasons for £30m.

The player himself saying he was switching clubs because Leicester are a lot more ambitious than Newcastle.

Some very interesting comments on Ayzoe Perez below, from Leicester fans.

To be honest it sounds pretty much exactly any debate over the past five years amongst Newcastle supporters!

A player with strengths and weaknesses and who tends to score goals in bursts, as well a s long runs with very few goals.

This is especially true when it comes to early and late season, January/February onwards he usually gets amongst the goals. As Rafa Benitez joked, Ayoze Perez gets better when he feels the sun on his face.

What Leicester fans did seem to agree on is that Perez had his best game so far on Saturday when they beat Spurs.

Still without a goal, Leicester fans are hoping Sunday will be the day…

Leicester fans comment on Ayoze Perez on their Foxes Talk message board:

“To me, Ayoze Perez seemed to be handy at receiving long passes against Spurs (his first touch seems quite good), and he’s good when we’re in and around the box because he’s got quick feet and good control. He doesn’t seem as effective on the counter though – he’s not particularly fast, seems to linger on the ball to long and can be a little lightweight.

I’m thinking that he may be better against those “lower table” teams where we run up against a brick wall and need to break them down a bit more. Overall he’s not had the most explosive start, but I can see the potential there.’

‘Best game yet against Spurs, lots more improvements needed but much better from him. Hope he breaks his duck against the geordies.’

‘He had a much better game yesterday. Feeling much more confident he’s going to make it here. Definitely gave us a greater balance to the side.’

‘I thought he had a solid game. Just needs a goal. Thought he showed some nice touches today and did a good job of pinning Rose back in his own half which gave Ricardo a bit more space.’

‘We all see it different.

I thought Ricardo was totally overwhelmed first half as Rose just robbed or coasted past Perez as if he didn’t exist.’

‘Perez is prolific compared with Albrighton and Gray, he usually gets 8-10 a season from RW and last year he got 13. If I have to read one more time…’

‘He is a very skillful player and a fantastic signing for us. 6 games in and we’re at it already.’

‘He had his best game for us today, got involved in plenty of attacks and often linked well with Tielemans and Ricardo.

He does seem a bit lightweight to me though, like he’s new to the Premier League, not just Leicester. He’s clearly technically good but kind of one-paced and backed out of several challenges with Rose.

Plenty of positives today however and I’d start him next week against Newcastle.’

‘Genuinely bemused that anybody could see that he didn’t have a good game…

One or or two max errors (that were fairly evident) but, I thought he looked good, I’m very encouraged.

He doesn’t half get stuck in too…. I get the impression that he’ll become better and better…’

‘I thought he was terrible tbh. His effort levels were not great either.

When Kasper had the ball he was jogging forward, which made it easy for Rose to mark him. He should have been sprinting out to the right hand side to put pressure on their backs.’

‘I would recommend going and rewatching the game, the press he put on their back line was outstanding.

He won the ball back in their half time and time again.

Best game for us today and I only see him getting better.’

‘He was very good on the ball, but his work off it needs improving but it will, I’m sure. Look at maddison this season. Perez on saturday backed out of so many challenges he was clear favourite to win, he’s petrified of a physical battle.’

‘And yet is consistently one of the top tacklers and ball winners in the opposition’s half according to previous years stats. I remember when we signed him we were told he will at times look lightweight and not aggressive enough but will win a lot of tackles and overturns from pressing.

He’s going to be one of those erratic players which we’ve seen many over the years for us.’

‘It surprised me a little on Saturday how little a fight he put up against rose at times by his ball control in the tight areas was beautiful to watch, I’m quite lucky with where I sit so had a great view of his play first half as it tended to be right in front of me when he was hit by kasper.’

‘I think saying he was a right winger at Newcastle is like saying Salah last season was Liverpool’s right winger. Technically correct, but does not fully encompass their role, contributions and even overall position in attack to the team. I actually think he could perform well in the second striker role that Barnes ably took on after Perez got subbed off.’

‘I am quietly confident he will do well here. The fans claiming he is being played out of position are basing that on what? Did they ever watch Newcastle at all?

He scored most of his goals at Newcastle as a right forward, in a 4-1-4-1 which incidentally was the first league game he played RW in the system, he will get chances to do what he is good at. Pressing, winning the ball and attacking crosses.’

‘It will be very special and fitting if he gets his first goal against Newcastle on Sunday. once he gets his first goal more will follow.’

‘Wish people would stop banging on about the fee for the lad. It’s not like he set it himself is it. Newcastle fans warned us he’s a slow starter, not a bad thing given Vards is on fire at the moment so likely to tail off at some point. Needs a goal.’

‘Around the 18 yard box he looks a decent player, showed some nice link up play today.

When he receives the ball about 30-40 yards from goal though he is sh.., gets bullied off the ball far too easily, gives the ball away, then the opposition break on us.’

‘Lovely on the ball, far to scared of other players off it. That needs sorting out then he could be some player.’

‘Thought he played well, feel a goal is coming for him, gets stuck in and chases down well…’

‘Said it all along but he needs to be more central and closer to Vardy.’

‘I’ve been saying it all along too. When he gets up front he looks so much more dangerous.

Today there were some nice touches, but several dodgy ones too.

We need proper wingers out there and not use Perez and Maddison like we have been in recent matches.’

‘I thought he was much better than he has been today.

It’s still early days. There is a player in there. Might just need time to settle in. Might be that he doesn’t usually start any season well, like at Newcastle.’

‘I just don’t think he’s a winger. He’s been a goalscorer for Newcastle and I think we’re wasting that out wide.’

‘Hes a mixed bag of good, bad and ineffective which could describe several of our squad but for 30M id expect alot better. We’ll see.’

‘I really think the price tag is messing with some people’s perception of him. He was pretty good today other than giving the ball away in dodgy situations a couple of times.

One thing I like about him over the other wingers is he offers an out-ball if we can’t play out. He wins his fair share of headers which can be useful for getting up the pitch quickly if we’re under a lot of pressure.’

‘He wasn’t terrible but he wasn’t great either. For me he is the weakest link when he gets in the starting 11. Gives the ball away needlessly in promising situations and often too light weight but we are only 6 matches in so hopefully given a run of games he’ll improve.’


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