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You kid yourself you want Newcastle United to lose but then…

1 year ago

Wanting Newcastle United to lose wasn’t easy.

However, Mike Ashley is capable of all kinds of things.

His actions this summer pushed me over the edge.

Off the edge of a cliff I had been precariously balancing on for most of these past 12 years.

Wanting your own team to lose is a nightmare.

The point is though just how can we get rid of this living football nightmare?

Whilst Newcastle United are in the Premier League, I don’t think there is any chance of him selling up.

The club is just such a positive to his own personal finances as well as Sports Direct, that so long as the top tier revenues and worldwide profiles continue, so will Mike Ashley.

He pretends to put the club up for sale on a yearly basis but surely there is nobody (outside of the local and national media) who honestly still believes this. Is there?

It is also a massive bonus for the owner, that he knows fine well just how much his ongoing presence winds Newcastle fans up.

He absolutely loves it.

Just in case anybody had forgotten, Mike Ashley made absolutely sure to remind us this summer with such a petty move.

It made such minimal difference to his or the club’s overall finances but he couldn’t resist putting season ticket (and matchday) prices up yet again.

Some season ticket holders had to pay over 20% more last (2018/19) season and now this summer it was a 5% across the stadium increase.

Why? Just because he could do it.

That of course was just one extra relatively small thing on top of everything else this summer.

It all though contributed to me going over the edge.

Not only was I packing in my season ticket but I also decided I wanted Newcastle United to lose every single game.

The reasoning being that the quicker this club crashes and burns, the quicker we get rid of Mike Ashley.

There is no other way that he will go, until we reach the point where he doesn’t benefit from owning the club.

That means every game NUFC lose, we get closer to Ashley going and being able to start again.

It will mean relegation and staying down at least a couple of years but finally we could have hope for better in the future, under new ambitious owners.

I wouldn’t want it to happen but even the third tier doesn’t have to be disaster in the long-term, if you then get the right people owning the club.

Manchester City of course, had a time in League One before becoming what they are today.

Leicester City won the Premier League only seven years after being in League One.

Wolves ended up seventh last season only five years after playing in League One.

So whatever it takes, we need Mike Ashley out. We need Newcastle United to lose.

You know what though, when it comes to the actual games, I just can’t do it.

Once the match kicks off, I can’t in my heart of hearts want it to happen.

I can’t want Newcastle United to lose.

I was very disappointed we didn’t beat such a weakened Arsenal team and then absolutely gutted at the shambles at Norwich.

Then total elation at Tottenham.

We still desperately need Mike Ashley to leave, that hasn’t changed.

However, wanting my own team to lose to achieve it, has just been a step too far.


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