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‘I have long since formed an opinion of Michael Owen and that opinion is one of disgust’

1 year ago

So Michael Owen, the ball is in play and the game is on.

I wasn’t going to comment but for posterity’s sake, I will.

Since 2005, I have long since formed an opinion of Michael Owen and that opinion is one of disgust.

Initially, I harboured the feelings of most Newcastle fans, that a great of the game was willing to come to the club and lend a hand and aid our club in it’s struggle.

Goals were guaranteed obviously…

The euphoria on the day he signed was measurable, look back at the pictures, to fill the whole of the Sir John Hall Stand just for an unveiling of a new signing is pretty darn impressive. Little did we know that through those glinted eyes of Michael, there was absolutely no intention of fulfilling any effort, commitment, passion for the club or, as of the latest messages from his book state, basic PROFESSIONALISM.

Not a single thought has been given from England’s Michael Owen for the people who worked for a living in 2005-2009 to subsidise his £120k a week while on our books.

Not a second glance was given when we slipped through the relegation trapdoor in 2009 down into the Championship.

Granted, we suffered through shoddy ownership and bad management but a little effort wouldn’t have gone amiss from a star striker on (repeat it) £120k a week.

Keeping one’s self back for a combination of England duty and the prospect of a new contract elsewhere is shameful and can’t be forgiven.

Some of you might look back with hindsight but I did think at the time that he might be PROFESSIONAL and at least try a leg for his club on a consistent basis. Isn’t that what £120k a week gets you? Guess I was mistaken.

Watching the twitter spat between England’s Michael and Wor Alan Shearer did raise a smile, even if just for the inaccuracies in England’s Michael’s argument. He stated that Sir Bobby Robson tried to flog Shearer to Liverpool when all I can find in Bobby’s book is that he didn’t want to and that ‘the public would go mad’ if that came to pass.

Nice try Michael, you’re making a fool of one’s self. #TeamShearer

Now lets be honest. In his comments, he at least speaks an ounce of truth. Stepping from Real Madrid to Newcastle is indeed a ‘downward step’. Even the most passionate Toon fan would agree with that, but the one thing you expect from someone taking that ‘downward step’ is a degree of PROFESSIONALISM’, especially for £120k a week.

The charlatan has stated that he ‘didn’t want to go there’ (meaning Newcastle) and that he should have ‘followed his gut instincts’. I assume he means returning to Liverpool, a club that didn’t make a bid for him and certainly didn’t want to stump up the £120k a week that Newcastle offered. The word ‘mercenary’ was invented for this guy, plain and simple.

You would think that he would shy away from his time at Newcastle, brush it under the carpet and sidestep any mention of it, as it was clearly a mistake and one that he wouldn’t have made on a PROFESSIONAL basis. Not a chance with Michael.

He comes out kicking and screaming. Blasting Newcastle fans and highlighting a period that any PROFESSIONAL would skirt over and privately thank their luck stars that they managed to make a fortune out of such a ‘downward step’. The man in the street would kill for that sort of downturn in their fortunes.

Even Sam Allardyce doesn’t stay silent when Owen utters his bile. I’m not standing up for Fat Sham, but when so many people are getting it in the neck, there can only be one person in the wrong. Our former manager steps in and questions Owen’s attitude as a counteraction to our former strikers claims.

So what are we left with? A mercenary that revealed himself to be a mercenary. A club legend in Alan Shearer that has once again, thankfully leapt to the defence of the club (and himself) and has remembered history that (thanks to Michael) we could have lived without.

Michael Owen is quite unique in football circles. From what I gather, he is not liked in Liverpool, nor Madrid where he goes down as barely a footnote in their history. He’s certainly not liked in Manchester where he quite remarkably turned up after Newcastle and due to their rivalry, tarnished his reputation with the scousers. Nice going Michael. It takes a special kind of person to fall into that trap of being so universally, persona non grata.

Personal opinion? I don’t despise Mr Owen, quite frankly, he’s what you expect from a modern day money orientated man. I’d decline from calling him a footballer, as he’s long since tarnished his reputation as anything near that sort of role since he swapped Madrid for Newcastle.

It’s the comment that Newcastle aren’t a big club that ignites fury for me. The fact is that we could have been a big club back in 2005 IF we had signed the PROFESSIONAL Michael Owen instead of the money grabbing Michael Owen, the one that didn’t give a monkeys. What was that quote? That he ‘couldn’t wait to retire’, for the last six/seven years of his career? Unbelievable. Didn’t stop the bank balance inflating did it?

I won’t speak ill of the dead, but what Freddy Shepherd thought he was doing, spending £16m and £120k a week on such a waste of footballing, mercenary talent and one that clearly didn’t want to be anywhere near Newcastle is beyond me.

Easily the biggest waste of money in Newcastle United’s transfer history. A pity really, as he was certainly talented. If only his mind wasn’t in his bank managers office and his body wasn’t in whichever clubs treatment room was unfortunate to employ him at the time.

A Charlatan.


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