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What Spurs fans had to say before AND after losing to Newcastle United – Some Classics

3 years ago

Spurs fans have had plenty to say both before AND after losing 1-0 to Newcastle United on Sunday.

You might notice a ‘slight’ change in the tone of their comments….

The Champions League finalists who had just pulled off a 2-2 draw at Manchester City, losing to Newcastle United…

If there is one thing better than beating Tottenham, it is listening to the Spurs fans after they have lost.

Before the match it was all about it being simply a case of counting how many goals their side would score, afterwards it is all about how their team isn’t really all that.

It is now the fourth time in a row in the Premier League that Newcastle have came to Tottenham (as in, not Wembley) and won.

You would have thought the locals would have got used to it by now…

Spurs fans comment before and after Tottenham 0 Newcastle 1 via their Fighting Cock message board:


‘I can feel it in my bones the Geordies are getting a battering.

Changing my prediction to 6-0.

Bruce out by Wednesday.’

‘Newcastle have been absolutely pathetic so far and Steve Bruce isn’t exactly what I would call inspiring so I imagine we will get the 3.’

‘Newcastle are basically a mid-table Champo team fighting for a playoff spot in terms of quality. We should absolutely hammer them. I just want to see us be ruthless.’

‘From their perspective.

In the summer it looked like they where getting billionaire Middle Eastern owners backing Rafa, instead they have Bruce with little money.

Picture our fan base going from thinking we will have billions to spend with Poch to having Poch leave and be replaced with Allardyce without money.

But yes the mentality will hurt them, sometimes when you are on the up the momentum carries you and likewise when you are on the way down.’

‘Newcastle are a good candidate for relegation , Benitez was ultra defensive last season and managed to get enough points to stay up. Now they are more attacking and their defenders are not good enough to do that.’

‘Newcastle and Bruce are a load of absolute…Nothing other than a big win will do here.’

‘I got nothing against Geordies, I even liked auf wiedersehen pet as a kid growing up, but i wanna seem them northerners crying at half time and in hysterics at the final whistle after the spanking we give them!’

‘Newcastle has a very good chance of getting relegated, nab an early goal or two and then keep everyone healthy.’

‘Just realised Spurs have lost the last 3 home PL games v. Newcastle at Tottenham, as opposed to Wembley.

Need to put that right on Sunday.’


‘We don’t look like an EPL team.’

‘With regard to my so called ‘mates’ in North Wales the majority of which support Liverpool , I have now received 76 texts, six disgusting voicemail messages and about 20 Whatsapp images that really need passing on to the police….all in relation to this result.

I have sent each one a “Number not recognised…Fu. .Off !!” response which for a split second makes me feel slightly better.

I’m afraid this is one that’s going to drag on and on.’

‘We have seen this happen so many times, from the ‘Arry years onwards, where we dominate teams that come here and park the train they arrived on, never mind the bus.

A lot of them have no choice, but some get lucky and bag a goal because we are thin at the back, from throwing players in, trying to work through their defensive set up.’

‘I’m not going to read this thread as yesterday was painful enough. I’m not even going to comment on the game as the sooner I forget it, the better! In fact, the only good thing was the brisket burger before the game.’

‘I honestly feel that there has been very little to cheer about and some of the performances have been so bad that it’s killing the atmosphere.’

‘All those that turn up, do not utter a single word of a song, show no emotion or passion and very little interest in the game. Family to my right, Dad, Mum and 3 kids… (presumably) Kids sat and didnt watch the game, Mum looked like she was seriously pissed off about something and Dad just had a stupid grin all the game.

Fine, each to their own, but this wasn’t in the family section or west, east stands. It was Row bloody 5 behind the goal in the “wall of noise”.’

‘Finally got it over with and watched the lowlights – shocking ‘attacking’ display but my god the defending (if you can call it that) for their goal was atrocious. Sanchez ball watching and out of position, and worse Rose on the suppposed cover only reacts and sees danger when it’s in the net. Schoolboys’ own stuff indeed.’

‘Newcastle deserved to win because we deserved nothing but if they play like they did yesterday in their next 10 games they will do well to get 10 points.

As abject as we were they were far from brilliant.

Just fu..s me off to the hilt that after battling to a draw that many teams won’t get at City we capitulate like cu..s against Newcastle. ruins my mind and means I have to stay away from the back pages or radio footy shows for a day or two.’

‘I think for once, everyone is in agreement.

What a tragedy that it takes a trainwreck of a game to bring this about.

The entire team structure starting from the top downward is ultimately to blame. We pour our hearts out regularly on here, arguing, cursing and calling each other names but it’s all because we care about OUR team.

But behind the scenes, nothing is really being done to rectify the fact that we’re not even looking like a PL team.

And that is so sad considering our long and wonderful history. We are in the hands of people who don’t care one way or the other.’

‘Apart from his ill advised dive, Harry might not have been there. Wtf is going on with him. He was better when he was a greedy ball hog.’

‘First time in a long while I have walked away from a match upset. Everything was wrong; from the tactics to the players on the pitch. Sometimes Poch baffles me. It was like he was trying to lose.’

Fair play to Bruce though. That 5-4-1 was unwavering.’

‘Dogsh.. performance at home with zero urgency against a team who got schooled by Norwich last week


Shearer thought it wasn’t a penalty, no surprise there then!’

‘The way we approach home games against lesser opposition who sit deep is so predictably woeful and toothless, and it needs to change.
I can’t remember the last time we really went at such a side from the outset and tried to blitz em.’

‘We have been playing this sh..e for months and it is awful to watch – really beginning to think poch has past his peak and has been found out – team seems a disorganised mess, that is the worst performance I can remember in a long time.’

‘How much of today’s game involved Spurs playing the ball very slowly from one side of the pitch to the other around 25 yards from the Newcastle goal, five yard passes until the ball was played into their box to be met by a Newcastle head or boot, cleared then retrieved, rinse and repeat.

To be fair, they defended quite well but sadly only because Spurs failed to test them enough.

The non penalty at the end would have salvaged a point had it been awarded and converted but it was a pretty disappointing performance overall against a poor team.’

‘The infuriating thing was that we’ve seen this before. Weak sides park the bus against us for 3 years now and frustrate us for long periods of time, but we still don’t have a solid plan to break in.’

‘It was obvious Newcastle were going to play on the break but when they did our defence was all over the shop. If their passing was better they would have picked out players in acres of space with just the keeper to beat it was so bad.’

‘The whole crowd were screaming ‘Get the ball into the box’, but the stupid fu..ers didn’t do it. We could – and should – have won that game easily. Newcastle offered less than nothing.’

‘The PL is the best league because the sh.. teams can beat the good ones. Which is why I knew we were fu..ed when people started saying we will spank them 5-0.

That’s not how football works. You have to play with a plan, intensity and make good decisions.

Not rock up and expect to win.’


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