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The ultimate dream is for Mike Ashley to go…but we don’t want the team to lose

2 years ago

Welcome back everyone, are you all ready for this new Newcastle United season?

No? Me neither. I could do with another month.

I guess everyone has decided which camp they are going to fall in against Arsenal and that will shape their support for the rest of the season.

Any chance of a takeover has rapidly receded (did we ever think otherwise?).

Well let me deliver a mission statement.

I WON’T tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. As fans you can make up your own minds as what to do on a match day.

I can deliver facts though (as we know them) and general opinion (as we’ve been told from sources). I’m not godlike but I am opinionated.

With regard to the signings, sales and Head Coach appointment, I can deliver a verdict.

This club no longer has the supporters interests at heart.

The aim of the owner of this club is to survive and survive only.

There has been a decent relative spend (although not a net one) this summer and for that we can be thankful. But that is all.

A sticking plaster has been stuck over a massive wound and it’s one that has been made worse by the appointment of Steve Bruce. The wound is still there but has been given a dose of antiseptic with the £40m signing of Joelinton and the like.

I’m not sure that the loss of Perez and Rondon can be balanced by such a transfer, far from it.

We have a squad that has been assembled on the hoof, with NO Premier League experience (at least with four of the new recruits) and with a Head Coach that nobody in the Premier League would even dare go near. Forget scraping the barrel, we are through to the wood.

I’ll refrain from slating fellow Newcastle United fans as it’s not cool. I’ll simply ask the question – If you turn up today, why?

Is it the fact you are backing the team? Backing the club ‘Newcastle United’ as we once knew it, or the ‘Regime’ currently in place? If it’s the latter then you REALLY are sad and pathetic.

Surely you can’t be blind to the restrictions that are in place preventing this institution we all love from doing well?

Surely you can’t find a simple excuse to avoid St James’ Park for one day? Even if it’s a one off, surely a day out taking the dogs for a walk is more beneficial? A televised game, against Arsenal, with a worldwide audience? Come on! #Supportyourlocalpub

I won’t be there. A big thanks to Mike Ashley for that. I’ll have my Sunday lunch and head off to the pub to watch the match on the TV. Can’t say my interest will be as it was from years ago, my interest has dropped to apathy. Times gone by, I’d be heading every ball, booting the nearest barstool when things aren’t going according to plan. Doesn’t seem to matter as much these days.

But there in lies the perverse fans perspective. I WON’T be hoping Arsenal score. Let’s get that clear. I don’t believe anyone wants the worst for this club. The ultimate dream is for Mike Ashley to fu.. off. But we don’t want to lose games. We are football fans after all.

The matchday experience isn’t what it once was. Walking up the steps and into the bowl of the stadium doesn’t have the same buzz. The common goal has gone, diminished through years of neglect.

The players themselves obviously want to do well, after all they need to justify their wages and they are professional. But most importantly, the fans’ harbour hopes and dreams which are old fashioned and out of step in this anti-football regime. We are held back by a greedy pillock who has no aspiration other than Premier League survival. Sit back and repeat that if you’re attending this weekend. Still feel worthwhile?

A little ambition wouldn’t go amiss in this league and not gambling on the clubs survival. Setting yourself up to fail is a sure fire way to be relegated next summer.

Doubt me if you like but the case for the prosecution is Head Coach Steve Bruce. You could sign Messi and Ronaldo but if they were coached by Bruce…

Best wishes everyone and here’s hoping for the best for the new season.

I’ll be celebrating the positives against Arsenal if they come and jumping at every goal scored despite all the odds against us. It’s not like we need to fear the opposition, the owner has already held us back sufficiently with our Head Coach to limit any progress we could even dare to dream possible.

Merry new season everyone.


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